Parts of a Plant, Holiday Style at Atwater Elementary

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter in the Atwater Ave Elementary school garden!

The weather is cool, the sky is cloudy, and our cold-weather crops are giving us a big old smile.

We spent this class learning all about different parts of a plant and what they do!


Students drew out the 6 scientific classifications of what makes up a plant, and we talked about what those parts do for the health and development of a plant. One of my favorite parts of this lesson is talking about the “fruit” of a plant, and how it often is a very clever way for seeds to transport themselves far and wide. Talk about mutually beneficial!


We were able to harvest some happy-looking beans, and I saved quite a few of the seeds to grow “heirloom” beans for our next season!

After, the students were challenged to find 3 plants with different edible parts – for example, we eat the fruit and seeds of green beans, but we eat the leaves of romaine lettuce.


Class ended with a new snack from the garden – the flowers and leaves of the nasturtium plants we have blooming! These lovely lily-like plants are surprisingly peppery, so I definitely added some unexpected holiday spice to the class!

Happy holidays, and I’ll see you soon, gardeners!

-Ranger Natalie