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Temple Israel of Hollywood

We began our Garden Ranger Program at Temple Israel of Hollywood in the Fall of 2016. Their existing garden, which we will be helping to revamp, consists of wooden raised beds.

When you have healthy soil…

By Alexys Thomas / April 21, 2017

…the possibilities are almost endless! Temple Israel students are on their 2 week spring break, but they will soon enjoy the rewards of their work! This new garden has been planted almost all by seed and almost all by students. I try to keep maintenance to a minimum here, since students are so excited to…

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Steaming Compost

By Alexys Thomas / March 16, 2017

At Temple Israel, we had a very hands-on compost lesson. After walking to our Wattles plot, we began our search. We looked through our compost bin at our plot and discussed what can and cannot go in compost. We learned about nitrogen and carbon, and the important relationship they play in soil. We also looked…

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Different ways to plant…

By Alexys Thomas / March 8, 2017

At Temple Israel, our Wednesday class has been gardening at Wattle Community Garden. This week we toured part of the garden and discussed different planting methods: crop rows, biodiversity, companion planting, and more. We tasted nasturtiums and sorrels, and went over to our plot to work. We planted seeds and pulled out weeds, and we…

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Save those berries!

By Alexys Thomas / January 22, 2017

Before taking the old beds apart, students at Temple Israel worked with Farmer Jeff to save the strawberries! They learned to transplant them to pots successfully and carefully. We also harvested the lemon trees and were able to donate to a nearby food bank. There’s no better feeling than harvesting for yourself and others.  

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Thank you Camp Waldorf!

By Alexys Thomas / January 21, 2017

With the help of students from Camp Waldorf, we were able to demolition the Temple Israel garden in preparation for new beds. Students were helpful, even though it was drizzling. They got mud on their Jordans, bugs on their gloves, and there wasn’t a clean hem in sight. It was a pleasure to work with…

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Soil and compost

By Matt Heidrich / December 14, 2016

Today we learned about soil and compost. This garden has healthy soil-thats why the plants are so green! This compost tumbler helps us break down organic matter into soil. Hello snail! These are macro compsters, which we can see without a microscope.

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The ladybugs are here!

By Alexys Thomas / November 18, 2016

At TIOH we have had a pretty serious aphid issue in our artichoke bed. We will be renovating the garden in a few weeks(yay!) so we were hesitant to take them out before. We were saved by the ladybugs this week! Ladybugs lay their eggs in an ample place for feeding-ie an artichoke bed full…

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The babies are coming!

By Alexys Thomas / November 4, 2016

This week we talked parts of a plant!We learned which parts are safe to eat, and which are not. We planted radish seeds and discovered some of our radish seeds-among others-have sprouted! We ate a snack of broccoli(stems and flowers), beet hummus(roots), and sunflower seeds(seeds). Kids were brave to try the new hummus, and most…

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Temple Israel begins classes!

By Alexys Thomas / October 11, 2016

We are so excited to add Temple Israel of Hollywood to our 2016-2017 Garden Ranger Program! During our first class, we learned the rules of the garden, made observations, and spread worm castings in our beds. After lightly mixing them in, we planted peas and flowers in our beds. The students were excited to plant…

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