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Woodlawn Elementary School

The edible garden at Woodlawn Elementary School was built in Fall 2012. Situated under shady trees, the garden has raised beds, an arbor, and picnic tables.

Woodlawn’s Kinder Students Look for Insects

By Alex Aleshire / November 10, 2017

Today was the first time kindergarten has participated in garden classes at Woodlawn.  I thought learning about how the garden is a home to many insects, would be a fun way to begin their first garden experience! After listing all the various insects we might find in the garden, and learning what to do if…

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Woodlawn Breaks down Photosynthesis!

By Alex Aleshire / October 20, 2017

Photosynthesis is a big topic to cover! Even the word needs some explaining; Photo means “light”, synthesis means “to put together”.  Making sense of this process required some small steps, so we began by breaking it down! During this lesson we discovered just how leaves absorb the sun’s light energy through chlorophyll, a green substance in…

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The Birds and Bees at Woodlawn Elementary School

By Alex Aleshire / October 5, 2017

I love emergent curriculum! When the interests and curiosity of students sway the day’s lesson, I go with it!  Today what started as a Friends or Foes lesson, quickly developed into a pollination lesson when I mentioned how bees fly into male flowers, then into female flowers, depositing pollen and fertilizing developing fruit. It turned…

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Welcome Back at Woodlawn!

By Alex Aleshire / September 18, 2017

The Woodlawn Elementary School garden is flourishing!  The beds are full and overflowing with flowers, fruits, and vegetables!  It was a pleasure to come back to this great school and garden and find it so lush and filled with life! I saw many familiar faces in this first rotation so I’m looking forward to building…

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Woodlawn Avenue Elementary

By enrichla / June 20, 2017
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Lovely Last Day at Woodlawn!

By Alex Aleshire / June 10, 2017

The garden at Woodawn is exploding with growth! The cucumbers are coming in along with tomatoes, beans, basil and squash! And check out the size of this monster sunflower!!! For the last day,  I brought in my food processor and a can of garbanzo beans to whipped up some hummus.  The kids have never tried hummus,…

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Up Close and Personal With Our Worms ~ Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / June 6, 2017

It’s one thing to learn about a worm’s environment (the things they need to thrive and reproduce), and yet another to get “up close and personal” and learn the anatomy of a worm.  That’s just what we did with the Woodlawn student! Examining a worm on a magnifying glass really gave us the ability to…

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Surprise! Seeds Have Germinated!

By Alex Aleshire / June 1, 2017

I was excited to find out that the seeds the 2nd grade planted last week in the newspaper cup, have sprouted! I asked the kids if they remembered what the seed packet indicated under days for germination. Eight to ten days is the typical rate for snap peas to sprout. Their seeds sprouted on Tuesday;…

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Ecosystem in a Worm Bin! ~ Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / May 31, 2017

Caring for a worm bin takes special attention and the Woodlawn students and staff have demonstrated they are up for the challenge! I first began the lesson by explaining that all creatures have certain needs that must be met for them to grow and reproduce.  The worm we use in a worm bin is called…

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Planting Perennial Strawberries at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / May 23, 2017

It was an out with the “old” and in with the “new” day at Woodlawn!  I explained to the students that we would be removing the cool season vegetable plants that had bolted, (gone to seed) and replace them with perennial strawberry plants.  We discussed the differences between perennial plants and annual plants and looked…

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New Rotation, New Friends – Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / May 18, 2017

I’m excited this new garden rotation includes 3rd and 4th grades!  This group knows a lot about earth science so I’m looking forward to introducing them to some new challenging yet fun garden curriculum. During the first session, we got to investigate the garden by using our senses. The kids touched plant leaves and stems…

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Learning about Xylem and Phloem at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / May 16, 2017

This new rotation is all about getting to know plants, inside and out!  So since we needed to pull out some plants that had bolted, we decided to cut them open and observe and label what we discovered! After labeling the parts of a plant, we discovered that some plants had tap roots and others…

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Carrot Harvest at Woodlawn!

By Alex Aleshire / May 10, 2017

Pulling a carrot from the garden, wiping off a little dirt, and biting into it, is an experience everyone should have! We’ve had carrots growing at Woodlawn for couple of months now and the kids have been very excited to watch them develop. Carrots are some of the most popular vegetables to grow and because…

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What We Know About Seeds at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / May 4, 2017

I started the class today by asking the kids what they know about seeds.  There were many great responses such as, ” Seed are the beginning of a plant.” and “Water, soil and sun make seeds grow.”  I asked the kids if they knew where seeds come from and we talked about how seed are…

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Irrigation Lesson at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / April 23, 2017

Today, with the help of Ranger Hope, we began to convert the irrigation from sprinklers, to drip.  Now that the watering issue is almost solved, this garden’s soil flora should improve significantly and the garden will be ready to withstand the summer weather! The students came out to observe and asked questions about the differences…

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Big Planting Day at Woodlawn!

By Alex Aleshire / April 14, 2017

Being that our beds at Woodlawn are still fairly new, we had a lot of things to do to prep it for new plants. First, we amended the soil, which builds the structure to accommodate root development; increases the amount of happy organisms; and gives life via nutrients to the plants which the kids will…

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The Reason For A Flower ~ Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / February 17, 2017

Today the kids at Woodlawn learned that the purpose of any plant is to simply make more of itself, to reproduce.  We started the lesson by reading  “The Reason For  a Flower” by Ruth Heller.  The book describes all the parts of plants and their functions in beautifully illustrated pages. The 2nd graders brought their…

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Woodlawn- A Garden for all Ages and all Abilities

By Alex Aleshire / February 9, 2017

In this new 6 week rotation at Woodlawn I have two 2nd grade classes and a group of K through 3rd grade special needs students.  They were so excited to get their hands in the dirt that the first thing we did was just go out and explore! One of the things I love the…

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Plants RESPOND at Woodlawn!

By Alex Aleshire / February 6, 2017

Plants can’t run, swim, or jump away from danger like animals and people can but they do respond to certain changes or STIMULI in their environment.  In garden class we explored the different stimuli that trigger resposes in plants which help them grow healthy, strong and protected. We sometimes take for granted the things we…

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Learning about Legumes

By Alex Aleshire / January 27, 2017

We had a planting day at the Woodlawn garden and filled a couple of beds with winter greens, flowers and onion transplants. It’s starting to look like a garden again!   During class with 5th grade, we talked in length about amazing legume plants.  I reminded the kids that most legume plants have nitrogen-fixing bacteria in…

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Woodlawn Elementary, Digging Deeper

By Alex Aleshire / January 22, 2017

Sometimes it’s difficult to dig deeper into a subject due to lack of time. The kids at Woodlawn are fascinated with the world of worms, so we are sticking with the subject to learn the many ways worms help our world grow. Kindergarten really enjoyed the book on worms, “Wiggling Worms at Work” by Wendy…

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Wonderful Worms at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / January 17, 2017

It was pouring down rain at Woodlawn and since the kids have been cooped up for a couple of days due to the rainy day schedule, I thought I would bring some garden friends to them.  Worms are a farmers favorite garden friend (well, for sure mine!).  I am always amazed at how truly beneficial…

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Woodlawn Has Sprouted!

By Alex Aleshire / December 16, 2016

Although the irrigation system is not yet up and running, the dedicated students and staff at Woodlawn have been hand watering the seeds we planted.  When we met on Thursday, the class was thrilled to tell me “They sprouted Mrs. Alex!!” As we walked through the garden to make observations, we discussed if the information…

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Pass the Seed, Please

By Alex Aleshire / December 9, 2016

A new rotation at Woodlawn garden brought many eager children ready to dig in the dirt.  After a quick discussion about the rules of the garden, we talked about seeds and their various shapes and sizes.  Playing “Pass the Seed, Please” gives everyone a chance to see and feel each seed, and learn about seeds…

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Top Soil…It’s Important! Plus Woodlawn Update

By Alex Aleshire / December 4, 2016

The Woodlawn Garden renovation has come a long way in a short time. The crew worked quickly and efficiently to create a functional and beautiful space for the students, staff and community to enjoy.  The next task is new drip irrigation and planting…I can’t wait!!! With only soil in the beds, I thought a good…

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Garden Planning at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / November 18, 2016

Lots of progress is being done at the Woodlawn Garden.  New concrete pathways were installed, old woody bushes were removed and the grass area was tilled and readied for the new sod. Planning a garden takes a lot of work and preparation. Saturday, the raised beds will be built, irrigation will be run to each…

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Change Can Be a Good Thing

By Alex Aleshire / November 13, 2016

Last week I was informed that the Woodlawn garden would be going through a huge renovation.  By that I mean, all garden beds, plants, pathways, grass, and even some trees, would be removed.  Construction was to begin the following week and completion of the project was scheduled for the end of November. Wow!  I have…

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The Guessing Game

By Alex Aleshire / November 6, 2016

When I met my younger students in the Woodlawn garden with this colorful wrapped box, they couldn’t wait to get started!  We played a simple game of guessing what vegetable or fruit was inside the guessing box.  First, I gave each child a flash card telling them that during the game, they would be whatever…

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Little Plant Detectives at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / October 28, 2016

During garden class, the younger grades imagined they were plant detectives while learning how to describe what they know about plants. We discussed all the elements that make up a plant and asked some difficult question like,”Is a tree a plant?”.  The kids all agreed that all plants have roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds.…

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A Lesson in Similarities and Opposites

By Alex Aleshire / October 23, 2016

A new rotation brought some new smiling faces to the garden today!  Transitional kindergarten and first grade learned the rules of the garden.  Many of the garden’s rules are similar to those in the classroom.  We talked about how the garden is like an outdoor classroom and as the children walked around we pointed out…

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Water is Life

By Alex Aleshire / October 15, 2016

Water is so important for health, growth and life of all living things!  I wanted the kids to remember to continue to conserve this precious natural resource in their everyday lives.  We discussed the importance of water for the growth of our garden and also for all the farms that produce the food we eat.…

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To Eat or Not To Eat? That is the Question

By Alex Aleshire / October 9, 2016

What a day of discovery and observation at Woodlawn elementary as we posed the question: Is it edible or not edible? The first graders took a stroll around the garden while we talked about the  things we can eat and the things we cannot eat in the garden. They had so many questions!  And I…

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A Look Inside a SEED at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / September 30, 2016

I was impressed to see how much the children at Woodlawn elementary knew about how seeds grow!  So during this week’s lesson, we focused on the parts of a seed.  I was happy to see that the pea seeds the kids had planted last week had sprouted.  These sprouts were a great learning tool.  We…

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Discovering Leaves, Roots and their Functions

By Alex Aleshire / September 24, 2016

This is the third week of the six week rotation at Woodlawn and we are diving into some bigger topics…leaves! They are all around us in Woodlawn’s cozy little garden so the younger kids went on a leaf hunt for “broad” leaves and “needle” leaves. We discovered that their garden has many more broad leaves…

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Last of Summer Harvest at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire / September 19, 2016

Even though the summer growing season is dying down, there’s still a lot happening in the Woodlawn Elementary Garden! The kids picked the last red tomato off the vine and harvested swiss chard for a quick chopped salad dressed with lemon and salt, yum! We pulled out that old tomato plant but decided the Swiss…

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A Sweet Day At Woodlawn Elementary

By Alex Aleshire / September 9, 2016

It sure was a sweet first day for garden class at Woodlawn!  The kids enjoyed exploring the garden and discovering fruits, veggies and herbs that they recognized, and some they weren’t too familiar with.  Everyone recognized the mint, “Yerba buena” which is growing beautifully in the garden.  None of the kids knew about the stevia…

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Getting Ready for the New School Year!

By Hope Cox / August 17, 2016

This week we were getting ready for the new school year at Woodlawn Elementary School! We were able to do some weeding, replenish the soil and plant both seeds and beautiful flowers! Also, it looks like the garden was really loving this summer heat because the mint looks happy and some cucumbers are growing in…

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Last Day at Woodlawn

By Janae Patino / June 12, 2016

Woodlawn students had their last week of garden class this week. We celebrated by harvesting veggies from the garden and creating a salad that included beets (and their greens), radish, yellow grape tomatoes, kale, chard, strawberries and mint. We also used a lemon olive oil vinaigrette that brought the whole thing together. Our cucumbers and…

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Last rotation at Woodlawn

By Janae Patino / May 24, 2016

This school year has flown by at Woodlawn as we are now in our last rotation of classes with only three more weeks left. Crazy how time flies! Woodlawn kinder students are familiarizing themselves with the garden and tried a simple salad this week including kale, chard, and mint from their garden. Students helped plant…

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By Alexys Thomas / May 10, 2016

Woodlawn Elementary is flourishing! The garden is nested under 2 large jacarda trees. On a cool breezy day like today, the garden couldn’t be more pretty. The staff and students expressed much love for Garden Ranger Janae and the program. We are so happy to be on your campus!  

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DIY at Woodlawn

By Janae Patino / May 9, 2016

The Woodlawn garden is a wonderful habitat for everyone–plant, human, or insect–to grow. Being here, you get a sense of relief and relaxation. Sitting quietly in this garden, you will easily see a plethora of pollinators putting in work and it’s a beautiful thing. A new rotation of Woodlawn students started garden classes. We are making preparations for…

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Mulch arrival at Woodlawn

By Janae Patino / April 29, 2016

OpA new rotation of Woodlawn students began garden lessons this week, exploring the garden, tasting herbs, and mulching. Students worked hard this week mulching the pathways that had pretty much nothing on them. We are ever grateful to have such enthusiastic volunteers in the garden, helping to keep it thriving and beautiful. We have had great…

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Planting tomatoes at Woodlawn

By Janae Patino / April 14, 2016

This week Woodlawn students got their hands dirty in the garden. Kinder students learned about the seed germination process and started their own little seedlings using a mix of garden soil and Woodlawn compost. Students also had a chance to plant tomatoes from the Muir Ranch plug mob. These plants started from a small plug and…

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Friends of the Woodlawn garden

By Janae Patino / April 11, 2016

The garden at Woodlawn elementary is looking great thanks to the amazing compost that this school has worked so hard to create. Every week students at Woodlawn help with all aspects of composting from collecting green and brown materials, to turning the pile. Woodlawn students learned about friends and foes of the garden and also…

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New Rotation at Woodlawn

By Janae Patino / April 3, 2016

A new rotation of students started garden class this week at Woodlawn. It was a diverse session that was definitely influenced by the particular needs and interests of each class. The kindergarten group was studying sunflowers in one of their books. It just so happened that the intense wind in the area had knocked down…

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