Bryson Elementary: Book Review of a Seed is Sleepy

While not as lyrical as my all time favorite children’s gardening book Up in the Garden, Down in the DirtA Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Aston is definitely worth reading to children of all ages. Beautifully illustrated in watercolors by Sylvia Long, the book goes through the cycle of seeds.

Along the way there are interesting facts about all kinds of seeds. From the smallest (orchid seeds) to the largest (the coco de mer palm’s seeds) to an ancient seed excavated from a king’s palace in Israel, this book has it all.

I read this book to first, third and fifth graders. Because there are both big ideas and smaller details on each page, the book can be easily modified for different ages. For the first graders, I left out a few pages and some of the more intricate details. Because each page details an independent fact, the story still makes sense.

There are more than 20 copies of the book in the Los Angeles Public Library’s system and they have a great system of inter-library loan. Check it out–or place a hold–today.

Christine Lai

Christine Lai is a UCCE Master Gardener who joined Enrich LA in 2016. She began gardening in California in 2013 when she removed her parents’ lawn and replaced it with water wise landscaping. Today, her interests have widened to include edible and native plant gardening. She keeps a worm bin and misses the open compost pile in her old home terribly.