Planning for a mural at ALC garden

At the start of class, we spent time designing a mural to be approved by administration to paint on the wall adjacent to the garden.


One idea we liked was to have the mural in the perspective of an insect, having a drawing of large plants so that they would be bigger than the people walking across and it would like they are tiny insects in a garden.

But we didn’t skip a day of garden work, we took down the bamboo trellis and all the tomatoes that were growing on them.


In a school like Miguel Contreras where you have four separate high schools in one and everyone gets different curriculum and courses, Its important to have signage for anyone who is walking by to know what is happening in the garden. Even more importantly to have signage when things may look empty that it is not abandoned or being torn down. The sign above says “There are no garden mistakes, only garden experiments”

And we came up with this clever sign…


In high schools its fun and a bit more catchy to have subtle links to pop culture, Game Of Thrones fans will recognize the small plug here 🙂