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Lexington Avenue Primary Center School

The edible garden at Lexington Avenue Primary Center School was completed in Fall 2012 with the help of Whole Foods. The space has raised wooden beds, seating areas, and an outdoor kitchen area.

Lexington Ave Primary Center School

By team / June 19, 2017
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Buzzing Bees at Lexington

By Claire Heddles / May 12, 2017

Back at Lexington this week we learned about another friend of the garden — the bee. The kids learned that this pollinator does a lot more than make honey! As the bees search for nectar from flower to flower, they are also collecting and distributing pollen from flower to flower. This pollination allows the plants to…

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Worm Anatomy at Lexington

By Claire Heddles / May 11, 2017

Welcome to the garden, our new classes! I returned from spring break to a blooming garden, both in and out of the beds! All of the spring rains and recent sunshine have caused our plants to flourish as well as the weeds. Our new classes came into the garden amazed to see the resurrected, formerly…

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Transplanting and Harvesting at Lexington

By Claire Heddles / May 10, 2017

In our final class before spring break, we harvested tasty vegetables to eat a rainbow salad and a few extras to take home. We gathered strawberries, chard, lettuce, and mint from the garden to toss into a multi-colored salad and discussed the nutrients provided by differently colored foods. The kids then each got a paper…

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Composts and Leaves!

By Claire Heddles / March 29, 2017

Time to learn about compost! With the 2nd grade classes I talked about balancing a healthy compost in the garden. As an excellent source of organic matter for our soil, the compost plays an important role. I also wanted the kids to understand that food waste can be repurposed back into the food chain. A…

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Flying and Falling Seeds

By Claire Heddles / March 22, 2017

After a season of rain, we found that  many new weeds were growing in and around our beds. How are these plants growing if we did not plant any seeds? I asked the kids what they thought and they began brainstorming. Perhaps the small patch of grass started growing because seeds from the soccer field…

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Spring has Sprung!

By Claire Heddles / March 15, 2017

It officially feels like spring in the Lexington Avenue Primary School garden! Flowers are blooming all over the place and the fruit trees are budding. In two classes I taught the kids about the food chain discussing how energy is transferred from the sun, to plants, to secondary consumers, and then to tertiary consumers. With my third class…

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Buzzing Bees Searching for Nectar

By Claire Heddles / March 8, 2017

Last semester we learned about different friends and foes in the garden. This time around I taught the kids a little more about one of our favorite friends in the garden — the bee! We played a game with pipettes and ice cube trays to simulate how bees buzz around the garden collecting nectar and…

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Welcoming a New Rotation Back to the Garden!

By Claire Heddles / March 1, 2017

Lexington is a small, cozy school which means most classes get two 6 week rotations in the garden. I was excited to welcome back students that had come to the garden at the beginning of the year to see the changes in our springtime garden. We started class by taking a garden tour. We walked together around…

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Radish & More Harvest Party!

By Claire Heddles / February 15, 2017

For our final class in the garden we took a tour of all the beds to see everything growing. We walked from bed to bed noting what plants and weeds were growing. We pulled out some of the grasses in the beds that had sprouted in the rain. We then pulled lots of tasty, colorful…

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How do we Start a Compost?

By Claire Heddles / February 8, 2017

After learning about the food chain, we started to unpack the “cycle” that follows this transfer of energy. Living things break down and become new soil for new plants to grow in. We can speed this process up by making a balanced compost! Each child got a plate to divide in half. For half of our compost…

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Learning the Food Chain at Lexington

By Claire Heddles / February 1, 2017

This week at Lexington Primary School we learned about the garden food chain. I explained to the kids that energy travels from the sun to a primary consumer (a plant), to a secondary consumer (typically an animal that eats plants), to a tertiary consumer (typically an animal that eats animals). Each student received four slips of paper…

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Bee a friend, Lexington!

By Claire Heddles / January 25, 2017

This week at Lexington we learned about one animal that plays a very important role in new seeds being formed: a bee! A bee travels from plant to plant collecting nectar for their hive. As they do this they gather pollen on their bodies that travels to the next plant they land on. This pollen falls…

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A travelin’ seed

By Claire Heddles / January 18, 2017

After learning about germination last week, we delved deeper into the world of seeds by exploring how they travel. We started by looking for things that we didn’t plant that were growing on our garden paths- patches of grass, weeds, stray nasturtiums. How did grass start growing where we didn’t plant any grass? Directly next…

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Starting a new year with snow peas at Lexington

By Claire Heddles / January 11, 2017

The plants at Lexington were very happy after a long, rainy winter holiday! Since it was raining this week, the 2nd graders had an introduction to seeds and the garden from the cafeteria. We discussed the rules in the garden and the importance of treating the garden with as much respect as an indoor classroom. I then…

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Mint and Radish Harvest Salad!

By Claire Heddles / December 14, 2016

For our final class of the unit we discussed the importance of eating lots of different colors! We harvested some things from the garden to mix into a mint a radish salad. A little orange juice and dash of sugar balances out the radish for a delicious flavor. Even the kids that didn’t like the…

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2 Seasons in the Garden

By Claire Heddles / December 7, 2016

At Lexington this week we learned about the two planting seasons we have in the garden, Cool season and Warm season! Each kid got a card with a vegetable or fruit found in gardens on one side and a season on the back. I named a type or weather and then all the kids with…

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Parts of the Plant at Lexington!

By Claire Heddles / November 30, 2016

This week at Lexington we learned about the parts of a plant. We talked about the role of each part of the plant in helping it grow! We learned that…. Roots Absorb water and nutrients from the soil for the plants, give the plant a foundation Stem Transports nutrients up to the rest of the plant, gives…

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What’s been eating at you, Lexington?

By Claire Heddles / November 16, 2016

We learned about the insects crawling around in our garden this week. We defined the words FRIEND and FOE and searched through our garden for cards with pictures of friends or foes on them. We looked at some of our kale leaves and saw that something, likely aphids, had been eating them! We took ladybugs…

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Learning to compost with worms at Lexington

By Claire Heddles / November 9, 2016

 This week we learned about soil and compost at Lexington. We discussed the various reasons we plant seeds in soil including to keep them warm, give them a foundation to grow, nutrients, and moisture. We then learned about how composting makes new soil using organic matter. We put the fresh organic matter from pervious classes…

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Lexington welcomes new students to the garden!

By Claire Heddles / November 2, 2016

New 1st and 2nd graders came to the garden this week. We discussed the rules of the garden and looked around for things in the garden we could observe with our 5 senses. At the end of class we tried fresh carrots from the garden and spent some time weeding and pruning the brown leaves…

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Eat the rainbow, Lexington!

By Claire Heddles / October 26, 2016

This week at Lexington we learned that different foods are different colors depending on what nutrients they have. Blue and purple foods are good for blood flow and concentration. Meanwhile orange foods are loaded with vitamin A, which helps with eyesight. We gathered carrots, tomatoes and kale from the garden to make a multi-colored salad.…

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Warm season or cool, Lexington?

By Claire Heddles / October 19, 2016

This week at Lexington Primary we learned about warm season and cool season crops. We explored our garden and talked about some of the warm season crops that have been growing like pumpkin, watermelon, and tomatoes. Then we worked on amending our soil for cool season sowing of leafy greens.  At the end of class…

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Mark your calendars: Work Day December 3rd at Lexington Primary!

By Claire Heddles / October 12, 2016

No classes this week due to the unassigned LAUSD day off. We are however having a garden workday at Lexington Primary School Monday, November 5th. All parents, community members, and friends of EnrichLA are encouraged to come help beautify our lovely garden!

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Friend or Foe, Lexington?

By Claire Heddles / October 5, 2016

This week at Lexington we learned the friends or foes of the garden. At the beginning of class each child chose a partner and explored the garden searching for hidden friend or foe cards. Once every pair had found a card, we gathered back together to present to the class our findings. We discussed what…

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Learning the parts of a plant with vegetable “tacos”

By Claire Heddles / September 28, 2016

This week at Lexington Avenue Primary School we focused on learning about the parts of a plant and what part of each plant are healthy for humans to eat. We talked about about the roots that capture moisture and nutrients for our growing plant, the stem that transports the water to the rest of the plant, the leaves…

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Students at Lexington make a vermicompost!

By Claire Heddles / September 21, 2016

This week at Lexington Primary, the students started a vermicompost with red wriggler worms! We discussed the four parts of good soil, clay, silt, sand and organic matter. We discussed what organic matter means and started a vermicompost to have nutrient rich organic matter to add to our soil as we amend our beds. We…

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Exploring all the growth in Lexington’s garden!

By Claire Heddles / September 14, 2016

This was my first week as the garden ranger of Lexington Primary School. It was exciting for both me and the kids to come to a garden flourishing with fruits and vegetables! Check out our growing pumpkin, watermelon, and tomatoes.      We spent some time introducing ourselves by saying our names and a garden plant or critter that…

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The little ones at Lexington Avenue Primary Center returned to this lush garden

By team / August 17, 2016
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Helping Hands for Lexington Primary

By team / August 5, 2016

There is much appreciation to the previous group work days we have held at Lexington Primary. The garden is looking healthy and vibrant. The recently planted bell peppers are beginning to fruit as well as the many tomato plants! Countless bees and butterflies were flying about the garden and assuring us of blooming periods to…

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Testing New Ways of Seed Starting

By team / July 13, 2016

We are testing various methods for easy seedling creation with a view to have an easy to use, somewhat automated system of growing seedlings. This “shelf” is located at the office in Los Feliz.

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Work Day at Lexington with Next Step Ministries

By enrichla / July 8, 2016

We had a very productive Wednesday at Lexington! Volunteers from Colorado and Vancouver, visiting Los Angeles with Next Step Ministries, came down and got some serious work done beautifying this garden. They tackled weeds in the raised beds and pathways, spread some new mulch along the entire garden space, labeled crops, and planted some new…

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Trailer Build!

By team / July 8, 2016

We are designing and creating our own special trailers to make caring for 70 school edible gardens easier and more efficient.  

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Seed starts and butterflies – Lexington

By Anne / May 30, 2016

The kids love planting seeds and seedlings, so we spent the day pulling out some bolted lettuce and broccoli and putting in brand new plants. I had a very cool suprise from the 2nd grade class. They raised butterflies from larve to adults in class and they brought them down during their garden time to…

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Lexington roly poly day

By Anne / May 23, 2016

Kids are obsessed with roly pollis in the garden, so I figured they should know a thing or two about them! We learned all the parts of the roly poly, what they eat and where they live. They are helpful decomposers, but they also have a taste for strawberries. We also learned that they are…

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Eating the Parts of the Plant at Lexington

By Anne / May 16, 2016

We went over the 6 edible parts of the plant, and ate examples of each from the garden. Roots – Beets Stem – the broccoli stalk Leaves – lettuce and steamed beet greens Flower – Artichoke and broccoli florets Seeds – sweet peas Fruit – Tomatoes It was a delicious way to remember the different…

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Harvest and Cleanup at Lexington

By Anne / May 7, 2016

We spent a day cleaning up the garden, adding some nutrients to the beds and planting some new seedlings in the beds at Lexington. There are lots of beautiful veggies coming in right now too!

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Investigating Soil at Lexington

By Anne / April 18, 2016

The second graders at Lexington Primary learned about the three parts of soil: salt, silt and loam. We talked about the benefits of each particle. We collected soil from different parts of the garden and felt a noticeable difference in texture between the soft, fluffy soil in the garden beds and the grainy, coarse soil…

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Beets, compost and colors at Lexington

By Anne / April 14, 2016

      The seconds graders learned about compost and we made our own rapid compost buckets. I acquired a number of free plastic buckets, which we filled with chopped up fruit, garden waste and the the hope of attracting decomposers like fungus and earthworms.       We also enjoyed fresh, colorful beets, beautiful…

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How to enjoy greens at Lexington!

By Anne / March 28, 2016

  The second graders made salad with arugula, spinach, kale, 3 kinds of lettuce and more! On top of that, we made Kale Chips! Each kid was in charge of picking, washing and ripping up one kind of leaf. We mixed everything up with a bit of lemon juice and chowed down. Before we ate,…

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Fun in the sun – Lexington

By Anne / March 14, 2016

Last week at Lexington most of my second graders had testing during their garden time, so I got a special visit from the Pre-K classes! We went on a garden tour, smelled some herbs, tasted lots of different leafy greens and spotted bees and ladybugs. For the second grade class, we talked about Friends and…

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Bees and Ladybugs at Lexington!

By Anne / February 29, 2016

This week the second grade classes learned about bees! The students learned about how bees pollinate plants while they are collecting nectar to take back to their hives. We talked about how bees tell each other where the best flowers are by dancing, and then we tried to channel the bees with our own dancing!…

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Day one fun at Lexington Ave

By team / February 22, 2016

We started a new session at Lexington Ave. The second grade classes are excited to get started in the garden! We learned about the six parts of the plant that we eat Then we explored some things in the garden! There were plenty of peas to snack on… everyone got to pick as many as…

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Bees at Lexington Ave

By team / February 11, 2016

This week at Lexington Ave Primary, we learned about how important bees are and how COOL they are. We talked about how they pollinate flowering plants with their furry bodies and take nectar back to their hives to make honey. We also learned how bees communicate through dance. The kids showed off their creative dance…

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Compost at Lexington!

By team / February 6, 2016

The first grade and kindergarten classes learned about compost last week at Lexington. I brought all my food scraps from home in a bucket and showed the kids all the cool things we can turn back into dirt – fruit peels, coffee grounds, apple cores, bits of onions, lettuce and more! I told them the…

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