Bryson Elementary: Ready, Set, Bolt!

“Getting your hands dirty is fun!” the first graders above squealed. There’s negative correlation between age and the willingness to get your hands dirty.  Transition into Kindergarteners (TK) and first graders? No problems with dirt and worms.

Third and forth graders?

“I don’t want to get dirty! I need gloves.”

But as students learn in class, soil is meant to be experienced with the senses–felt and smelled. The texture of the soil matters as do the nutrients in it.

Garden Update

Flowering Bok Choy: With temperatures reaching up to the 80’s in South Gate, many of our plants at Bryson Elementary have started to bolt.

Flowering Bok Choy

Meanwhile, sugar snap peas are ready to harvest and the kids are have fun snapping them right off the shoots, which are also edible.

Fruiting sugar snap peas

Fruiting sugar snap peas


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