New Summer Plants with Spring Flowers at Alta Loma

The garden at Alta Loma took well to my plan of having tons of spring flowers. There are several different poppies blooming and two very large parsley plants that are becoming showy. I introduced some tomato and squash varieties this week to join them.

A Crookneck Squash starting off

A crookneck squash starting off

Unreal color from this poppy

Unreal color from this poppy

A Nepal Tomato

A nepal tomato

Flowering Parsley

Flowering parsley

Patrick Migliazzo

After graduating with a degree in Finance and then working in sales for a few years, Patrick went back to school for a year at UCLA Extension. He completed the Horticulture program at UCLA and began working for the National Parks Service full time doing restoration projects and leading field trips. Patrick now runs his family’s printing company called Trackstar Printing but takes time away from the office every week to work as a Ranger at two schools for EnrichLA.