ALCMC – Spring Planting

Hello Garden Friends!

Spring is in the air! I can tell because my allergies are acting up :p

This week at ALCMC we finished hooking up the drip irrigation and planted a bunch of warm season crops. Heirloom tomatoes? Yup! Zucchinis, Cucumbers? We got em! Cilantro? Oh yeah, don’t you worry… I bought starts to make sure that I can teach a salsa making demo by the end of the year.

IMG_1015After planting we harvested and ate some of the papayas on our tree! We were waiting forever for them to turn yellow but it seems that papayas, and many other tropical fruits (like avacados), ripen best off the tree. Last week we picked them and this week we ate them.

Also, apparently it is better to harvest the papayas regularly so that the tree can invest its energy into fewer, and thus larger, fruits. As you can see, our brave climber is removing the fruits from the top of the tree to encourage the sugar to concentrate in the older fruits.

Looking forward to next week when we will harvest our potatoes and cook them with some rosemary leaves!

Until then!

-Jeff Mailes