Atwater Elementary Discovers Beneficials and Pests

The second week at the garden was all about exploring different relationships in the garden – the friend and the foe; the beneficial and the pest. We learned the most common garden pests and beneficials, including ladybugs, aphids, and assassin bugs. We also learned about our very own very current pest, the spittlebug, which leaves soapy-looking spots in its wake.


We have a few new blooms in the garden, including some different strands of squash, and the seeds the students planted last week are starting to sprout!


And here, my own particular challenge: how to make a quick kale snack for class soon! Maybe a lovely lemon-y salad?



The day concluded with Freeze Tag: Friend & Foe Edition, where the students played on teams of “Pests,” “Beneficials,” and “Plants,” representing the give-and-take relationships that go on in our gardens at home and school. I had a blast, and can’t wait to get back to it next week.


See you soon!

-Ranger Natalie