Enrich La to move out of the schools and into the Housing Projects.

Tomas O Grady (Middle) with Council member Price (Right)

Tomas O Grady (Middle) with Council member Price (Right)



























We are kidding. We are not leaving the schools. BUT!

For some time now, Enrich La has been looking for ways to expand our mission and the folks that we serve.  Currently we serve only public schools.

We have identified three key populations that we wish to serve further. We think we can.

1. Homeless

2. Incarcerated

3. Subsidized housing (projects)

To that end, Boston Consulting Group’s, November 22nd service day, will be our first stab at improving # 3.

We will create an edible garden at The Avalon Gardens public housing project, with the Los Angeles Housing Authority, Boston Consulting and Council Member Curren Price of District 9.

The Avalon Gardens is a public housing project with 80 units at 701 East 88th Place, Los Angeles, California [1]. The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles operates the complex.

Boston Consulting + Enrich LA will build a new edible garden in one of the poorest districts in the state. Newly elected Council Member Curren Price has committed $1,000 towards the effort.BC has committed $2,000.

We feel this will be a game changer for the residents of these projects.