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Academy of Environmental and Social Policy at Roosevelt High School

This garden was built in Summer 2011 with the help of Gay for Good, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, and We Serve LA. It is a large, in-ground garden space.

Roosevelt High School

By enrichla / May 30, 2017
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A Garden Feast for RHS-ESP!

By team / May 15, 2014

For the past couple of weeks, Mr. Diaz’s ninth grade class has been coming out to the garden. With the sweltering weather we stayed cool as cucumbers inside while preparing a delicious, healthy veggie pasta salad. Before heading into the classroom, I harvested kale, tomatoes and beets from the garden. Students prepared the vegetables by ripping kale into…

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Sweltering highs at RHS-ESP can’t stop this garden!

By team / May 1, 2014

Roosevelt High School Environmental and Social Policy campus is basking the the sun with seedings galore from Sylmar High School. Our hats off to you, Sylmar High School for all your precious donations!         Week 1 of our new radish and zucchini bed! Keep reading in the new month to watch their…

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Thank you to all our donors and supporters from Ms. Burt’s class!

By team / April 28, 2014

At RHS-ESP, Ms. Burt’s class has been a frequent fixture at the garden. She and her students have been inquisitive and open-minded, taking in the garden and all its lessons in stride. For their last visit of the year each student created wonderful and thoughtful cards to our donors and supporters. A big shout out…

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Garden Club at Roosevelt HS ESP

By team / April 3, 2014

Garden club is a fun time for students to come out and enjoy being outside, explore what is growing, take photos, and take things home! Soon more students (I hope!) will catch on to the fact that those that go to garden club never leave empty handed! We have a few very dedicated gardeners who…

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Takeaways from the Roosevelt ESP garden.

By team / April 3, 2014

The day after a most welcome rain, the Roosevelt ESP garden smelled so fresh and invigorating. It was a dark roast color, inviting the new start of the day. This edible school garden is bursting with all sorts of yummy, leafy greens! We harvested a good volume today but the garden still has more to…

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Seeing red: crimson radishes and ruby strawberries at Roosevelt ESP.

By team / March 27, 2014

On a refreshing day with some atmospheric clouds hanging in the blue sky, a few Roosevelt ESP Riders gathered crimson radishes and ruby strawberries. Our radishes were a variety of sizes reflecting the diversity of plant shapes even within a simple root veggie.       Finally, tantalizingly, a hand picked strawberry signalling the start…

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Students learn harvesting techniques at Roosevelt HS ESP

By team / February 10, 2014

These past few weeks have been very abundant at most gardens, especially Roosevelt HS of Environmental and Social Policy! Students have been enjoying the bounty through snacks and salads made in class, as well as harvesting some goods and taking them home to share with their family. This inspires conversation of what is eaten at…

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Keeping it green at Roosevelt HS ESP

By team / January 8, 2014

The fall and winter at Roosevelt ESP has been a a particularly abundant time for this school’s garden. Since September students have been planting chard, kale, lettuce, broccoli, peas, radish, nasturtium, and many other cool weather crops. These plants, which generally don’t produce fruits (except the peas!) but rather leafy green vegetables or flowers (broccoli!)…

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Roosevelt ESP garden classes discuss community change

By team / November 25, 2013

This week’s rain brought Roosevelt ESP garden lessons inside the classroom. Instead of students exploring and working outdoors, vegetables and herbs were brought to the students inside the classroom to touch, smell, and taste. The lesson in Ms Russom’s class was geared towards the idea of gardens in a community and how they can benefit…

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Garden Salad at Roosevelt ESP

By team / October 31, 2013

Students are always eager to taste what is growing in the garden, so during Ms. Burt’s 4th period class recently, we made a fresh garden salad with homemade caesar dressing. From the garden students harvested green bell pepper, purple cauliflower, basil, parsley, oregano, tomato, and zucchini. Since we planned ahead, one student brought lemons from…

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Sowing seeds and fall growth at Roosevelt ESP

By team / October 15, 2013

Seeds are sprouting and fall growth is coming in at Roosevelt HS ESP Garden. Students watch as their snap peas, radish, and beets sprout, as well as marvel at the flowers of fall fruit. Students planted seeds in six packs and other small containers to get them ready for the months ahead. Broccoli, kale, lettuce,…

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Roosevelt HS ESP students explore garden herbs

By team / October 2, 2013

The Roosevelt HS of Environmental & Social Policy garden is growing day by day, particularly the herbs! The garden boasts a large oregano patch, a very full parsley plant, rosemary, and basil. During the beginning classes for ESP in the garden, students explored, observed, smelled, and tasted the variety of herbs that the garden has…

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Roosevelt ESP volunteer workday success

By team / September 29, 2013

50 UCLA volunteers as well as a number of students from the high school joined EnrichLA to give the Roosevelt HS of Environmental and Social Policy garden a big boost with new compost, mulch, tree pruning,  and a repaired irrigation system,and just in time for fall planting! Radish, carrots, cauliflower, and herbs have now joined…

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Next Step Lends a Hand to Roosevelt High

By team / April 2, 2013

Today, a handful of wonderful volunteers from Next Step Ministries helped transform the garden at Roosevelt High School Academy for Environmental and Social Policy. The initial work involved lots of weed removal. The fruit trees surrounding the garden were getting smothered by pesky grass so we had to get them outta there! Just before lunch,…

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Garden IrritANTs

By team / October 11, 2012

TS Roosevelt has a problem. Lured by  the sweet ‘nectar’ left by aphids, the ant population has exploded over the course of the summer! Aphids are easy enough to manage over time, with some strategic planting (plants in the onion family are perfect for planting now, nestled among aphid attracting cruciferous veggies and lettuces) and…

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TS Roosevelt’s Magic Garden!

By team / October 1, 2012

TS Roosevelt’s garden hasn’t seemed to have gotten the memo regarding the heat wave and the end of the growing season. The amount of produce harvested from this garden over the course of the summer has been nothing short of astonishing!

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There’s just something in the soil at Roosevelt!

By team / June 19, 2012


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Roosevelt High Harvest

By team / May 10, 2012
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The Mayor of the City of Los Angeles says thank you to Enrich LA for the new garden at Roosevelt!

By team / May 7, 2012


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A Harvest at Roosevelt!

By team / April 27, 2012

The garden at Roosevelt was absolutely loaded with gorgeous crops ready for harvest! The heat wave that caused our broccoli to bolt last week was replaced by rainy weather this week. While some of our plants were still sporting yellow flowers, most of the broccoli loved the cooler temps! So many crops were flourishing in…

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Roosevelt in the Rain

By team / April 17, 2012

The recent rainstorms may be great for our gardens, but they don’t make for very productive gardening! Much of the Friday  gardening class at Roosevelt was on hold for the frequent downpours. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop us from admiring the amazing crops growing in the garden! So many plants are thriving and nearly ready to…

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Roosevelt’s Thriving Garden!

By team / March 16, 2012

It was an exciting day in the garden at Roosevelt! Not only have all the transplants and new seedlings we added last week settled in nicely,   …and the original plants flourished in the gorgeous spring weather, …but there is not a single aphid in the entire garden! The three-way aphid removal techniques implemented last…

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By team / March 14, 2012

I was having a really bad day and I noticed this grape below at the Roosevelt garden that I thought was a goner. Instead it had started its climb up around the post. My day suddenly got bet ter.

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Pest Control at Roosevelt

By team / March 9, 2012

It was a busy day in the garden at Roosevelt High School! The artichoke, eggplant, oregano, tomato and basil plants we added last week have settled into their beds nicely, and the lettuce, strawberries and broccoli are also doing well. While we removed a great deal of terribly infested broccoli and cauliflower plants last week,…

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Roosevelt ESP Garden March 4th. 2012

By team / March 7, 2012
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Garden Curriculum Classes begin at T.R Roosevelt High School Academy of Environmental & Social Policy

By team / March 2, 2012

T.R. Roosevelt was one of the most challenging builds Enrich LA has undertaken to date!  Built into the side of a hill, it took several additional weekend builds to complete, but the finished garden is a gorgeous space with many raised garden beds, a trellis for grape vines, and all surrounded by fruit trees, native…

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Roosevelt High-school finishing touches to the Edible garden

By team / February 18, 2012


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Roosevelt ESP Garden Thriving

By team / January 25, 2012

The garden at Roosevelt ESP continues to thrive due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the students and administration!

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By team / December 22, 2011


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Roosevelt ESP Update!

By team / November 23, 2011

EnrichLA-ers Tomas O’Grady and Josh Walker have clearly been working hard at the Roosevelt High School Academy of Environmental and Social Policy Garden!  This hillside garden was a huge undertaking, but as you can see, the raised beds are coming along nicely, and have finally been filled with our nutrient rich 50/50 mixture! Thank you…

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Roosevelt is getting closer to planting

By team / November 15, 2011


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A great day at Roosevelt High School of Environmental and Social Policy!

By team / November 5, 2011

A huge thank you to everyone that came out today and stayed with us to build this EPIC garden!  It truly was an exhausting, fulfilling and fun day! This garden is located on a hillside, which made for a challenging (and worthwhile!) build.  We constructed 3 huge edible beds, leveled ground on the hillside, and…

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Breaking for lunch…kind of.

By team / November 5, 2011

We have a delicious lunch of fresh mozzerella with basil, tomato and proscuitto pressed in a panini maker! But many volunteers are finding it difficult to stop working: we are too excited! Thank you to all our volunteers who are working so dilligently on this garden, and helping us make such a yummy lunch for…

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New garden plans for Roosevelt High-School

By team / October 27, 2011

On November 5th, we will build this garden. Join us

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Roosevelt garden

By team / October 11, 2011

TOMAS O’GRADY We are currently planning our most far reaching project to date. An edible garden on a hill side and on a shoestring. A piece of cake. Join us on NOV 5th.  

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Roosevelt High School of Environmental and Social Policy Garden

By team / September 30, 2011

The Roosevelt High School of Environmental and Social Policy Garden is currently in the planning stages.  EnrichLA is working with the Mayor’s Partnership for Schools to build this edible garden! We are looking forward to working with the students and community to make this garden great! Roosevelt High School of Environmental and Social Policy 3921…

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