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Selma Avenue Elementary School

The edible garden at Selma Avenue Elementary School was completed in Summer 2015. The raised beds feature tomato cages, allowing for vertical growth.

Pollination, Pollinators, and Flower Anatomy at Selma Ave Elementary

By Alexandra Carbone / May 4, 2017

The garden is so blooming and full of pollinators that, by special request, we talked about flower anatomy and pollination today at Selma.  First we went over the reasons why pollinators make fruit and seeds able to be formed. We talked about the parts of the flower, the anthers that make pollen, which looks like…

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Selma Elementary

By Alexandra Carbone / April 28, 2017

You never quite know exactly how it’s going to go when you sub at a new garden, but Ranger Flo has been doing a beautiful job keeping the garden blooming at Selma Elementary. The kids have been learning about all the different bugs in the garden, so we cemented some of that knowledge by sending…

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Garden Reunion

By Flo Razowsky / April 6, 2017

Selma Avenue Elementary 1st, Kinder and 5th graders started a new rotation in the garden this week, giving them the opportunity to explore all the changes since their last rotation in January, including sunflowers, corn and wildflowers these students first planted as seed all those weeks ago. We got to have some delicious garden snacks,…

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New Growth, Maintenance and Happy Harvest!

By Flo Razowsky / March 13, 2017

With the changing of the seasons comes the time for growth in the garden. Students at Selma Avenue Elementary planted seeds before the rains came and we are just now getting to see the fruit of their labor. At the same time, students got to enjoy the actual fruit of their labor via a harvest…

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Rain Day Learning through Art

By Flo Razowsky / February 15, 2017

With another glorious rain day upon us, students at Selma Avenue Elementary were able to learn about the life cycle of a plant while making some great art. We added garden color to already existing diagrams of a plant’s life cycle and then added colorful elements that help make a fuller garden picture – friends…

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Rain Day Lettuce Fun and a Happy Garden!

By Flo Razowsky / January 17, 2017

During these wonderful rain days, students at Selma Avenue Elementary got an opportunity to learn about the wide variety possible within a single vegetable using lettuce as a focus. We learned about how many varieties can exist – for lettuce it is over 87. how a vegetable can exist within a larger family we never…

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Garden Colors, Harvest and New Seeds

By Flo Razowsky / November 21, 2016

Students at Selma Elementary used there knowledge of colors this week to identify different plants in the garden. The lesson also helped us identify which fruit and vegetables change color to help us determine when they are ripe. It was also harvest time at our garden this week with lush basil and lavender ready for…

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New Classes Get to Know the Garden

By Flo Razowsky / November 3, 2016

Our six week rotation at Selma Avenue Elementary came to a new beginning this week with new classes of 4th grade and Kinder classes starting their rotation. As with all new classes in the garden, we started with garden guidelines. After we were able to practice the guidelines in the garden we got to work,…

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Checking Growth and Drawing Garden Friends

By Flo Razowsky / October 16, 2016

This week at Selma Elementary, students were able to check the progress of seeds they planted last week. Kinder students were able to see how their bean sprouts arched toward the window in search of sun. They then rotated the containers so the sprout pointed away from the window. Hypothesis were made as to whether…

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Container Gardening Experiments

By Flo Razowsky / October 6, 2016

All of our garden classes at Selma Elementary planted container gardens this week. With their container gardens they will have the responsibility of daily watering while being able to watch the plant growth. Our kinder class planted seeds in clear cups in order to see roots as they grow, our 1st graders made their own…

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Searching for Sprouts

By Flo Razowsky / September 26, 2016

Seven days after planting pea seeds at Selma Avenue Elementary, students went on a hunt for those that had already sprouted. Scavenger hunt accompanying questions included, “How many sprouts did you find?” “Based on how many sprouts you found, did all the seeds germinate at the same rate?” “What conditions might or might now have…

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Selma is ready for school to start

By Shelby Thibodeaux / August 10, 2016

Selma is looking great. The plants are small but vibrant. Today I needed to replace the batteries in the irrigation timer, but it didn’t seem like the plants went long without water. Then I noticed that an animal had chewed through part of the pipe in the first bed. I did a quick patch up…

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Selma is ready for school to start

By Shelby Thibodeaux / August 9, 2016

Last week and this week I focussed on pruning the herbs and stabilizing the tomato plants. Every tomato plant now has support from a trellis in the garden. Right now th garden is looking a little tired. I think someone messed with the irrigstion, but it looks like the plants haven’t had water in a…

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Pruning at Selma

By Shelby Thibodeaux / July 20, 2016

Today’s garden maintenance focused on pruning the different herbs in the garden. There are a dozen different basil plants in the garden and they were all blooming and needed to be pruned. There are five different lavendar plants that I pruned. The squash plants are doing well and should be ready to harvest in a…

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Clearing Leaves at Selma Elementary

By Shelby Thibodeaux / July 6, 2016

The garden at SelmaElementary school is looking great. The two beds on the west side of the garden under the trees were flooded with leaves coming off the trees. Garden maintenance today included taking out those leaves from the garden beds. Now the beds are looking clean and well-maintained. Other gardening duties included pruning and…

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Planting is more than just planting…

By Alexys Thomas / May 5, 2016

Before we planted seeds or seedlings, it was important that we cleared out beds of leaves and old plants-to compost, and made sure our soil was ready and amended. Students moved soil from one area to the next, pruned plants, and searched for pill bugs to be moved into the compost and away from our…

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Selma garden clean-up

By Alexys Thomas / April 20, 2016

A major part of having a garden is learning to take care of it-from sweeping to shoveling, and even pruning our plants. At Selma, we are becoming garden professionals. We moved a HUGE pile of soil, started a new compost, gave our plants a “haircut”, and harvested. The students showed that they have learned respect…

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Planting at Selma!

By enrichla / March 25, 2016

Thursday, we planted new strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and lavender plants at Selma. Garden Ranger Hillary helped teach the students about soil and the importance of knowing what is in our soil. We added coffee grounds to our soil as we planted.  Our tomato plants showed their first fruits this week and we are excited for them…

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When the Lettuce takes over!

By team / February 7, 2016

At Selma Ave. this week, we harvested quite a bit of lettuce. The kids tried a very peppery arugula, sweet bib lettuce, and different colored romaine. We also learned about pruning basil, which at Selma is important-since there are 20 basil plants! In the full sun, this basil is flowering all year!

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All bees everything at Selma!

By team / December 15, 2015

Being a bee is hard work! There is a lot of nectar to be found and a lot of pollen to go around. The students were able to experience just how busy bees are first hand. We made some nectar and hid it throughout the garden for the students to find and bring back to…

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Selma says-nature is cool!

By team / December 14, 2015

At Selma, the kids all shared what they first though of when they hear the word nature. Many kids shared that they thought about lady bugs, spiders and a variety of plants. We made nature boards to help us categorize what we find in nature using our garden as a focal point. The students looked…

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Friends and Foes at Selma!

By team / November 23, 2015

Thursday was a fun day at Selma Elementary! The students learned the difference between good and bad bugs-the ones we want in our garden and the ones we don’t. We noticed the effect the aphids are having on our squash and the presence of the lady bugs who help us get rid of them! The…

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Teamwork at Selma Avenue

By team / November 12, 2015

We got a lot of work done last week at Selma Elementary school. When I asked the children if they would like to help me make the garden a more beautiful place, they all shouted with great excitement. The students are always to eager to help out and get their hands dirty! We picked up…

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Seedlings for Selma!

By team / November 12, 2015

While the basil and the squash are exploding in the garden at Selma, there are a few seeds that didn’t catch on in some of the other garden beds. So we are attempting to create our own seedlings to fill our garden beds! We used toilet paper rolls and egg cartons to plant radishes, carrots…

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Selma’s Spiderweb’s

By team / October 22, 2015

Selma Elementary is looking better than ever. The zucchini plants are growing green and strong and we should expect it to produce very soon! The cantaloupes are on their way out and were taken over by ants. However, the ants shouldn’t be bothering us anymore! The basil is ripe and ready for picking while the…

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Special day at Selma!

By team / October 15, 2015

What a day at Selma Elementary! It was a wonderful long day full of hard work and exciting changes! About fourty volunteers came out for a garden work/build day at the school and the place was alive with positive energy. Not to mention the kid’s enthusiasm for wanting to help! They were so curious about…

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A new shade sail area complete with redwood picnic tables for Selma Elementary

By team / October 15, 2015
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Selma avenue and our volunteers from Avison Young created this new drought tolerent learning garden

By team / October 15, 2015


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Soil, Seedlings and more at Selma Avenue Elementary

By team / October 9, 2015

At Enrich LA, we’re all about taking the negatives and turning them into positives. Everything and anything is a learning and teaching moment. What’s a better way to teach the students about the relationship between bugs, soil and plants than to have them dig into the soil and find the bugs that are eating the…

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Selma is seeing some changes

By team / October 2, 2015

After a week hiatus, the garden needed some more TLC. A lot of the summer plants have faded and their time came to an end. I managed to save some, but took out the corn, sunflowers, and tomatoes that I couldn’t rescue. It is sad to see them go, however, there’s nothing more exciting than…

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From seed to success at Selma Elementary!

By team / September 18, 2015

The seeds that were planted back in May at Selma Elementary are now full grown and the garden is home to a large variety of plants including basil, tomatoes, watermelon, peppers and more. The children loved exploring the garden after a long summer away, getting to know the new garden ranger and learning about how…

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Selma Elementary Garden Thrives!

By team / August 28, 2015
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Selma Elementary Garden Off to a Great Start!

By team / June 24, 2015

The Selma Elementary edible garden is looking beautiful. Most of the plants seem healthy, thriving and well-watered, but still a few were a bit droopy so we adjusted the irrigation settings for a couple more minutes of water a day and some cages/supports should be coming in soon. We also adjusted and planted a few potted…

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Seedlings at Selma!!

By team / May 25, 2015

Selma Ave. Elementary has a brand new garden! The students were able to get their seedlings and new seeds planted, as well as have a snack of rainbow carrots and broccoli. It never gets old seeing students eat raw fresh vegetables! And enjoying the fruit of their labor!

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The Selma Avenue Elementary garden is well on its way

By team / May 20, 2015

Today myself and another new intern, Rhea, visited Selma Avenue Elementary School to check in on one of EnrichLA’s newest gardens!   Though only a few weeks old, the garden beds are already showing signs of life.These brand new tomato cages will give the sprouting plants something to cling on to as they continue to grow.

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