Poems on a Rainy Day at Atwater Elementary



I’ve got to admit, I came back to Atwater this week with a slight feeling of trepidation. Three weeks of winter vacation, plus all this lovely rain?! I had no idea what I was going to walk into!




Well, you heard it here, folks…plants apparently love rain, and I came back to a veritable winter wonderland of leafy greens. The nasturtium in particular went wild – you can almost see here how it took down a garden bed partition with it’s incessant creeping! That sign says “Welcome to the school garden” now…very soon it will say “Welcome to the spiciest salad of your life.”



In between rain showers, I pruned as much as I could, of both the nasturtium and the lettuce we’ve got popping right now!

I harvested plenty of romaine, red mustard, and nasturtium for several faculty salads, and there’s so much more to harvest in the coming weeks!



Our classes spent the day talking all about how gardening isn’t just scientific – it can be creative, too! We spent the day talking about poems – what they can be made of, and how to find inspiration for them. We all worked together to compile a sample list of how to experience the garden with all 5 senses, and discussed creative outlets to express them.



I was very impressed with some of the rhymes the students came up with, and of course their lovely drawings!

Until next time,

Ranger Natalie