Welcome back, Atwater Elementary

Welcome back, dear Atwater students!

The garden is looking good – here you can see some of our citrus coming in, and dinosaur kale wandering about. Today was our first day of class, and I was so excited to get started!



Today the students had a refresh course in the garden. We went over garden rules and guidelines, played some vegetable-inspired describing games, and took a lovely garden tour. Returning students pointed out new parts of the garden, things that grew from last year, and told tales of strawberries past. I gotta say, these kids really knew their garden terms!

Students also noticed small bubble-like drops on some of the plants. Turns out we’ve got some spittlebugs in our midst! Not a detrimental problem, but certainly something we’ll be working on. Perhaps a lesson on “Friends and Foes” is in order next.


In the meantime, we’ve planted some zucchini seedlings, and the students helped plant garlic, beet, and pea seeds. Can’t wait to see what springs up first!



Until next week,

Ranger Natalie

Natalie Hodson

Natalie is an industrial designer with a passion for sustainability and building. She inherited her mother’s green thumb, and was fascinated with plants from a young age, spending most of her childhood wandering around the woods in Northeastern Ohio. Now, Natalie loves to spend her time wandering around national parks, trying new foods, and building things. She graduated in 2014 from the Rhode Island School of Design and has lived in LA ever since.