Atwater Ave learns about friends & foes

This week at Atwater Ave, students got to peek behind the serene curtain of the garden, into the intense battle of the insect kingdom!

We learned all about the garden’s most common pests and beneficials, and what their roles are. For example, this ladybug we spotted is on the hunt for aphids and other little leaf-eating critters!

We also found this pair of grasshoppers, who are harmless enough individually, but these leggy insects can decimate a garden in large numbers. A garden is all about balance, and a good gardener works to maintain healthy soil and attract as many friendly bugs as possible!

I helped show gardeners other pests we have in the garden, including aphids and spittlebugs. Who said gardening was all fun and games?!

We finished up having a lovely refresher: cold water with cucumber, lemon, and mint- aaahhhhh!

Until next time,

Ranger Natalie