Flower power at Atwater Ave Elementary

Thanks to all the rain this winter in Los Angeles, the city is covered with beautiful blooms and scents. I decided that the flowers of our school garden and our city deserve a moment in the spotlight, so gardeners got a whole new appreciation of flowers in class this week!

Students drew out different parts of a flower, and we talked all about what each part does. We spent plenty of time on pollination as well, since that’s what produces such lovely seeds for us to plant and enjoy!

After, our gardeners helped make “sun tea” as a refreshing snack, featuring some lovely edible blooms! After today, each student can say they had the guts to eat a flower- chamomile and chrysanthemum, to be precise.

Some gardeners got a bloom of their own in the garden to draw inspiration from!

I hope the students will take a closer look at the lovely flowers in the garden and on the sidewalk this spring. I know I will.

Until next time,
Ranger Natalie

Natalie Hodson

Natalie is an industrial designer with a passion for sustainability and building. She inherited her mother’s green thumb, and was fascinated with plants from a young age, spending most of her childhood wandering around the woods in Northeastern Ohio. Now, Natalie loves to spend her time wandering around national parks, trying new foods, and building things. She graduated in 2014 from the Rhode Island School of Design and has livedĀ in LA ever since.