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Taking the Reins

Taking the Reins is an amazing non-profit that caters to adolescent girls and teaches them about horses and other farm animals. Our partnership with this wonderful organization began in the Fall of 2016. Their existing garden consists of 12 garden beds and lot of chickens, goats, bunnies and ducks. We have added a drip irrigation system to their garden as well as a new seedling station.

Nature walk at Taking the Reins

By Alexandra Carbone / October 29, 2017

By special request for the last class, we went on a Nature Walk by the LA River. We brought Gizmo the horse and our binoculars and a bird identifying chart to see what we could see. We definitely saw a ton of castor and pampas grass, and talked about how it is invasive. We saw…

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Pass the Pupusas, Please at Taking the Reins

By Alexandra Carbone / October 24, 2017

We had a fun day making Pupusas at Taking the Reins. The girls love cooking and so we tried pupusas by special request. We brought in queso fresco and corn masa flour and stir fried some veggies from the garden for an additional topping/filling. They are not as difficult as you might think. By the…

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Taking the Reins

By enrichla / June 27, 2017
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We had a busy Saturday!

By team / May 22, 2017

Last Saturday, EnrichLA organized workdays at THREE different school sites! We had a great group from Gay4Good helping us clean up the garden at Delevan Drive Elementary. Gay4Good recently reached a milestone in terms of their great community service throughout Los Angeles and it was an honor to partner with them once again for Harvey…

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Unexpected places to plant at Taking the Reins

By Claire Heddles / May 9, 2017

This beautiful Sunday at Taking the Reins we focused on determining soil health before planting. I had each girl gather a handful of soil from somewhere in the garden where there weren’t any plants yet growing. We then brought back these handfuls and analyzed their sand, silt, and clay ratios. The girls squeezed the soil…

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First EnrichLA field trip!! Glenfeliz Elementary to Taking the Reins!

By Alexys Thomas / April 7, 2017

The weather was perfect on Monday April 3rd for our first ever EnrichLA field trip! 5th grade students from Glenfeliz Elementary visited the urban farm and equestrian center that is Taking the Reins. Students learned about chickens, ducks, goats, and horses! It was amazing to see them arrive full of manic energy and excitement, and…

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Field Trip!!

By Alexys Thomas / March 19, 2017

Taking the Reins hosted classes taught by Theodore Payne Foundation on native pants-we learned a ton! We were able to take a field trip to Theodore Payne Foundation-the girls really enjoyed learning propagation and planting techniques. So glad to learn from these great people!

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Fertilizer vs Compost

By Alexys Thomas / March 15, 2017

At Taking the Reins, we have a very large amount of compost cooking at all times! We needed to add a high-nitrogen fixing to our soil, since our plants were fighting the wood shavings for nitrogen(and the wood shavings were winning, as usual). Most of the compost is not quite ready, so we brought in…

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Reading Seed Packets and Starting Seedlings at TTR!

By Claire Heddles / March 11, 2017

On this beautiful Saturday we learned to read seed packets and start summer seedlings. Alexys was unable to teach so I, Ranger Claire, got a chance to get acquainted with the TTR farm. I was so excited to be in a garden with chickens and ducks walking around! We started the class by measuring out…

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Crop Rows at Taking the Reins

By Alexys Thomas / March 8, 2017

The girls and I have been discussing the importance of planting techniques. We have learned about soil and compost, and now we have dug and formed our own crop rows! We added fertilizer to the soil as well, with more to come. We will begin planting next week! Here is a cute goat from the…

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Chicken Cages at Taking the Reins

By Jessica Brown / February 20, 2017

Chickens can be a blessing and a curse in a garden.  They are wonderful pest control, egg producers and compost providers.  The trade-off is that they tend to eat EVERYTHING, including our precious vegetables.   Today at taking the reins EnrichLA teamed up with the crew there to build cages around the garden beds.  …

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Nation of Propagating

By Alexys Thomas / January 20, 2017

At TTR, we learned the important task of propagating. Propagating is taking a branch from a plant (instead of a seed) and planting it in soil. The branch develops roots at the bottom and grows a new plant. We started with succulents and learned that you can propagate almost any plant! We transplanted as well.…

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Do Good Bus at TTR

By Alexys Thomas / December 16, 2016

We had a wonderful family volunteer with us Thanksgiving weekend! We stained the wonderful wooden fixtures with a waterproof stain, and Jeff and team installed an automatic drip over the compost pile to help the breakdown process. Moisture will help the compost mature faster, and we can send it out to more schools! Thank you…

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Creative Writing

By Alexys Thomas / December 13, 2016

After reading poems and short stories inspired by nature, we went into the garden to write our own. We wrote 3 different pieces, each having more structure than the latter. The girls chose some very interesting spots to sit to gain inspiration- the goat pen, the chicken coop, underneath a leaning fig tree. We drank…

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Stone Soup

By Alexys Thomas / December 12, 2016

When making stone soup, never forget the stone! We had a bit of garden work to do, so we started our soup first thing. We learned chopping techniques, and we learned the nutritional properties of each vegetable and herb. After combining our ingredients, we engineered cages around each bed to prevent the ducks and chickens…

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Your dream garden

By Alexys Thomas / November 18, 2016

At TTR, we took some time to discuss what a garden needs, and what we would want in our dream gardens. We did creative designs of what we would love in a garden. We later made a plan for the existing beds, using inspiration from our dream spaces. The girls were so interested, they finished…

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The new Mini-Nursery at Taking The Reins garden in Atwater with controlled drip.

By team / October 15, 2016
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New Seedling Station at Taking the Reins!

By enrichla / October 12, 2016

We have built a new seedling station at Taking the Reins! We will use these seedlings to plant the TTR garden and our 65+ school gardens!

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Exciting New Partnership with Taking the Reins!

By enrichla / October 9, 2016

We are so excited for a new partnership with Taking the Reins, an amazing non-profit that caters to adolescent girls. Through their programs, young girls are exposed to horseback riding, animal husbandry and much more. We have been revamping their garden and we will be implementing our Garden Ranger Program in the weekends! Through this…

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