Bryson Elementary: Plants Feed Me!

This week at Bryson Elementary, we learned which parts of the plant we eat. Students had to identify which parts of broccoli, radishes, carrots and beets we eat. Some, of course, have more than one.

Students learned that we eat the flowers of broccoli.

Students learned that we eat the flowers of broccoli.


The terrific book Plants Feed Me by Lizzy Rockwell covers this topic. Although the text is for younger kids, the information is interesting enough for older kids, as well. They bring more prior knowledge to the text–like the seeds of strawberries are on the outside, fruits have seeds inside of them, etc. Still, did you know that walnuts are seeds? I didn’t.

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Meanwhile in the garden, we have pink lady scented peas growing up the fence. Their edible blooms have a delicious sweet and floral–of course–flavor to them.

These blossoms are delicious!


Christine Lai

Christine Lai is a UCCE Master Gardener who joined Enrich LA in 2016. She began gardening in California in 2013 when she removed her parents’ lawn and replaced it with water wise landscaping. Today, her interests have widened to include edible and native plant gardening. She keeps a worm bin and misses the open compost pile in her old home terribly.