Field reports from

Mount Washington Elementary School

EnrichLA began implementing its Garden Ranger program at Mount Washington Elementary School in Spring 2016.

All paths lead back to the sun – Mt. Washington Elementary

By Alexis Takahashi / September 29, 2017

This week at Mount Washington we learned about food chains and how all living things are interdependent. First I asked the kids, ‘What do humans like to eat?’, and then, ‘what does our food like to eat?’. We made a food chain that ended with the plants getting their energy from the sun. Of course,…

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Color in Nature

By Ryley Schlachter / June 10, 2017

At Mount Washington the 1st grade class learned about color in nature, and how it holds more meaning than just being pleasing to the eye. Colors signify specific nutrients in the plants, also the shade of green of leaves tells us how much chlorophyll the leaves hold, also certain color flowers attract specific pollinators to…

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Leaf Printing Cards at Mt Washington

By Ryley Schlachter / March 28, 2017

In celebration of Valentines Day we each wrote our own love letters to nature. Each of the students designed a card made by leaf printing different found objects in the garden and wrote a beautiful note to their most beloved part about nature. There were a range of subjects. Some children wrote to the Earth,…

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Smell Test with Herbs and Spices at Mt Washington

By Ryley Schlachter / March 26, 2017

An herb and a spice, whats the difference? Our lesson was all about herbs and spices, where do they come from and how different cultures utilize different herbs and spices to create their unique cuisine. Herbs are the leaves of a plant, whether dried or fresh, and a spice is the seeds or roots, ground…

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The Diversity of Soil

By Ryley Schlachter / March 23, 2017

Today we got very dirty at Mount Washington Elementary. We dug our hands in all different types of soil. Sand, Clay, Loam, and Compost – and by the end of the class the students could tell me exactly which kind of soil was the best for plants to grow in, and what good soil consists…

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Spirals on Spirals on Spirals!

By Ryley Schlachter / March 23, 2017

At Mount Washington we learned how art, science, and nature are all connected through Fibonacci’s sequence and finding spirals in nature. First we learned the sequence of numbers, and drew out the pattern on graph paper as we discovered it formed a spiral. We spent the rest of the class in the garden searching for…

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Rain Rain Don’t Go Away

By Ryley Schlachter / March 22, 2017

Another rainy day at Mt. Washington Elementary. And what better way to enjoy the much needed precipitation than to learn about the water cycle! Precipitation, Flow, Evaporation, Condensation. We even made some awesome dance moves to go along with each part of the cycle.

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Parts of the Plant Salad at Mount Washington Elementary

By Ryley Schlachter / January 12, 2017

At Mt. Washington we learned about the different parts of the plant (the roots, stems, leaves. flowers, and fruits) and in fact you can (and you probably do) eat every single part of plants! Now one important thing we learned was that you cannot eat every part of EVERY plant – in the case of…

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Harvesting Worm Compost at Mt Washington

By Ryley Schlachter / January 5, 2017

The favorite activity for the kids to do is harvest from our worm bins. We spent our garden club time sorting through big bins of compost and separating all the worms so that we could put them back to work in their homes. We had about 15 helpers and probably harvested about at least 200…

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Stone Soup at Mt Washington

By Ryley Schlachter / December 1, 2016

There was a school wide Stone Soup event at Mt Washington. The 4th graders help decorate for this event, making bouquets, painting the table cloth, making banners, and contributing to the wish chain, where each student writes down a wish for their community and attaches it to all their peers’ wishes so it creates a…

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Harvesting Worms at Mount Washington

By Ryley Schlachter / November 8, 2016

This week at Mount Washington we learned about compost! We talked about in Carbons and the Nitrogens, the decomposers,and the even harvested the finished product from the worm bin. We played a very intense relay race, starting our first compost pile at Mount Washington Elementary, and we carefully took out about 200 worms so we…

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Fall Planning at Mount Washington Elementary!

By Ryley Schlachter / November 1, 2016

At Mount Washington this week I welcomed the fourth graders into the garden. We discussed the significance of the garden space and ways in which we can respect it. We then learned about the different growing seasons in California – Warm and Cool. We each got to plan our own fall planting ideas, based on…

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Lacto-Fermentation at Mount Washington Elementary

By Ryley Schlachter / October 27, 2016

For our last class at Mount Washington Elementary we learned about the art of preserving food with Lacto-Fermantation. We made traditional pickled cucumbers with sea salt, water, dill, and garlic. Each of the students held with chopping, making the brine, and adding the herbs and spices. Then they just had to be patient for one…

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Seeds at Mount Washington!

By Ryley Schlachter / October 16, 2016

This week at Mount Washington we learned about seed dispersal. We studied the different types of seeds there are, what their characteristics are, and how this might show us what its dispersal method is. We even saw a coconut float in water! We then went on a scavenger hunt to find our own seeds. Bringing…

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Pollination at Mount Washington Elementary

By Ryley Schlachter / October 9, 2016

At Mount Washington we learned about the anatomy of flowers and the importance of pollinators. How they spread pollen unintentionally as they are on their search for nectar. At first the students were convinced that they could do the bees job for them, but soon after playing a very exhausting relay race of gathering honey and spreading pollen…

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Sun Prints at Mount Washington Elementary

By Ryley Schlachter / September 28, 2016

As we learned about adaptions within plants and their specific parts: taproots vs fiborous roots, thorny stems, hairy stems, woody stems, cactus spines, fuzzy leaves, waxy leaves, and tendrils, we each picked out different parts of different plants in order to make our own photographs by using the sun to expose the image. The kids had fun arranging their…

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Soil Scientists and Mt Washington Elementary AND Lots and Lots of Tomatoes!

By Ryley Schlachter / September 27, 2016

For our soil class the kids separated into groups to go dig up different soil around their campus and write about their soil’s story. How was it formed? What is the texture? How fertile is it? Is it sandy, silty, clay, or loam? With our gathered observations we put our hypothesis to the test and created…

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Mt Washington: Exploring our Senses and Tomato Hornworms in the Garden!

By Ryley Schlachter / September 12, 2016

Flowers are blooming and tomatoes are growing vigorously at Mt. Washington Elementary. And our first day of class here was a success! We reviewed why the garden is such an important space, how we can treat it with respect, and explored the garden using our 5 senses. The kids even found one of our garden…

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Mount Washington Elementary School garden gets a new seating section under a tree

By team / August 20, 2016
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By team / July 16, 2016

We have been working in both the learning garden and the kinder-garden this summer. This week, we made signs for each garden bed, weeded, and confirmed proper amounts of water are being used. The garden is doing very well, with cherry tomatoes, corn, and many herbs thriving.

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First Visit

By team / July 2, 2016

On our first visit to Mt. Washington elementary for maintenance, we harvested cherry tomatoes and a beautiful carrot. It was great to meet with Jessica, a garden parent who knows her way around the gardens! More posts to come!

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We are so pleased to be bringing our GARDEN RANGER PROGRAM to Mount Washington Elementary

By enrichla / May 5, 2016
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Big Thanks to Mt. Washington Elementary!

By enrichla / February 2, 2015

  Here is a screenshot of the thank-you note from the Parent-Teacher Association Newsletter of Mt. Washington Elementary School EnrichLA shared resources with Mt. Washington Elementary School the past three weeks so that their garden reps (the parent volunteers) got to learn how to make garden classes more fun and engaging! We were so glad…

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