Last Day at Bryson

This week at Bryson students made a salad that most of them loved. In previous classes, students have asked for the recipe for the salad, so here it is:


juice of 1 lemon

olive oil (2-3 tbs)

sea salt to taste

additions: strawberries or grapes (3-5, diced very small)

harvest anything from the garden. Kale and chard works best torn into small pieces.

This recipe is great because even if students aren’t always crazy for greens, when you mix fruit in this salad, the greens get marinated in the lemon olive oil dressing and fruit, which in turn makes the greens absorb that flavor. It’s pretty amazing. Most students love this salad and even more so because they make it all together.

Students also harvested mallow seeds from a plant we needed to cut down since it was getting too big for its area. Mallow is great because the seeds can be eaten and also boiled and used to soothe and coat sore throats. Students took these seeds home as souvenirs from their last week in gardening class. We are going to miss Bryson but things are looking good and functioning well. We are looking forward to returning in the fall and hope people come through during the summer to harvest the many tomatoes that are growing right now.

Janae Patino

I am a Los Angeles native, Writer, musician, crafter, yoga enthusiast, and Master gardener with UCCE. All around creative who loves to get quiet enough to observe and learn from nature.