Field reports from

Markham Middle School

Markham Mulchers

By team / September 25, 2014

The Markham students sure know how to shovel and mulch! After weeding the beds even more this week we learned that adding a thick layer of mulch around the plants, on the garden beds and in the pathways can help keep out the weeds! With all the helping hands we got a lot accomplished in…

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Weeding at Markham

By team / September 19, 2014

It’s crazy how much the landscape can change in such little time. The weeds love Markham Middle school, but it’s because we have such healthy soil! This week we talked about what plants we want in our garden and what plants we do not (the weeds!) We identified many different types of weeds and learned…

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Markham Farmer

By team / August 20, 2014

Lily, the Garden Ranger at Markham Middle School along with the help of Mrs. Burman, the 7th grade science teacher, have put together the Markham Farmer program. The first two weeks of garden class will include a fun introduction to the garden space about all the amazing things that will be taught and learned, a…

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Markham Middle School Build Day Success!

By team / August 9, 2014

Today Enrich LA joined up with Volunteer Los Angeles and Aspiriant Wealth Management Firm to get dirty in the garden! We cleared out and leveled a huge area previously cluttered with weeds, dead stumps and roots, trash and more to inspire a clean slate for any project. We tackled the weeds and mulched everything down.…

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Markham Students Speak Out About Local Food

By team / May 29, 2014

Yesterday, during their last EnrichLA garden class, sixth and seventh graders from Markham Middle School in Watts, CA were asked: “why it is important to grow your own food?” “It is important to grow your own food so that you don’t have to waste money at the store,” said Jaime, a seventh grader. “And so…

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YouThink Volunteers Help at Markham Middle School

By team / May 5, 2014

Last week, an inspiring group of 20 volunteers from youTHink and UCLA collaborated to help grow our Markham Middle School garden in Watts. Together we rebuilt our new compost pile, weeded the entire property and planted more summer crops! Volunteers were especially excited about the strawberries, watermelon and corn. Thank you to everyone for helping…

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The Markham Farm hosts new life

By team / February 6, 2014

The Markham Farm has become quite fruitful in the last months. Students have been active, weeding, planting and preparing the soil. All of their hard work has really paid off. Delicious cauliflower, collard greens, onions and radishes were harvested and share among the garden club members. As the program ended students were seen taking bites…

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Late Harvest at Markham Middle School

By team / December 12, 2013

This week, students in our after-school garden club eagerly tended to the garden and it was clear why! Over the last week the plants grew beautiful leaves, roots, flowers and fruits. The harvest pictured below was divided into fourteen piles so that everyone walked away with some garden treats. Here was one of the colorful…

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Sweet Green Salad @ Markham Middle School

By team / December 7, 2013

Pictured above is a 6th grade student in Mr. Garret’s class at Markham Middle School. He’s cutting carrots, one of the colorful ingredients in the Sweet Green Salad. His classmates helped prepare the remaining components of the salad. As you can see there’s also pomegranate, feta, apple and cranberries. Other students harvested vegetables from the…

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Thanks MKG!

By team / November 19, 2013

The Markham Middle School garden has been the recipient of a lot of love. MKG, a marketing firm with an office right here in Los Angeles was the most recent group to visit the Markham Garden. Boy oh boy, did they make their visit count?! They dug, cleaned, hauled and overall spruced up the 1…

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Planting @ Markham Middle School

By team / November 17, 2013

The beets, broccoli, radishes, mustard greens and peas are taking off at the Markham Middle School garden. The beets are growing especially fast, given the unseasonably warm weather. We were able to harvest quite a few radishes, beets and peas. After we a little harvesting students went to work amending the new beds. We added…

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Finding Treasures at Markham Middle School

By team / October 23, 2013

Today’s minimum day left us with a few productive hours during the after-school garden club. We prepared beds for planting next week. Once the hard work was done we foraged for some tasty garden treasures. Among the bucketfuls of radishes we also discovered this beauty. This tomatillo was easily recognized and quickly swooped up by…

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Math in the Garden @ Markham Middle School

By team / October 4, 2013

Students at Markham Middle School put their math skills to work this week in the garden. We pulled out a variety of seed packets and got to work. Our first step required being good detectives and looking for clues that might be visible on the seed packet. For example, we found that some packets state…

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Happy Soil @ Markham Middle School

By team / September 18, 2013

After some hard work over the past year the soil at Markham Middle School the soil is looking very happy. That’s the most important thing. Remember, we’re feeding the soil, not the plants! We found this little, wiggling critter in the ground doing a great job aerating the soil. Students couldn’t get enough of the…

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After-school Awesomeness @ Markham Middle School

By team / September 11, 2013

Students were excited to see the gorgeous outdoor kitchen counter tips and the new arbor that was built last Saturday. They were happy to learn about our huge workday on Friday with UCLA volunteers. They were inspired and decided to get to work! As you can see these girls were not afraid to their hands…

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A grape vine arbor at markham middle school expands

By team / September 7, 2013
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Working Hard at Markham

By team / August 28, 2013

The students at Markham were troopers today. After we explored the nutritional benefits of the fruit and vegetables in the garden we dove into some garden maintenance. By 7th period it was cookin’! The afternoon heat required sunblock and some extra watering. Great job kiddo!

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Fruitful Day at Markham Farm

By team / July 23, 2013

These beautiful fruits and vegetables were harvested by high school volunteers from all over the world. Literally, these volunteers were from places like France, Lebanon, New Jersey, New York and Colorado. They participated in a summer program at UCLA and chose to help a community in need. The produce they helped harvest was so heavy.…

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An array of colors at Markham

By team / July 11, 2013

Students from across the world joined UCLA’s community service summer class. We were fortunate enough to have them join us at Markham Middle School this week. The heat was a little intense but they sure persevered! We started off by doing some necessary weeding and mulching and then wrapped up the day with harvesting and…

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Volunteers Rock!

By team / June 18, 2013

The beautiful day was matched with a wonderful group. These hard-working individuals made huge progress at the Markham Farm. They started by removing the knee-high weed and then sheet mulched the area to prevent them from coming back. What a productive day. Thanks, Next Steps!  

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Markham winners!

By team / June 10, 2013

Two lucky Markham students won a bag full of healthy snacks each in our Enrich LA and Markham raffle; compliments of the local Food 4 Less in Watts. They were among several students who volunteered their own time over the past semester to come and help on Saturday mornings with garden maintenance. Congratulations John and…

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More Food @ Markham

By team / June 7, 2013

We weren’t too hard-working in the garden this week. It was the second-to-last day of school so it makes sense. We did, however, look at all of the beautiful produce that was ready to be harvested. We also stumbled upon this beauty. We used it in our breakfast stir fry! Those lovely butternut squash just…

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Markham Farmers

By team / May 23, 2013

Where there was once one squash, there’s now two! These beautiful butternut squash plants are crawling around the garden floor. Underneath their large green leaves, hide these new little treasures. The flower of the butternut squash is just as beautiful as the fruit!

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Fixing sprinklers, planting tomatoes, and enjoying loquats from the garden.

By team / May 20, 2013
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Spring @ Markham

By team / May 20, 2013

The plants at Markham Farm seem to be enjoying the warmer weather. There are signs of new and tasty edibles in the future! Check out this young butternut squash. In some countries, young squash like the one below are considered a delicacy. The native area is full of many vibrant colors that are sure to…

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Colorful Snacks from the Markham Farm

By team / May 12, 2013

“Yummmm!” That was the first word that came out of a new student’s mouth. We worked in the garden for a bit and then prepared this quick snack. Everyone agreed that the fresh cilantro and lime juice made the salsa even tastier.    

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Weeding and Snacking

By team / April 15, 2013

It’s that time of year again at Markham where tons of little weeds sprout up and compete with our veggies for nutrients, sun, and waters. Good thing we have lots of eager volunteers at Markham who just pulling them out! After the hard work we enjoyed a snack of potato salad wrapped up in tart…

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Saturdays at Markham

By team / April 7, 2013

We’ve recently started a bit of a Saturday gardening club at Markham Middle School. This is a great opportunity for students to spend their Saturday mornings and to continue their engagement with their school garden. Every weekend new faces join in and from time to time we have some parents help out too. We’re hoping…

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Get Cookin’ with Markham Eagles

By team / March 26, 2013

On Friday students in Mr. Carrasco’s class cooked up some potatoes and leafy greens from the garden. They learned about and used a new spice called Allepo Pepper. This spice served as a social-science lesson for students because it is imported from Syria. Due to recent conflict and unrest in the country, it’s no wonder…

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Plug transplanting at Markham

By team / March 21, 2013

We joined a Plug Mob hosted by Mud Baron this past Saturday and came to school on Monday with some lovely plugs, ready to be transplanted into bigger containers. The students were excited to see these tiny plants, imagining all the great things they’ll do once they get planted in the soil here at Markham.

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Markham Farms!

By team / March 15, 2013

Mr. Raah, Mr. Carrasco and Ms. Matthews bring there classes to the farm every Friday morning. Last Friday we had a special visitor document all of their hard work. Andrew, from St. John’s Well Child and Family Center  took some great photos of the Markham Eagles. These great photos are just the beginning of this wonderful…

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Cooking in the Garden

By team / February 24, 2013

On Friday students prepared snacks for their classmates. Raw beets, carrots, mushrooms and garlic turned into a delicious stir fry. For some of these middle school students it was the first time cooking their own food. For other students, this activity was something they do every day at home with their family. Despite their prior…

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Garlic and Onions at Markham

By team / February 17, 2013

 On Friday students at Markham Middle School worked up a sweat preparing the soil for another season on planting. They tilled the soil so it could be amended with compost and vermiculite. Once the soil was light and crumbly it was time to create rows for our garlic and onions. We created small trenches that…

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Lots of planting at Markham

By team / February 5, 2013

We’ve been quite productive at Markham over the past few weeks with composting, planting, and mulching. Hopefully the weather stays mild so these plants can grow nice and big, unlike their predecessors that got killed in the frost!

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Go Away Gopher

By team / February 4, 2013

On Friday morning Markham students went gopher (hole) hunting. Those pesky rodents have been doing terrible damage to our winter veggies. Sadly, we recently lost a bountiful rainbow chard plant. We aimed to deter the gophers and not harm them so we tried our hand with a local ingredient- coffee grounds! A big “thanks” to…

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Eagles Soar in the Garden

By team / January 12, 2013

Yesterday morning students flooded the Markham Farm ready to work. Mr. Raah’s 8th graders spent the coldest hours of the day tilling and preparing the soil. They removed what seemed like countless layers of grass (and their rhizomes). Thankfully, they weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! Mr. Carrasco’s curious class wondered into the garden…

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Giving back in the New Year

By team / January 7, 2013

Bright and early on a temperate January morning a small but mighty group of volunteers gathered at Markham Middle School. Collectively, these kind souls traveled on nearly every LA freeway to work in the garden. La Puente, La Cresenta, Manhattan Beach, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Los Feliz and Redlands were all represented by one or…

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Markham Farm: Before, During and After

By team / December 18, 2012

A couple of months ago one of the plots at the Markham Farm was offered up. My students and I happily seized the opportunity to take on a new project but we quickly realized we needed to get to work. The plot had seen better days so the first step was removing those pesky weeds.…

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By team / November 30, 2012

We recently spotted this lovely yellow spider chomping on an enormous fly in the drought tolerant garden at Markham.

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Cleanup and measuring plots

By team / November 26, 2012

All the public holidays lately have been great fun, but it meant that the garden here at Markham was taking a bit of a backseat. Thanks to the wonders of irrigation the fields are still green and growing. We finally have a field ready for planting, a bit late but rather late than never! All…

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Giving Thanks

By team / November 19, 2012

Just hours before the bell rang for Thanksgiving break, students dropped by the garden to participate in a “giving thanks” activity. We used leaf imprints to create a beautiful backdrop to highlight what we were most thankful for.  As you can see, these 6th and 7th graders didn’t have any trouble giving thanks to the people and things…

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Diamond in the Rough

By team / November 9, 2012

Today marked my inaugural visit to the Markham Middle School garden. I was delighted to find out that this school community garden was affording my Friday students and me the opportunity to care for our own plot of land! After inspecting the area with Mr. Espinoza’s 3rd period class, I stand convinced that something special is…

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Markham Middle School Farm

By team / October 28, 2012

The Markham Middle School Farm covers over 1 acre.  It is the sight of an old school horticultural program.  From the garden, one can view the Watts Towers.  Enrich LA partnered with Fox Gives and over 100 parents at the school to bring this farm back to life.  We now partner with Kaiser Permanente to…

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Homemade eggplant dip

By team / October 26, 2012

We’ve had such a great eggplant harvest at Markham Middle School that I decided to make an eggplant dip for the students, many of whom had never enjoyed eggplant before. They were all very curious about the strange purple fruit with the strange nonsensical name. I was worried that the dip would not be popular…

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Developments at Markham

By team / October 14, 2012

We have been hard at work At Markham Middle School in Watts to get the fields ready for planting some winter crops. Over the past two weeks students pulled up a lot of weeds and plants that were past their prime. This past weekend some teachers organized a work day and some tilling also took…

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