Miguel Contreras – Painting Pavers

Hello Garden Friends,

This Tuesday at ALCMC we painted some pavers and transplanted some baby scallions I started at home. The painting project was inspired by the need to get some of the special needs students engaged in something that would be immediately gratifying. Gardening is a challenge to many of us for many reasons. Severe weather, harmful pests, and poor planting technique are just some of the factors that can keep a seed from sprouting. In addition, when a seed does germinate, it often takes a long time before the plant is ready to harvest. I find that patience required to be a good gardener is missing in our culture of immediate gratification. As the year progresses, I plan to incorporate lesson plans that teach patience alongside others which satisfy the student’s desire to see the immediate impact of their work.

On a related note, I saved the students about 2 weeks by allowing them to transplant some of the scallions you see below:
photo 1
I hope they take!
Until next week, Grow on!
-Jeff Mailes