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Wilshire Park Elementary School

The edible garden and outdoor classroom at Wilshire Park Elementary School were built in Spring 2013. There is a gazebo, plenty of raised beds, and a kitchen area, proof that you don’t need a whole bunch of space for an awesome garden.

Where do our foods come from?

By Zuri Blandon / May 17, 2017

Students  learned that  our fruits and vegetables are grown in many places in the world, but their original birth place is very different than where they are grown.  in a fun lesson about foods and culture, students guest where is the birthplace of the first tomatoes, potatoes, olives, carrots, corn, mango to name a few. they…

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Welcome New Cycle

By Zuri Blandon / May 2, 2017

  The garden looks welcoming with its colors and fragrances, and  students  experienced that on a crisp Monday morning Their first lesson: Warm vs Cool season. The edible garden is growing corn, beans and  squash (three  sisters). These are heat loving crops that make  a great friend and companion to each other.  Along with tomatoes,herbs and flowers, the garden is…

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Observations in the garden

By team / March 21, 2017

After a warm and friendly welcome to garden class, the first activity students conducted was an observation along with notes of what they see, hear, smell and wonder of. With pencil and paper in hand, they collected observations and shared with us a few of their observations. Students learned that the garden is a habitat…

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Happy Valetines

By Zuri Blandon / February 14, 2017

Students made  ornaments with herbs and flowers to celebrate friendships and kindnesses.  They understood that pollinators like bees, ladybugs and butterflies protect the garden and keep foes like spiders, ants and aphids away,

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What part of the plant is..

By Zuri Blandon / February 14, 2017

Learning  the different parts of the plant was a fun leason, students were able to identify  what vegetables  they eat that are roots stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds.  Using a smartboard,  students identified the part of plant and what type of vegetable would be associated  with the part.

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Sun a source of energy

By Zuri Blandon / February 6, 2017

After a few weeks of rainy days, students came out to explore the garden. They planted seeds, seedlings, and  helped  clean the beds. They learned about the suns value to plants and  how it creates life and help all living things develop and grow.

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Welcome students..

By Zuri Blandon / January 31, 2017

The first  day of  class for the new group. We could not  go to the garden due to rain, but students had their  intro to gardening indoors. They sample  lettuce and mustard greens, talked about their favorite fruit and vegetable and if they eat it raw or cook. The last two classes were able to…

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Rainy days

By Zuri Blandon / January 16, 2017

After a much needed break, students came back ready to finish the school year.  Garden class was held in-doors until the much needed rain stopped. After the rain we headed to the garden to see how much  the plants have grown and  what damage the rain caused. “The garden smells and looks good” exclaimed one…

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By Zuri Blandon / December 21, 2016

Last week was the last week of classes before Winter break. Students harvest lettuce, mustard greens, kale, basil, cilantro, rosemary and made a delicious  salad. With olive  oil, salt and pepper, lemons and  tomatoes for color…. we said good-bye to this semester. The first class  enjoyed salad and ate most of it, the second class…

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Seeds and seedlings and Compost

By Zuri Blandon / November 22, 2016

November 14, 2016 Snow Pea seeds, flowers and a compost bed are the new projects and lessons students are embarking in.  flowers bring more ladybugs and butterfly to the  garden and creates a pleasant  smell. The first class planted seeds, second and third  class added flowers and helped clear one bed to start our compost.…

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Welcome to the garden

By Zuri Blandon / November 13, 2016

  With a nice chilly breeze, last Monday two new classes arrived to the garden to explore, learn and smell the scent the plants give.  Students  set the rules for the garden (two finger touch, no harvest without permission and respect all living things) they also walked around the learned  some names of herbs, flowers…

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Happy Halloween..

By Zuri Blandon / October 31, 2016

What  a beautiful morning  to be at the garden. The 2nd cycle kicked off today, students and teachers are thrill to start their garden experience and watch our cool season  vegetables grow. Thank you to the 1st cycle, your faces, curious minds and personalities are planted  in the garden and will help inspire the new…

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Hands to work..

By Zuri Blandon / October 29, 2016

  The helping hands at Wilshire are busy keeping and maintaining the garden beautiful. with gloves on, they pruned the overgrown branches around the garden. They planted their seedlings and added soil mix and water to the beds. Cool season crops are healthy and strong and we want to keep them that way for a very…

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Wilshire Park- plants

By Zuri Blandon / October 23, 2016

Students hep to plant some new vegetables for the garden.. They also  watered the plants and learned ways to tell when the soil is missing  nutrients and ways to improve it.

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Seeds @ Wilshire Park

By Zuri Blandon / October 16, 2016

Last week students helped with the process of preparing the garden for our cool season vegetables. They planted seeds of broccoli, cilantro, carrots and spinach. This week we will continue with our  seedlings and discovering the beauty and magic of the edible garden. Ranger- Zuri

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Worked with Avison Young volunteers this week to build the new horserail fence at Wilshire Park Elementary 

By team / October 15, 2016

Thanks to everyone from Avison Young who came out to help! The Wilshire Park garden is looking great.

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Thanks to Avison Young for their help @ Wilshire Park Elementary!

By enrichla / October 14, 2016

On Thursday, volunteers from Avison Young helped us beautify the garden at Wilshire Park Elementary as part of their annual Avison Day of Giving. Volunteers helped tear down an old bamboo fence and build a sturdier fence around the garden. Mulch and compost were also added to the garden. Overall it was an extremely productive…

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Wilshire Park Elementary- Friends and foes

By Zuri Blandon / October 2, 2016

      On September 26, Students at  Wilshire Park Elementary  had their second garden class where they learned about the good friends and bad friends for the garden. They also explored the beds-finding insects, worms,plants herbs, fruits and vegetables that live in the soil as friends and foes . Ranger- Zuri

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Wilshire Park Elementary-explore the garden

By Zuri Blandon / September 23, 2016

Wilshire Elementary had their first day of the garden.. Students set rules for proper conduct during garden class, identify some plants and recognized them by their color smell and  shape.   Ranger Zuri

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Seeds galore!

By Elyse Wegner / May 23, 2016

One seed, two seed, big seed, little seed! Channeling our inner Dr. Seuss, my friends and I at Wilshire Park examined many different seeds and compared them with one another. An avocado seed is almost one hundred times as big as a radish seed and would make a good bowling bowl for a squirrel. Seeds…

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And the Metamorphosis Begins

By Elyse Wegner / May 15, 2016

Egg Caterpillar (Butterfly Larvae) Chrysalis (Pupa) Butterfly! Wilshire Park classes are going to observe the miraculous transformation of five caterpillars over the next few weeks. We prepared the best way we know how…by making wings of our own out of coffee filters, markers, water and clothes pins! Our baby caterpillars made an appearance! We’re soaring!…

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The Layers of Loam

By Elyse Wegner / May 14, 2016

Last week at Wilshire Park, the students learned a new vocabulary word! Loam is the scientific fancy word for soil. Clay, sand and silt all play huge parts in this matter and should be evenly distributed for a nice handful of loam. If the plants are suffering, the first thing we should check is the…

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Invertebrates are here to stay

By Elyse Wegner / May 2, 2016

Our new and final garden guests of the year were welcomed into the garden at Wilshire Park Elementary-and I don’t just mean the children! We had 500 of our closest worm friends join us and they gave us a closer and hands on look at our curious backbone-less friends. These particular worms were red wigglers,…

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Friends and Foes

By Elyse Wegner / April 25, 2016

It was time for everyone’s favorite game at Wilshire Park Elementary! A game where everyone gets to play and no one gets out. The kids had a blast running around and getting to know the different insects in our garden. Some are beneficial and some are detrimental to the plants. However, they all serve a…

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Leaves of all Shapes and Sizes at Wilshire Park

By Elyse Wegner / April 21, 2016

At Wilshire Park Elementary last Monday, the kindergarteners and I played a game called “Are you taller than an artichoke leaf?” Each and every one wanted to stand next to the artichoke leaf to be the first one to trump it’s height, but in the end, it was only the teachers who prevailed. We examined…

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Bouquets and Rainy Days

By Elyse Wegner / April 8, 2016

After missing two Monday’s due to Spring Break and Cesar Chavez day, the garden was in need of some TLC! Monday’s garden classes didn’t work out because of Junior Achievement Day, but it worked out in our favor because I was able to spend all that time caring for the garden, watering, weeding and pruning…

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Alexys visits Wilshire Park!

By enrichla / March 24, 2016

The garden at Wilshire Park is growing beautifully! The students were planting summer fruit seeds during class, as well as harvesting pumpkins-yes, pumpkins in march! There are still a few on the vine and more budding!  Garden Ranger Elyse has helped this garden flourish. We harvested enough mint for the entire school! The compost here…

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Garden Greetings!

By Elyse Wegner / March 23, 2016

Spring has sprung and so have all of our beautiful plants at Wilshire Park Elementary! The garden beds are overflowing and bountiful with artichoke greens, chard, mint, pumpkins, onions, snap peas, lavender and lettuce galore! It was time to go over garden safety with a new crop of students and make introductions. We spent most…

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Buzz! Buzz! Here come the bees!

By Elyse Wegner / March 13, 2016

Thanks to all the students hard work, our “hive” was overflowing with honey! The students flew from flower to flower (cups of nectar hidden in the garden) collecting nectar and bringing it back to the hive to become honey. We explained that real nectar is much too small for us to see and is just…

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Rethink your Drink at Wilshire Park!

By Elyse Wegner / March 6, 2016

Last Monday at Wilshire Park, we talked about the importance of water. Not only is it essential to the plants survival, but we also can’t forget to hydrate our bodies and refresh our minds with water! Many times we reach for soda, juice or milk when all our bodies really need is water. Not to…

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Compost Relay at Wilshire Park!

By Elyse Wegner / February 27, 2016

It was a very eventful day at Wilshire Park Elementary School! We learned the ins and outs and do and don’ts of composting. The students even made their own compost with twigs, leaves, paper and some pretty stinky rotten food scraps! They squealed with excitement as they bravely reached into the container filled with coffee…

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Friends and Foes and Mashed Potatoes!

By team / February 6, 2016

It was a chilly Monday morning at Wilshire Park Elementary! But that doesnt stop us from having garden class! Luckily, the kindergarten room was big enough for us to take shelter from the wind and play a game of friends and foes inside the classroom. The students are also currently reading the book the Hungry…

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Two strawberries feed 20 kids at Wilshire Park!

By team / January 26, 2016

It is amazing how quickly these six week sessions with classes fly by! Monday marked the beginning of the week and the beginning of another six week series at Wilshire Park! After a twelve week hiatus, I’m back in the kinder-garden and I was very pleased with what we discovered! While exploring the garden, two…

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Wilshire Park and the Five Food Groups!

By team / January 12, 2016

At the end of our six weeks together and the beginning of the year, we learned the five food groups on Monday to create and carry with us healthy habits into the new year! We drew the five food groups onto plates to use as a guide to look at when we eat. That way,…

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Pre Holiday Fun at Wilshire Park!

By team / January 8, 2016

Before the holidays, we talked about different holiday traditions that everyone’s family does every year. I thought it would be fun to share one of my family’s tradition, making holiday cookies. Instead of making cookies for ourselves in class, we made cookies with ingredients we could find in nature and return to nature as a…

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Buzzing around Wilshire Park Garden!

By team / December 12, 2015

It was a bee-autiful day at Wilshire Park Elementary on Monday. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the children were buzzing. They all had a chance to bee-come a bee for the day and got to work collecting nectar from our garden! First, we went over the basics of pollination and learned…

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All Soil Everything at Wilshire Park!

By team / November 30, 2015

Today was an eventful day full of learning and fun! We talked about soil and all of its different parts. After learning how important soil is to the whole growing food operation, we broke into groups of three (clay, silt and sand) and discovered what our own soil in the garden was like. The students…

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Unexpected Surprises at Wilshire Park!

By team / November 28, 2015

It was a bit chilly last week at Wilshire park, so I thought the friends and foes game would be a great way to get the students up and moving! After a couple rounds of flying around like bugs and the plants running away from the foes, they were not cold anymore! We also decided…

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Exploring Wilshire Park’s Garden

By team / November 12, 2015

The new six week session is now in full swing at Wilshire Park Elementary. The students talked about what they learned last year as well as what they would like to learn this year. Some were new to the garden, some had been there before, but we all explore none the less. The students dug…

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Wilshire Park Compost Relay

By team / November 6, 2015

As a final fun farewell to this pet group of students, we all made compost buckets and contributed to the larger pile of compost. We made compost with twigs, dead leaves, rotten food and soil. The kids were not a fan of how smelly the food was. We learned that compost had a lot of…

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All Hands on Deck at Wilshire Park Elementary

By team / October 29, 2015

We had a very productive and educational garden improvement day at Wilshire Park on Monday! The students broke into groups and tackled different tasks in the garden including dead heading basil, pulling weeds and tending to the plants by removing all the dead leaves. The students then chose what kind of seeds they wanted to…

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Carrots, Potatoes and Onions, Oh My! Wilshire Park

By team / October 15, 2015

When the kindergarteners were asked what kind of food they wanted to grow in their garden, they responded with none other than carrots and potatoes! So, I found some carrot seeds so we could make that dream come true! They all have some carrot shavings and tried roasted potatoes! Some were bigger fans than others,…

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Shaking up the soil at Wilshire Park

By team / October 6, 2015

I love the fact that kids at Wilshire Park are so eager and excited to be in the garden that they come in their free time. At least 10 students were helping me get rid of the weeds during recess. It is such a huge help and encouragement to see them all working together and…

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A walk through Wilshire Park Elementary

By team / September 29, 2015

I received a very kind and warm welcome to Wilshire Park. The first time I went to check out the garden, I was given a thorough tour and greeted by the plant manager who offered up any type of assistance I may need. The school has a wonderful space for the kids to run around…

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Beautiful Wilshire Park is Thriving!

By team / July 19, 2015

When visiting Wilshire Park Elementary I was astonished to see that the massive tomato plant that I had trimmed the previous week was taking over the garden again! This garden has been doing great the entire summer but today I added some mulch and compost to most of the beds. The corn had been fully…

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