Soil & Compost at Bryson

This week Bryson students learned about the different elements of soil. They did their own soil test at various parts of the garden, finding that they have mostly loamy soil in their garden. After finding the sandiest box, students were interested to know that watermelons grow best in sandy soil and are excited to plant watermelon when the temperature increases in the next upcoming weeks.

Students also added more cardboard from the school recycling bin to the compost and gave it some very strong turns. It was interesting to hear a student say that they liked turning the compost tumbler because it gets their anger out. Wouldn’t embracing compost be a great anger management tool for youth? It could definitely be a game changer to see all schools have multiple composting bins all over so that not only are schools recycling and creating nutrient-rich soil, they are also embracing a new way for students to let out aggression.


We love seeing Bryson students get pumped about gardening especially after they are able to taste the fruits of their labor in a salad each week.



Janae Patino

I am a Los Angeles native, Writer, musician, crafter, yoga enthusiast, and Master gardener with UCCE. All around creative who loves to get quiet enough to observe and learn from nature.