ALCMC – Spring Showcase

Hello Garden Friends,

I am so proud of my students. They were on time, well-prepared, and spoke with passion to their fellow students – representing their garden and the hard work that they and the rest of their classmates had put in this year. As you can see in the featured photo, the students lined up together and told the story of a beet which you can see on the table in front of them.

Each student told a different portion of the process. How we weeded a dry and deserted growing space, how we amended the soil and put in drip irrigation, planted the seeds, wood chipped the pathways, built a garden trellis out of bamboo, painted decorative pavers, checked for garden pests, and finally harvested and learned to cook with fresh foods.

Next week will be our last class together, I’ll need to find some way to celebrate with them.

Until then!

-Jeff Mailes