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Rosewood Elementary School

The butterfly garden at Rosewood Elementary School was completed in Winter 2014. There are three picnic tables and large areas of in-ground planting space with a concrete path surrounding a preexisting tree.

There’s a full compost bin at Rosewood

By team / June 24, 2016

Farmer Jeff and I checked in on Rosewood and found bags of compost waiting to be chopped up, stacked in the compost bin and watered down a bit. Now that I’m posting this I’m realizing that I really should have gotten a picture of the inside :-/ still! I can’t wait to see what this…

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A Great Year At Rosewood Elementary

By gardener / June 10, 2016

This was such a lovely year at Rosewood Elementary, we sure covered a lot of environmental information, and we had a great time doing it. These are just a few things we did. The power of life: There are so many ways to grow plants and food, we learned how to do a germination test…

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Diagnosing Plants at Rosewood Elementary

By gardener / June 3, 2016

I received this donation of expiring plants and thought it would be cool to teach the kids how to help save a plant! Each pair of students received one plant, all with different problems. First we asses the visible problems: are the leaves green, yellow, are the tips of the leafs brown? We put our…

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Doing Our Own Gardening, Melrose Elementary

By gardener / April 9, 2016

These young gardeners have been in garden classes for a while now. With a small amount of direction, these scholars know how to garden! We need to get rid of the winter broccoli, and put in summer tomatoes. The basil needs to be topped off. Of course we come across ladybug larvae, we’ll put it…

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President Obama and Pollination at Rosewood Elementary

By gardener / April 8, 2016

As Obama was flying in a helicopter over Rosewood Elementary on his LA visit, we were reading his message on the National Pollinator Initiative to the student body at Rosewood. Timing is everything! On the back of this Burpee Bee Garden packet The presidents message invites us all to plant pollinator habitats to help the…

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Top Chefs Rosewood Elementary

By gardener / April 1, 2016

3 bowls, three teams with a lead chef each, and fresh ingredients. We set out our possible guacamole ingredients including the fresh cilantro that we grow. The lead chef of each team assigns the jobs and finalizes what their team will add. After the teams are finished we pass around the samples from the 3…

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Science in the Garden at Rosewood Elementary

By gardener / March 12, 2016

Today we learned about insects role in botany. We learned by investigating. We talked about who some of our garden inhabitants are and what these insects do. We also pulled out some flowers to study how they grow… ~Garden Jenn

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Seeds And Germination At Rosewood Elementary

By gardener / March 7, 2016

Today we talked about the seeds found in Siberia that germinated after an ice age squirrel tucked them away for 35,000 years. They germinated! We harvested seeds from our garden; Bok choi, basil, and sunflower seeds. We put them in a damp paper and sealed the bag.    We dated and labeled our project then…

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Making Pesto and Tangerine Juice at Rosewood Elementary

By team / February 16, 2016

Today we made pesto for Valentine’s Day. We used basil, garlic, olive oil and salt. We put it into a blender and we were done… it is that easy! We used french bread to dip in it. Then we squeezed some fresh tangerines for juice! ~Garden Jenn

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How to Make Chocolate at Rosewood Elementary

By team / February 15, 2016

Thanks to Trish at Cocoa Vida, an original cocoa shop, I got my hands on a real cocoa pod so we could understand this food we all know and love. These pods grow right from the trunk of very large trees, that only grow up 20 degrees from the equator. You crack them open, they…

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How to Grow Flowers From Flowers at Rosewood Elementary

By team / February 11, 2016

Today our kinder class is learning that you can grow flowers and plants from other flowers. We received a nice bunch of deadheaded flowers from Melrose Elementary. We put out some paper so we could spot the seeds when they came out of the flowers. We then got some hand trowels and set off to…

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Sugar or Kale Chips at Rosewood Elementary

By team / February 7, 2016

We read ingredients on packaging Friday at Rosewood Elementary, and put the amount of sugar in containers to see how much sugar is in stuff. We really stacked up a lot. Whoa, we could not find the energy in the Monster Energy drink, it wasn’t solar energy, batteries, or even electric energy. But we did…

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Top Chefs at Rosewood Elementary

By team / January 15, 2016

Today at Rosewood, we made bok choy salad with lemon cilantro salad dressing! With all the foodie reality shows out there, we thought we would see how simple it can be. first the dressing: olive oil, cilantro, squeeze of lemon, couple leaves of oregano, basil, and salt. into the blender, onto the bok choy and…

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Black Gold at Rosewood Elementary

By team / December 22, 2015

So before the Winter break we have a new crop of farmers at Rosewood, we lso need to turn the compost so here is our lesson today. First we talk about replenishing the soils that give us our basic needs, food we eat, the trees that provide shelter, and the insects and organisms that live…

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Giving Nutrients to Plants With Amal Gold

By team / December 7, 2015

This newly started garden at Rosewood Elementary has sprouted, Now it’s time to give our plants some nutrients! Dino at Amal has been a great partner with Enrich LA and our school gardens. Just a drop in each watering can will do, the results always amaze me. Now a little Fall cleaning… Caring for a…

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Compost is Earth Recycling

By team / December 2, 2015

Here at Rosewood Elementary, Mr. Castillo’s class is keeping green. We collect our apple and pear cores and bring them to the garden. This beautiful process of returning life back to the earth feeds the million of organisms that rely on soil, ( which is basically everything on earth). Today we turn the compost by…

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Growing Kale and Making Kale Chips at Rosewood Elementary

By team / December 1, 2015

With a nice blank slate garden with lots of room we planted a Kale garden, Next up is learning how all that kale can be happily gobbled up! First we washed and tore small bite size pieces of Kale into a bowl. We gave a squeeze of lemon, and a dash of sea salt. Then…

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Horticulture at Rosewood Elementary

By team / December 1, 2015

Learning about plants can be difficult, so we decided to share the job of learning about what is growing here. We buddied up and everyone took a fact sheet about one of the plants in the garden. Each student made an index card that could be helpful to new incoming students. Here’s some of our…

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Creating A Kinder Garden at Rosewood Elementary

By team / November 30, 2015

So our Kinder yard had a big patch of soil that we all wanted to see vegetables growing in. Our 6th graders stepped in to help. First we had to get some amendments into this patch. We then put some compost on top and watered for a week. Next we decided on planting peas: they…

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Enjoying Our Garden at Rosewood Elementary

By team / November 6, 2015

After learning about milkweed and harvesting the seeds, we have been on high alert for some monarch caterpillars. We found four of them! This guy was almost lunch for a spider, so we intervened on its behalf by coaxing it onto a branch up to higher ground. ~Garden Jenn

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Great Citizens at Rosewood Elementary

By team / November 2, 2015

When Lovely Ms. Miller asked for a garden in the T-K yard, Mr. Castillo and his sixth grade team buddy up for the project. Each students pairs with a younger pal. This soil is so hard, a parent has brought in some mix to lighten up the soil. The youngest kids try to get the…

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Rosewood Elementary Will Not Sugar Out!

By team / November 1, 2015

So last week our third grade class read labels to see how much sugar is in our juice: this bottle is 42 grams. we divided it by 4 and then put 11 teaspoons of sugar in a cup. After a guessing how many teaspoons a day total we should be having, we learn it is…

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Asclepius at Rosewood Elementary Garden

By team / October 23, 2015

Monarch butterflies can only lay their eggs on Asclepius (milkweed). We have several milkweed here for them, so we talked about the importance of habitats. We also talked about now being the perfect time to harvest seeds for next spring and continue our commitment to provide these plants for our monarch friends. Here are some…

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2015 Garden Build: #1 Rosewood Elementary Butterfly Garden

By team / February 3, 2015

First garden build of the year, weekend of January 9th and 10th 2015. Rosewood Elementary School in West Hollywood fundraised to build their very own butterfly garden. After two weekends and a few more follow up days, the garden is up and running!      

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