Bryson Elementary: Winter tomatoes?

Strawberries and tomatoes that can be planted in the cold season seem almost to be a myth too good to be true–especially to those not from southern California. After all, don’t we usually pick tomatoes off of vines in July and August?

But at Bryson Elementary, we have planted a tomato variety called “Sub Arctic Plenty” and a variety of strawberries called “Quinalt,” an “everbearing perrenial.”

At the very least, these plants won’t freeze in lows hovering between 48 and 55 degrees. Hopefully, they’ll start developing deep roots and shoot up once it starts to warm up. At the moment, they’re getting watered deeply with the recent rains and nutrition with our worm castings and fish fertilizers.

We’ll let you know if these winter tomatoes and strawberries are, in truth, fact or fiction. Stay tuned.