Lavender at Atwater

There is a giant Lavender bush at Atwater that has looked like it has been struggling during all of my visits. Since it is not in the garden beds and part of the landscaping around the garden I focused my attention on the garden beds and vegetable growing plants first. This week, the lavender bush was looking worse and had hundreds of flowers on it dying. To do my best to save it, I focused on pruning the bush and removing most of the flowers. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be because the bush didn’t seem as large as what it actually is. After that I focused on pruning more herbs in the garden and harvested tomatoes and peppers. All of the seedlings I planted last week are looking great. Next week I will work on cleaning up the garden from all of the pruning I have been doing for the past few weeks.

Shelby Thibodeaux

I am from Houston, Texas and moved to L.A. in November. I graduated from Texas Tech University with an Environmental and the Humanities degree. I love being outside and growing food, and really love teaching the kids all about the environment.