What Can We Compost? at 6th Ave

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of subbing at 6th Ave Elementary school. It was incredible to hear 1st graders explain seed germination and remembering the cotyledon. We learned about composting and discussed the difference between compost bins, recycling bins, and trash bins. We also talked about many of the different kinds of bugs within compost that help break it down into soil. The 3rd graders were prepared for class with their journals and we went into detail about how only things made by nature can decompose. We discussed that carcasses, glass, and some metals all eventually decay, however they aren’t anything that we want in our food or garden, so we keep them out of our school’s compost bin.

We went around the garden to see what was growing, threw dead/dying plants in the compost, and tasted some dinosaur kale – raw and without any dressing. We also found a delicious strawberry that we had to refrain from trying because I, unfortunately, couldn’t cut one strawberry into 22 pieces to have everyone get a taste.


Lindsay De May

My love for food and enriching food systems has brought me to LA after graduating in May from Syracuse University with a degree in Food Studies, concentrating on food politics and governance. I grew up gardening with my family in New Mexico, spent a summer working on an organic produce farm in New York, and spent three years as a teaching assistant for food science, locavorism and culinary arts classes. I look forward to incorporating my experiences in developing an exciting curriculum for my elementary and high school courses, with the hope that I’ll inspire them to appreciate food the way I do!