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RFK Community School

My young chefs at RFK continue to impress

By team / April 10, 2014

The after school garden club at RFK has shown some serious culinary expertise! Always thinking of what they can do with what we have, and always looking to try new foods, the students search the garden for what they can throw in the electric skillet, the food processor or the salad bowl. When gathering food…

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Enjoying the Fruits of our Labor at RFK

By team / March 28, 2014

We amended the beds at RFK, and that is hard work! So the students in the after school gardening club rewarded themselves by cooking up a healthy and very yummy post-gardening snack. The young chefs at RFK skillfully grilled up some onions and brussel sprouts. None of the students had ever tried quinoa before, so…

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Healthy Beet Smoothies at RFK Community Schools

By team / March 10, 2014

After an hour of gardening, the after school club at RFK High School was well deserving of an afternoon treat. Some of our beets were ready for harvest, so we decided that we to add them to a smoothie of bananas and coconut water.         It was a neon pink smoothie that…

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Carrot and Beet Salad at RFK

By team / February 6, 2014

Using up the carrots and beets at the RFK high school garden, the after school club made a healthy and delicious salad. They grated up the root vegetables, added some cilantro, an apple, lemon juice and a little bit of olive oil. So simple, and yet so tasty! We wanted to let our “slaw” marinate…

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A Great Harvest at RFK High School

By team / January 21, 2014

The after school club at RFK has been patiently awaiting the day to harvest their carrots. That day is finally here! Along with the carrots, the students took home some beets, green onions, dinosaur kale and spinach.  They were happy to have all the makings for a healthy after school snack!

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Lettuce Wraps at RFK High School

By team / November 5, 2013

After an hour of weeding and sowing, the garden club at RFK decided to take advantage of the abundant lettuce growing. The students harvested basil, bell peppers and lettuce, then wrapped them up with some hummus and carrots. What a fresh and satisfying afternoon snack! While enjoying the wraps, we noticed a large grasshopper having…

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Last Day @ RFK

By team / May 28, 2013

With the school year ending and students knee-deep in finals, this week marked our last after-school Interact NOW garden club session. It was quite bitter-sweet to say good-bye, especially to the seniors, but everyone agreed that we learned a lot and grew some amazing stuff! Check out our tomato, pepper and eggplant plot: Mint, cabbage…

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Garden Spring Rolls at RFK

By team / April 26, 2013

This week high school students at RFK used seasonal ingredients from the garden to make spring rolls. They learned that we won’t be able to enjoy kale for much longer so we had to seize the day! We introduced the new seedlings into the garden with hand-made signs. Check out the beautiful signage for the…

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RFK Gets cookin’

By team / April 16, 2013

Last week students at RFK took home loads of broccoli, kale and kohlrabi. One student even cooked the broccoli for dinner when he got home. Here’s his homemade dish!     We also used some of the ingredients today. Look at the spread that we collected today!

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After-school students @ RFK harvest veggies!

By team / April 10, 2013

It’s official, there’s something in the soil at RFK Community Schools garden. This week the after-school garden club enjoyed the fruits of their labor. We spent half of the class harvesting kale, kohlrabi, broccoli and mint. Check out one of the purple kohlrabi that we dug into. It was so tasty! Everyone agreed that this…

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Look at that lettuce! at RFK

By team / March 13, 2013

Both the upper and lower gardens at RFK have some big, healthy lettuce, cabbage, and kale plants. Get ready for some snacks incorporating these next week! We are ready to harvest… — Laura Botzong    

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Organic Pesticide at RFK

By team / March 5, 2013

The students in the garden program at RFK had a blast blending their own organic pesticide and learning how gardeners can use plant defenses to their advantage. Organic Pesticide   1 onion, peeled and halved 1 head garlic, cloves separated 1 teaspoon dish soap 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 4 cups water Blend all ingredients, strain…

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Favorite Winter Snacks at RFK

By team / March 5, 2013

So far this winter at RFK, the students in the garden program have stretched their taste buds and traversed unexplored flavor terrain. Here are some of their favorite recipes, all of which highlight seasonal produce. Grapefruit Avocado Salsa Seasonal highlight: Grapefruit Ingredients: 2 medium grapefruit, sectioned and chopped 1 large avocado, diced 3 tablespoons minced…

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Robert F. Kennedy After School Program

By team / February 4, 2013

Since this garden was planted over 6 months ago with summer produce, we returned to find many of the tomato vines still fruiting. In collaboration with some of the biology teachers at this campus, EnrichLA has launched an after school program for high school students. We planted winter vegetables and pulled up weeds, preparing the…

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RFK Community School Garden

By team / November 18, 2012

Robert Kennedy Community School campus is located at the iconic site of the Ambassador Hotel where Robert Kennedy was shot on June 6th, 1968.  Enrich LA partnered with Gay for Good and the Los Angeles Mayor’s office on Harvey Milk Day of Service 2012 to build two edible gardens at this school. RFK Community School is located…

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Sprouting-sprouting at RFK Community Schools

By team / July 30, 2012

Some seeds were dropped in the beds a couple of weeks ago and it seems like they were happy with their new home.  

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Seedling Giveaway and Garden Tour at RFK Community Schools

By team / June 19, 2012

The students at RFK took a break from finals to come out and tour their new garden. The kids were excited to explore the garden and identify the different plants growing in it. They enjoyed tasting and learning how to make healthy snacks, and were happy to take a seedling home with them to grow over…

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TWO new gardens at RFK Community Schools!

By team / May 21, 2012

Yesterday, EnrichLA gathered along with 250+ volunteers, including members of Gay for Good, Bank of America Volunteers, We Serve LA, and the Office of the Mayor, to build TWO new gardens at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in honor of the Harvey Milk Day of Service! All of our volunteers got straight to work after…

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By team / May 16, 2012

Mollie Thomas will join Tomas O’Grady and Enrich LA and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa over 100 gay for good volunteers this Sunday to build new edible gardens at Robert Kennedy Community Schools in Los Angeles  “Aside from being beautiful, she is an inspiration and has incredible grace.”  Tomas O’Grady Mollie Thomas has redefined the image of a…

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The new edible gardens at Robert Kennedy Community Schools

By team / May 16, 2012

Design for RFK edible garden Tomas O Grady and Enrich LA’s elite team of professionals will lead a team of almost 250 volunteers to build two edible gardens at Robert Kennedy Community Schools, on Sunday May 20th in honor of Harvey Milk day! Partners include the office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigrosa and Gay for Good. “This was the…

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SUNDAY MAY 20th. Robert Kennedy Community Schools Edible Garden Project

By team / April 6, 2012

  Project: RFK edible garden (Quantity 2) When? May 20th, 2012.       RFK Community Schools is comprised of six autonomous Pilot Schools located at the site of the former Ambassador Hotel. The school was built to relieve underperforming and overcrowded schools located in the historically underserved neighborhoods of Pico-Union and Koreatown.  Students will be…

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Plans for stunning new edible garden at the R.F.K community schools site!

By team / April 2, 2012

                                        View in PDF or download the two full packets for each garden here rfkSchools_Drawings_garden2_6pg_v01 rfkSchools_Drawings_garden1_7pg_v01      

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Garden Survey for RFK Community Schools

By team / March 18, 2012

This week we had the pleasure of surveying the areas where new gardens will be built at  RFK Community Schools .

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