ALCMC – Herb Bouquets

Hello Garden Friends,

Yesterday at Miguel Contreras we spent most of the class time preparing ourselves for the May 24th Spring showcase – talking about all of the things we did over the past year and which activities our participants would enjoy the most. Not to give too much away but we decided we would do a sample tasting and have the students share stories about the food.

When we finally made it out to the garden we took a class picture to use for our showcase presentation and made some herb bouquets out of the flowering oregano. Not everyone took home a bundle so I brought them down to the ALC office where they got taken real quick! Curious on how to use fresh oregano, I told the staff members to throw it in a pot of rice while its cooking and the flavors will soak into the water which gets absorbed by the grain. I can’t wait to hear feedback next week!

Until then,

Jeff Mailes

photo 2