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Mayberry Street Elementary School

The edible garden at Mayberry Street Elementary School was built in Spring 2016 with the help of Americorps volunteers. The site includes raised beds, picnic tables, a fence surrounding the planting space, and a mural.

Getting Things in the Ground! – Mayberry Street Elementary

By Hillary Williams / October 7, 2017

Mayberry elementary was ready to plant and plant immediately. They had missed a garden class last Thursday because of the holiday. Well, this week it was work. The kids all pulled out their journals and mapped what needed to be planted asap….weather waits for no man (or woman) and even though the day was warm,…

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New Tumblers at Mayberry

By Hillary Williams / June 6, 2017

Thanks to the amazing community at Mayberry Elementery, we received two new composting tumblers via the incredible Ms. Beas and her Donors Choose fund.   Ms. Peggy DiCaprio, my lovely parent volunteer, set up the tumblers with a friend while I taught classes and the kids reveled in their magic once all was in place.…

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Mayberry Talks Edible Plant Parts

By Hillary Williams / May 15, 2017

Last week at Mayberry the first graders came out and discussed the six parts of the plant with me.   We learned what each part does for the plant and which parts of certain edible plays we indeed eat.   After walking through the garden and identifying the edible parts of each plant, the kids…

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First Timers

By Hillary Williams / May 1, 2017

Last week at Mayberry, the Kinders came out for their first “real” garden class.   We started off class with a nice stretching exercise that mimics the parts of the plant.  A few of the kids had garden class last year when they were in TK and they helped review and teach the garden rules…

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Munchin and Sorting at Mayberry

By Hillary Williams / April 25, 2017

It was a bittersweet day last week at Mayberry. The first graders came out to the garden for their last class of the session.  We discussed the importance of seeds, read From Seed to Plant, and learned all about what is in a seed, how it is formed and after arriving in a safe and…

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My Oh My What a Wonderful Day!

By Hillary Williams / March 30, 2017

Today at Mayberry was just one of those wonderful days where the air is clear and the sun is bright and the plants growing in the garden catch the most beautiful light.   Yeah, those of us garden geeks know that kind of day.   But when you have children eager to soak that same…

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Creating Compost

By Hillary Williams / March 27, 2017

At Mayberry last week, the fist graders came out on a crisp and sunny day to push up their sleeves and make compost.   We discussed the importance of balancing greens, browns, decomposers, air and water and listed which materials are good food for our plants.   I showed the kids a large bin of…

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Finding Friends and Foes

By Hillary Williams / March 21, 2017

Last week at Mayberry the first graders came out on a warm and sunny day to learn about the little creatures that inhabit their garden.  We learned about quite a few beneficial and detrimental beings, from cabbage worms to butterflies…aphids to ladybugs and everywhere in between.   We chatted about why these pollinators, predators and…

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Pollination Patrol

By Hillary Williams / February 13, 2017

Last week at Mayberry we worked hard to identify all of our lovely pollinating friends throughout nature.   The kids were quite knowledgeable on the subject, a few even noting that flies and beetles pollinate too.  We talked about bats and their role in pollinating and delved into the ever hard working life of a…

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Oh, Hello Little Ones

By Hillary Williams / January 23, 2017

Last Thursday at Mayberry, the kids were able to get moving and breathe in some fresh air while we learned all about beneficial and harmful insects in the garden.  The kids reviewed most friends and foes from my list and we looked at images and talked about what they do. Then it was time for…

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Mayberry Stays Dry

By Hillary Williams / January 13, 2017

On Thursday at Mayberry Street Elementary, it sure was raining cats and dogs.  It was so stormy, we had no chance of even dropping by the garden and so the kids turned to indoor learning fun.  The second graders reviewed the garden rules and promptly dove into learning about the parts of the plants, what…

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Mayberry Harvest Time

By Hillary Williams / December 19, 2016

Our last day at Mayberry was bittersweet.  It was the day that the kids were scheduled to perform in their winter concert.  So although I was only able to teach one make up class, I got an opportunity to meet lots of parents and harvest a TON of herbs and veggies from the garden with…

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We Love a Diverse Harvest

By Hillary Williams / December 5, 2016

What fun it is to pick and eat on a cool and breezy day!   That is to be read with the Jingle Bells melody ringing in your head!  But seriously, dashing through the garden, on a crisp and clear blue day, right before your recess and when you need a break!!!   Ok, ok..there…

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Mayberry Meets Aphids

By Hillary Williams / November 28, 2016

We have a bit of an aphid problem at Mayberry.  Oh and lots of cabbage worms and bees and butterflies and earthworms and a ladybug or two.  Wait, that’s every edible garden especially in these cooler months when all we want to grow are tempting heads of cabbage and deep green kale and delicious chard! …

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Munching on Leaves and Fruits and Seeds

By Hillary Williams / November 13, 2016

Mayberry enjoys the green life.  They light up whenever I bring a super green snack to support their lesson.  This week they wrapped snap peas in spinach leaves with a squeeze of lemon and didn’t look back. The lesson was a discussion in the six parts of a plant and why and how each part…

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Mayberry Conquers Compost and a Mystery

By Hillary Williams / November 6, 2016

On Thursday the kids in Mr. Ruiz’s class not only figured out how to properly build onto our delicious compost pile, but they also solved the mystery of the devoured cabbage plants.  Now I don’t want to say that these seedlings were beyond hope, but I will say that they have had a rough go…

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Mayberry Shows Love

By Hillary Williams / October 23, 2016

Mayberry Elementary is a school bursting with enthusiasm.  Any lesson I bring them is usually met with a smile and lots of questions and comments.  Naturally when they came in for their last session this past week, there were a lot of “Noooooo’s” and “Alreadyyyyyy?” But these kids are smart and they quickly got to…

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Mayberry Discovers Friends and Foes

By Hillary Williams / October 17, 2016

Last Thursday at Mayberry Elementary we sat down to discuss how life in the garden affects our plants and their success at thriving.   Mayberry was teaming with beneficial insects (bees, worms, dragonflies and ladybugs) and we also met some not so favorable guys (slugs, cabbage worms and a tomato hornworm or two).   But…

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Mayberry Conserves

By Hillary Williams / October 7, 2016

This week at Mayberry we discussed the huge importance water plays in regards to humans and more importantly, for plants.  Plants need water to gain nutrients, for photosynthesis and for structure and growth.  The kids were full of ideas on how to conserve water.  Growing up and living in California is an amazing asset for…

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Mayberry Elementary Conserves

By Hillary Williams / September 24, 2016

This week at Mayberry we discussed the huge importance water plays in regards to humans and more importantly, for plants.  Plants need water to gain nutrients, for photosynthesis and for structure and growth.  The kids were full of ideas on how to conserve water.  Growing up and living in California is an amazing asset for…

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Mayberry Gets Going!!!

By Hillary Williams / September 16, 2016

I LOVE the kids at Mayberry, so energetic, inquisitive and ready to learn!  When Mr. Fuentes’ fourth graders had a sub they literally pulled her out into the garden by the hand to get seated for our composting lesson.  And then they rocked it by making the compost relay game into an event more intense…

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Mayberry Madness

By Hillary Williams / September 11, 2016

This past week at Mayberry we had quite a fun time with the fourth through sixth graders. The kids reviewed the rules and learned all about the different parts of plants and how they relate to which parts we consume. We explored the garden, engaged with one another on the different stages of growth and…

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Maintaining Mayberry

By Hillary Williams / May 26, 2016

Today at Mayberry we made the best of our recess by collecting all the dried and dead leaves in the garden for the compost.   The second and third graders had just finished their lesson on soil.   With a snack of snap peas and hummus, they didn’t bother to hit the playground when the…

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Mayberry Garden Growth

By Hillary Williams / May 15, 2016

   This past week at Mayberry Elementary we brought out our second session and went over what soil really is.   We studied the three parts of loam and dissected our soil to feel and explore what type of soil our plants were thriving in.   During recess I had tons of little helping hands,…

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The new garden at Mayberry Elementary is planted.

By team / May 14, 2016
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Mayberry Garden Love

By Hillary Williams / April 23, 2016

Our first day at Mayberry was definitely not dull.   After planning our beds and settling in, I jumped into our first class head first.   The kids loved thinking of things in the garden that started with the first letter of their name.   They were so eager to be initiated into the “mini…

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Mayberry asphalt removal pending.

By team / December 20, 2012
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Mayberry Elementary School Garden

By team / November 3, 2012

Enrich LA is currently planning a garden for this school. Target date is April 2012. Project has been approved. Next step is asphalt removal. Mayberry Elementary School is located at 2414 Mayberry St, Los Angeles, 90026.

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Site of new Mayberry Elementary Garden

By team / March 10, 2012


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