Bryson Elementary: Seed Hunters

Today at Bryson Elementary, we learned about seeds. After reading A Seed is Sleepy (review found here), we went into the garden in search of seeds. We found seeds in the runner bean’s dried up pods and coriander from this formerly cilantro plant.

Meanwhile, in the garden, our broccoli continues to grow, tomato fruits continue to appear and the sunflowers keep on blooming. The mint is also flowering, which means it’s time to keep it in check and from taking over the whole garden.



Christine Lai

Christine Lai is a UCCE Master Gardener who joined Enrich LA in 2016. She began gardening in California in 2013 when she removed her parents’ lawn and replaced it with water wise landscaping. Today, her interests have widened to include edible and native plant gardening. She keeps a worm bin and misses the open compost pile in her old home terribly.