ALCMC – Goodbye Papaya :(

Hello Garden Friends,

Today was a sad day, we had to pull down our papaya tree because it had died. The autopsy report showed a severe case of rotten roots. Papayas do not need very much water and unfortunately the district’s maintenance people had reset the sprinklers (turning them on) so that the quad’s newly seeded grass could get water. I guess they turned on our zone too because the soil around the papaya was soaked. Sigh…

At least it made for a good lesson. The students wondered how too much water can leave a plant dehydrated. I explained that when the roots have too much water the soil becomes a good habitat for fungi and bacteria that can decompose the roots – and when the roots are dead they cannot pull up any water!

Farewell mighty friend! May your body return to the soil. 

On the bright side our leeks, beets, garlic, and broccoli and ready to harvest! Check out the photo below:

Until next time!

-Jeff Mailes