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Van Nuys Middle School

The garden at Van Nuys Middle School was built in Spring 2014 as EnrichLA’s first project in Sherman Oaks. There are raised beds, picnic tables, and a drip irrigation system.

Composting with VEA

By Michelle Moore / October 11, 2016

With class sizes even larger this year, we have found it to be a more productive and more of an educational environment to start class inside. Just a quick 5-10 minute lesson or overview of what we are doing for the day keeps the kids focus and informed so that they are more on track…

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Change of seasons at VNMS

By Michelle Moore / October 3, 2016

On Wednesday the students at Van Nuys Middle School cleared out a lot of the old and dying summer plants and made way for the new winter plants.   Because of the unusually hot weather, we had to add some shading for these seedlings to survive the heat!   “There are no gardening mistakes, only…

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Future Scientist!

By Michelle Moore / September 27, 2016

Equipped with magnifying glasses, the VEA Students set out to discover, discover, discover! Practicing the scientific method knowing that great scientist like Newton used the same method brought out creativity and wonder in the students. It was a good opportunity to have the students out looking closely at nature but then to go further and…

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VEA students back at Van Nuys MS Garden

By Michelle Moore / September 20, 2016

Last week the students of the Valley Environment Academy came back to the garden! This is a special year for EnrichLA with Van Nuys Middle School because our first year sixth graders our now eighth graders!  To start the year we wanted the students up and active and got them playing a game of ladybugs…

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Merry Vegetables on Friday!!

By team / July 1, 2016

The corn is tasseling merrily with his friends bell pepper and artichoke in the breezy Friday afternoon. Kale majestically has risen welcoming butterflies and bees.

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Scent of Baby Tomatoes

By team / June 19, 2016

This Friday the scent of tomato vines lured me into the garden.

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Special Thanks

By Michelle Moore / June 1, 2016

I wanted to take the time to write a post dedicated to  Mr. Fernandez class. This was my first time teaching a special education class at a middle school level and I just fell in love with the dynamics and personalities of everyone in the class. It was beautiful to see the students open up…

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a POP of color for Van Nuys Middle School

By Michelle Moore / May 24, 2016

Before we end the school year the students at Van Nuys Middle School took some time to add some fun color to the garden!   Then two weeks later I added the poster that kids had made to be an everyday reminder of the lessons we have done this year  

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Celebrating Mother’s Day at Van Nuys Middle School

By Michelle Moore / May 6, 2016

Since Mother’s Day is this weekend and the kids had been working so hard in the garden the past month, we took time to think about someone we love and get crafty! We took the concept of seed saving to make the hearts in the middle. We used recycled newspaper and placed seeds in between…

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Worm Salad at Van Nuys Middle School

By Michelle Moore / March 7, 2016

On Wednesday at Van Nuys Middle School we learned the benefits of composting. Then we got hands on cleaning up our winter garden and making a worm salad, a mixture of live, dying and dead plant matter.   The following day was open house at 6 and I stopped by to build parent relations and promote…

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Sustainable Cities

By team / February 24, 2016

At Van Nuys Middle School we spent a couple days talking about 5 characteristics of a Sustainable City. Efficient public transportation, walkable, city center, mixed land use and open green space. We learned that the way a city is built defines how the people in the city live and their overall happiness. Students were given…

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Van Nuys Garden

By team / May 27, 2015

Today on this beautiful afternoon, we spread mulch at the Van Nuys Middle School’s garden. The plants are growing beautifully and the tomatoes are flourishing. 

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Beautiful harvest at Van Nuys MS

By team / March 1, 2015

Wednesday, at Van Nuys Middle School, we were delighted to enjoy a fresh garden salad that had been grown from seed by the students! Their time and hard work had paid off! Additionally, students learned the health benefits of carrots and learned a fun fact that the traditional color of carrots was purple! We ended…

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Van Nuys Gets Their Antioxidants!

By team / February 9, 2015

The students at Van Nuys Middle school got a lesson on how antioxidants stop the disruptive chain of free radicals. This connected to the eight graders learning about atoms and electrons in their science class. We were also able to touch on seasons and why blackberries were coming from Mexico this time of year. Most…

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You cant stop the Radish!

By team / January 23, 2015

  At Van Nuys middle school, the kids had plenty of work to do after the frost, but there were still some hearty veggies going strong! Radishes can never fail here, while the lettuces and edamame plants continue to grow. We even had time to dance- well, the parts of a plant dance that is!Our…

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Van Nuys Middle School Asks: Why Compost?!

By team / November 19, 2014

On November 19 at van nuys middle school, this question was answered. After discussing the elemental makeup of compost last week, we identified the pros and con’s of our carbon footprint. We discussed composting and it’s benefits in comparison to landfills and their long term affects. We also learned life tools like good note taking…

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Van Nuys Middle School Presents: The Science of Soil

By team / November 12, 2014

At van nuys middle school, a student approached garden ranger Michelle asking about the scientific relevance of soil ( what??). So today, we discussed the science of soil. The kids were excited to find out their personal connection to soil and it’s elements. Such a great lesson! Then they enjoyed a snack full of potassium…

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Planting Away at Van Nuys!

By team / November 9, 2014

Planting at Van Nuys this week was equal parts fun and hard work! We planted radishes, carrots, and an herb garden. The herb garden has cilantro, basil, chives, and tarragon. The kids dug up and mended the soil. We discovered loads of grubs- yuck!- but the boys had a blast squashing them! We also learned…

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Van Nuys Middle School Asks: To Grow or To Buy?

By team / November 9, 2014

Garden Ranger Michelle tallied up receipts to see how much the students were spending on fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, and we compared them to the cost of growing your own. We discussed costs of water, seeds, and supplies and figured out that growing your own garden would save hundreds. The kids were…

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Everybody at Van Nuys Middle School loves thai basil!

By team / October 11, 2014

At Van Nuys Middle School on October 8, Garden Ranger Michelle made the most delicious udon noodles with thai basil from the garden. The students were so excited to try it, and they absolutely loved it! several asked for the recipe! They also finished digging out the beds and mixing in compost. Last week, we…

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Van Nuys is ready for the new Garden Ranger Program this fall!

By team / July 15, 2014
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Van Nuys middle school new garden. a beginning of the Sherman Oaks Invasion

By team / May 20, 2014

One day, 50 volunteers and a fully functioning vegetable garden complete with seating + controlled drip system. Enrich La comes to Sherman Oaks.

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Harvey Milk Day of Service at Van Nuys Middle School!

By team / May 13, 2014

EnrichLA, along with Fox Gives and Gay 4 Good, will be building a new edible garden at Van Nuys Middle School, and will be renovating an existing green space to create a mini-park! Join us from 12pm-4pm.  Enjoy lunch, good company, and be a part of a HUGE transformation at this school!  It is located at 5435 Vesper…

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HARVEY MILK DAY- New Garden and mini-park at Van Nuys Middle School!

By team / April 24, 2014

Join us for the Harvey Milk Day of Service, Sunday, May 18th, at 9am! Fox Government Affairs, in partnership with EnrichLA and Gay for Good, will be building a garden at Van Nuys Middle School on Sunday, May 18th, in honor of the Harvey Milk Day of Service.  New plans include a mini-park and an…

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