A Great Year at Melrose Elementary!

We did and learned so much this year in our school garden at Melrose Elementary, I thought a recap would be fun!


We learned where cacao ( above) comes from and how chocolate is made, we also learned how to grow pineapple, chayote squash, and bananas to name a few.

We learned about how everything is connected in nature, how the soil is a habitat for insects, conversely, the insects help the soil, which fuels the plants, that feeds us and other living creatures… we could talk all day about the importance of nature and food webs!

FullSizeRender (60)

We learned all the ways to grow plants: The power of life! We grafted, propagated grapes from cuttings, and started shoots from strawberries, as well as seed starting.


We talked habitat! Planting native plants, helps ” reforest” our area with our strongest pollinators, here are a few that one can see from time to time, no European honey bees on this board.


We grew from seed just about our whole garden! We also ate it. We made kale chips, we had a guacamole challenge competition, we made salad and salad dressings, and pesto. We also tasted pomegranates, artichokes, a papaya, and planted a papaya tree.

IMG_7661 (1)

We worked hard caring for our plants, and even designed bouquets, and these succulents arrangements to take home.

IMG_8968 (1)

And mostly we learned to respect all living things; don’t use harmful pesticides folks, this caterpillar will be a pollinator soon. We also wouldn’t want anything harmful on him if a bird got a hold of him!

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Thank you for the great year Scholars!

~Garden Jenn