Winter Garden Bounty and Seed Saving at Bushnell Elementary

Last week Bushnell third graders explored the garden and looked for plants that had gone to seed (lavender and Basil) and others with visible seeds (strawberries and snap peas). We then talked about the practice of seed saving. the students were eager to try for themselves! I passed out dried sage and lavender flowers and students worked in small groups to fill their seed packs. When they finished we added the seeds to our new seed bank.

Seed envelope labeled with seed type and date.

Students were focused and careful as they separated the seeds from the other plant matter (and a few small bugs).

Seed collection with friends is fun!

Harvesting dried lavender flowers for seed collection.

Thanks to new squirrel-proof cages surrounding the garden beds and a wet December the winter garden at Bushnell looks amazing!

3.5 inches of rain fell on the garden during winter break.

Rain and cool temperatures help the peas, broccoli and lettuce thrive!

Nearly ripe strawberries and rainbow chard!