6th Ave: The Very Hungry Caterpillar BINGO

With my kindergartners at 6th Avenue today we learned briefly about metamorphosis — well, okay so maybe we didn’t use that word as it’s a little hard to pronounce with little ones. But we did read a really fun book that talks about it!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.

I absolutely adore this book for several reasons:

One | the moral of the story is if you eat and eat and eat and eat and eat you will get fat an then turn into a beautiful butterfly!

Two | it’s okay to each junk food!

Three (with all seriousness) | The process of metamorphosis is awe-inspiring and so beautiful.

SavedPicture-2015521183255.jpgAfter reading the book together, we played BINGO. This was a great activity for the kiddos to learn matching.

I gave each child a Bingo card (it had 5 pictures on it, plus a BINGO square) and a crayon. I asked if anyone knew how to play (several already did!) and then re-explained to them how to play before we got started: “If I call out a picture that is on your card, put an X on it with your crayon! If you put on X on every picture then you can yell BINGO!”

SavedPicture-2015521183213.jpgI was thrilled how fun this game was. The kids LOVED finding the pictures on their card, crossing it out and then yelling “BINGO!!!”

~ Ranger Hope