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Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School

The edible garden at Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School was completed in Spring 2014 with the help of Turning Point School. It features in-ground beds tucked into the corner of campus.

Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary

By team / June 19, 2017
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The Magic of Pollen at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich / April 21, 2017

Today at Weemes our classes got to learn how flowers make seeds and fruit. After looking at a few flowers in our own garden, we discussed how bees and other pollinators go spreading powdery pollen from flower to flower as they try to eat. Then we played a game to see if we could spread…

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Rainy Seasons at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / February 17, 2017

As the rain continues pouring over our garden, we had another indoor class last week. Luckily, that gave us a perfect segway into our lesson on growing seasons in Los Angeles. We discussed what crops are growing in today’s cool rainy season, including kale which made a delicious snack! We even had time for a…

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Respecting Community at Weemes 

By Eleanor Goodrich / February 2, 2017

The sun is out and our garden is flourishing at Weemes Elementary, which means we get to have classes outside again! We spent the time searching for all the different insects that live in our garden and then we discussed each bugs role. The students tested their reading comprehension by reading descriptions aloud and sorting…

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Another Rainy Start at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich / January 31, 2017

Last week rain clouds welcomed the new classes at Weemes for the second time in a row. Luckily, the rain provided an opportune context to talk about plant needs and water availability for plants growing during draught. By the end of our lesson several students were very concerned about water use as we rinsed our…

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Building Community at Weemes Elementary 

By Eleanor Goodrich / January 27, 2017

For MLK Day last week, we had a garden open house, inviting parents and students both to come help plant, learn and harvest in our garden. We had a lot of helpers throughout the day and managed to harvest lots of veggies to send home! Additionally, the garden is looking cleaner than ever and I…

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Rain Offers Good Start for Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / January 13, 2017

As students planted new seedlings in our garden this week, rain clouds threatened to chase us away. Luckily, we were able to plant all the seedlings between showers and all rain is now watering our new little seedlings! Additionally, the summer crops are still growing well into the winter season so we are still harvesting…

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Six Weeks of Veggie Tasting Pays Off at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / December 4, 2016

This week is the last garden class for our second rotation and we have had a lot of different recipes alongside our science lessons and garden exploration. After our class time (where we talked about nutrient and water cycles) we had a final harvest and students made their own hand-held salads using lettuce, chard, squash…

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Talented Gardners Get Twice the Snacks at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich / December 2, 2016

The students did a wonderful job caring for their jars of sprouting seeds this week and since we had a lot of squash growing, we had two snacks after our lesson this week instead of one. Students ate the first snack of sprouted seeds so quickly I didnt even have time to get a picture!…

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Documenting Life at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / November 29, 2016

Students brought their notebooks to the garden for our class on seed germination last week. After we disected a seed together, they drew their own diagrams of the parts of the seed and baby plant. At the end of class, we started soaking seeds in a jar to sprout for this week. The classes have…

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Germinate and Grow at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich / November 7, 2016

Everyone knows that plants come from seeds, but how does a baby plant make it’s way out of a seed and into the world? Today we got to see a baby embryo germinating close up as students started their sprouts for next week. After their observations, they took notes by making their own sketches of…

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Looking for bugs at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / November 5, 2016

Weemes Elementary has been away from the garden for 2 weeks now due to rain and events. To make up for it, we had a lot of exploration time this week looking for the bugs and vegetables we discussed at the begining of class. Students found all sorts of exciting things, culminating in a snack…

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Rainstorms and Drought at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / October 24, 2016

As rainstorms gathered at Weemes Elementary this week, it was too wet and muddy for us to go to the garden. Instead we gathered in the classrooms to talk about plant needs and the importance of water. Students were shocked to learn that without water we wouldn’t have anything to eat or drink since all…

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A Final Fall Harvest at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich / October 16, 2016

Since today is the last day of our first cycle at Weemes, we had a harvest celebration for our snack. Students harvested tomatoes, onions, kale, chard, squash and herbs and seasoned them with lime and salt to make individual, handheld salads. -Ranger eleanor

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Digging in the Dirt at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / September 26, 2016

This week at Weemes Elementary we were able to piggyback off of Ms Arias’ soil unit to learn about parts of the soil and taste a sweet vegetable that grows in the ground.  First, we harvested our beets and the students peeled them into long ribbons to mix with salt and apple-cider vinegar. Tasty! Then…

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Off to A Great Start at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich / September 25, 2016

The garden at Weemes Elementary has thrived over the summer! Even though today was just the first garden class, students got to harvest a lot of fresh vegetables. In addition to the ripe veggies, several plants have green fruit that will ripen soon… including a pumpkin patch where we will be hosting Weemes’ Halloween fundraiser…

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Getting ready for October at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / September 24, 2016

Weemes Elementary is planning an exciting fall festival with a pumpkin patch for the end of October, so this week we started harvesting pumpkins to display at the festival. We got two big orange ones and theres still several green pumpkins growing deep in the big, leafy foliage! -ranger el

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Planting and Harvesting at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich / September 13, 2016

Students at Weemes Elementary experienced both sides of gardening this week. We started class by planting bean seeds and a small tree tree. Then, after our lesson we learned how to harvest our own tomatoes and make an easy tomato salad with basil and salt. And, let me tell you, Weemes has some great garden…

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Summer Workday at Weemes

By Hope Cox / August 3, 2016

We’ve got mulch spread, trees added and fresh seedlings transplanted at Weemes! Thanks SO much to the middle school kids and leaders from Next Step Ministries for their hard work!

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Workday at Weemes

By Hope Cox / July 22, 2016

Once again Next Step Ministries has come to the rescue! At Weemes, we really needed some helping hands to spread woodchips, plant trees and bury irrigation tubing. The middle schoolers who participated were fantastic! I enjoyed watching them work together as a team: shoveling mulch in the wheelbarrows, digging holes for the saplings and helping…

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Productive Day at Weemes Elementary

By team / July 5, 2016

First of all, look at those tomatoes, they’re off to such a great start! Ok so Weemes had some puddles. With detective work and muscle power, we dug up some old irrigation and repaired a few leaks. Here are two but there were three in all! Then we filled in the holes and planted some…

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Pico Rolls & Rollie Pollies

By Ashley-Marie Sutherland / May 23, 2016
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By Ashley-Marie Sutherland / May 23, 2016
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Butterflies and Ladybugs at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / May 3, 2016

Mes. Lopez’s class has been raising ladybugs and butterflies in the classroom and today was the day for release! We reviewed the benefits each bug pffered the garden and specifically released the ladybug on our cabbage plants to eat the dreaded aphids. As the last butterfly flew off to our flower beds, everyone cheered, happy…

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Harvesting Mania at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / April 4, 2016

After spring break last week the garden at Weemes has a lot of new vegetables to harvest!  Our purple cauliflower has bloomed into enormous heads and our kale, lettuce, greens and herbs are growing all over. After our compost lesson, the kids helped harvest and eat lots of cauliflower and we still had plenty left…

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Plant Parts & Pico at Weemes Elementary

By team / March 28, 2016

This week, we took plant parts and made pico de gallo. The students loved it!  – Volunteer Ashley

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Weemes Elementary Vegetable garden

By team / March 16, 2016


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Colorful “Tacos” at Weemes Elementary

By Eleanor Goodrich / March 6, 2016

Last week, students at weemes celebrated their garden harvest by making “chard tacos”. Using a chard leaf as a taco shell they filled their leaves with all sorts of veggies growing in the garden. We were all happily surprised to see so many different veggies growing and ready to harvest as each child filled their…

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The Quest for Collards at Weemes Elementary

By team / February 17, 2016

Lately, we have received several requests for collard greens at the garden at Weemes Elementary. Several students, especially the fifth graders, are familiar with this vegetable from family meals at home, but collards plants (and even seeds) have proven difficult to track down in Los Angeles. After several weeks of searching, we were lucky enough…

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Cool Season Crops at Weemes Elementary

By team / February 8, 2016

This week at Weemes Elementary, we learned about agricultural seasons and climate. Each class was able to pick out cool the season plants like broccoli that are thriving in the garden this winter season. Many students discovered that their favorite vegetables only grow in thewarm season, such as tomatoes and cucumbers! Lucky for us however,…

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Showing some love at Weemes Elementary!

By team / July 18, 2015

After noticing the largest tomato plant of all time the last time we were here at Weemes, we got some tomato cages and set out to get all the tomatoes off the ground and weave thru the cages. Additionally we added in some cute scarecrows in and around the garden. Hopefully the kids will love them…

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Update on Weemes

By team / July 15, 2015

We checked out Weemes this week to give the garden a little love. When we arrived, we saw the largest tomato plant of all time and a lot of produce ready for harvesting.

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The Weemes garden is green and abundant

By team / July 9, 2015

Today at Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary, myself and another intern took the time to pick up litter, pull weeds, and prune away dry plants in order to make the garden look even more clean and beautiful than it already does. I was also able to place another tomato cage in the bed to give the…

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Garden Care at Weemes Elementary

By team / February 26, 2015

The last few weeks at Weemes Elementary School have been integrated with lessons about Friends and Foes, Types of Soil, and Seasonal gardening in Southern California. Grade 2 and Grade 5 are new to the garden this semester and have been learning how to take care of the garden at their school. As the winter…

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Vermicomposting at Weemes Elementary

By team / November 21, 2014

Yesterday at Weemes, Garden Ranger Traci, Garden Intern Sam, and their composting comrade Tim, introduced students to vermicomposting! First, students drilled holes in the worm bin to provide air and drainage for the worms’ new home. Next, they tore pieces of newspaper and dipped them into water to give the worms comfy and moist bedding.…

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Work Day at Weemes

By team / October 26, 2014

Last Monday Garden Ranger, Traci Demuth, led a group of middle school students from Turning Point School and a few volunteers at Weemes Elementary School for some serious weeding, pruning, mulch spreading, composting, and harvest work. Turning Point School has a special relationship with Weemes. Last school year, Turning Point School partnered with EnrichLA to…

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Learning more about plants at Gardner Street and Lenicia Weemes Elementary Schools!

By team / September 16, 2014

The past couple of weeks at Gardner Street Elementary and Lenicia Weemes Elementary Schools have been very productive!  Students learned about the different parts of a plant, including the roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruit, and seed.  In doing so, they not only furthered their scientific knowledge, but also practiced teamwork and leadership! Before the lesson,…

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Exploring the Gardens at Gardner Street and Weemes Elementary Schools

By team / September 2, 2014

Students were excited to spruce up and explore the gardens with their Garden Ranger Teacher after the long summer break. Students worked together to pick up litter, prune dead leaves and fallen fruit from growing plants, and explore their gardens. Students were invited to wander through the garden and document their observations on paper. One…

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Grapes Galore at Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School

By team / July 21, 2014

  Strawberries and grapes were ripe and ready to be harvested at Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School. A team of teacher volunteers helped plant seedlings for the start of the school year. We are excited to welcome the students of Lenicia B. Weeme to their beautiful garden filled with goodies! “Super Star Strawberries” are red, juicy, and…

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Students feel the carrots at Weemes Elementary!

By team / July 16, 2014

A workday at Weemes Elementary ended with a visit to the garden by elementary school students attending summer school ! They got in a circle, learned some basic garden rules and got to breathe in the garden! They left with hands full of carrots and tomatoes.

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The new garden at Weemes Elementary ( near USC) is now ready for service

By team / April 24, 2014
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Turning Point school brings new edible garden to Weemes Elementary

By team / March 17, 2014
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Amazing Private school students from turning point help build a garden for weemes elementary

By team / March 6, 2014
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