Leaf Rubbings and Photosynthesis at Atwater Ave Garden Class

During the garden and home economics class at Atwater Avenue Elementary on January 18th, we learned about photosynthesis and its essential parts–water, minerals from the soil, and sunlight. After discussing this with the use of our outdoor chalkboard classroom, we made leaf rubbing bookmarks to celebrate the importance of the leaves in the process of plants making their own food.




Here is one student’s bookmark — “Be green!”



We also tasted seaweed snacks as part of our weekly habit of trying something new. A few of the students had tasted them before–and all thought it was a hit! These snacks can be purchased for 99 cents at Trader Joe’s and are a tasty chip alternative.



For the afterschool program, we made a lettuce wrap snack that we learned from our friends over at ALC — pink grapefruit, red onion, avocado, gorgonzola cheese and a drizzle of olive oil / salt and pepper dressing. The students enjoyed the bitter grapefruit paired with the sweet avocado and a dash of salt which really brought out all the flavors. The moms were so impressed to see their kids tasting gorgonzola cheese!



Frankie, one of our best snack tasters, waits patiently for his chance at a lettuce “taco” 🙂