ALCMC – Herb Spiral Renovation

Hello Garden Friends,

Last Tuesday at ALCMC the leadership development class broke ground on a new project. The herb spiral outside the ALC office! This area looks like at one point someone put some serious love into this space. Now, we restore.

Starting with water, we ran polytubing around the spiral and learned to augment the 1/2″ line with emitters. The donation letters were finished and passed out to the students this week for distribution to local nurseries – asking for plants and succulent potting mix. I offered the students 1 extra hour of volunteer hours if they brought me a business card from an organization they had talked to about potential donations. 3 hours for any leads that manifested into actual garden supplies.

Below are some pictures of the students learning to turn sprinklers into drip.

Until next week!


IMG_0971   IMG_0972