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Kipp Empower Charter School

The garden at KIPP Empower was built in the summer of 2016. This wonderful garden consists of 6 raised beds and 3 picnic tables.

KIPP Empower Academy

By enrichla / June 16, 2017
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Spring Harvest at KIPP

By Zuri Blandon / May 31, 2017

Kia did a big late Spring harvest.  The garden is lush with summer crops growing and making their way up.. Students  helped  harvest eggplants, Artichokes, green beans, herbs, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and a cucumber. Students were happy to see their garden grow foods. Many of them share weather they ate or not any of the things…

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Herbs for Mothers Day

By Zuri Blandon / May 10, 2017

Students were exited picking their favorite herbs for home  and share with the  family. Pineapple sage, mint oregano, thyme, basil  lemon balm and cilantro are some of their favorites. Many of them made  bouquets for their parents in honor of mother’s day. Students at Kia are very enthusiastic to see their garden bloom and they want to share and…

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Colors in Nature

By Zuri Blandon / May 4, 2017

KIA  students are learning about colors and light  in nature, what colors and light  mean for insects and bugs. Chlorophyll makes  the leaves turn green, birds get their color by eating foods that give them the color, or use sunlight as a reflection to camouflage its color.   The garden is  colorful right now, flowers and warm season…

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Learning About Compost at KIPP

By Zuri Blandon / April 4, 2017

What should I do with my left over apple? Students had an introduction to compost that gave them alternatives to their unwanted fruits and vegetables. Left over fruits and vegetables can be put back into the soil instead of the trash can. Compost will help students make use of their left over fruits. As they continue working to…

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Hands in the Garden

By team / March 31, 2017

Our garden get lots of wind, we are in an area of South Los Angeles that is very windy and our garden often gets hit by the gusty wind. But students at KIA are always ready to help keep the garden nice and clean. The garden is looking better, our plants are growing, and the…

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Spring planting at KIPP

By Zuri Blandon / March 24, 2017

Students at KEA helped plant lots of exiting things for Spring -Summer crops. We talked about the weather and how the conditions affect or benefit what is growing in the garden. The KEA garden is ready for peppers, tomatoes, marygolds, and chilli peppers. Along with the rest of the crops already in the garden, these…

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Harvest party

By team / March 15, 2017

A very exciting afternoon for students at KIA. their first harvest class just happened! They picked carrots, radishes, lettuces, kohlrabies, mustard and lettuces flowers, flowers and herbs. The edible garden was abundant enough for students to take a few things each and bring them home. They shared when someone did not get a vegetable and…

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By Zuri Blandon / February 28, 2017

Students  learned about  bees and how we can protect them and provide them with food.The  diet of bees consist of pollen and nectar which they will transform into honey to feed their larvae and the colony. Flowers like sunflowers, cosmos, alyssums and snapdragons bring bees to the garden.  students learned some fun facts about bees…

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African American History Month

By Zuri Blandon / February 22, 2017

  Kinder garden had their first class last week. The rain did not stop the class from learning about plants. Students  identified fruits and vegetables that like cold and warm weather, what is soil and what does it mean to be a farmer. After, they had the opportunity to draw what their garden would like if…

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6 parts

By Zuri Blandon / February 14, 2017

More  lettuces and mustard greens for our salads.. students keep munching and planting flowers seeds to make a beautiful spring garden. They learned all six parts  of the plant and identified what vegetables are in the garden that come in forms of roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds.  

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Organic Vs nonorganic

By Zuri Blandon / January 31, 2017

Today, students learned the difference between organic and nonorganic. One of the basic rules for a product to be organic is to be grown without any pesticides and the seeds to be GMO free. Students  understood that organic produce is more expensive than nonorganic and where they can buy organic produce. They sampled mustard greens,…

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Rainy Day Games at KIPP

By Zuri Blandon / January 22, 2017

An exciting talk about exotic fruits and vegetables kept students cozy and fully engaged during today’s rainy afternoon. The garden came to their classroom and transported them to  a world of plants that they have never eaten or heard before. They participated in a game where they had to describe to their team what fruit…

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A bee is a friend

By Zuri Blandon / January 18, 2017

  students check on the garden after three weeks off. They helped  add compost around the plants that were damage due to the rain,  pulled out weeds and maintain  the garden  space clean. We  played a game, they had to act like  bees and swarm around the beds pollinating the plants and making friends with…

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Harvest and plant

By Zuri Blandon / December 23, 2016

The garden is producing  already, but more seedlings and compost made their way in on chilly windy Autumn afternoon.  Students have planted seeds and seedlings of  the things they would like to see grow and they are finally producing.   with help of the compost added,  the rain and the cool weather, our cool season…

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Green Salad at Kipp

By Zuri Blandon / December 23, 2016

Before students left for break,  a nice salad  was made from the edible garden. The ingredients? Mustard greens,  lettuces, carrot, radishes, herbs, lemon, salt and pepper and olive oil  made the salad testy. Staff sample the salad  and were surprise and happy to see how everything came from the Kipp garden.  Students are always ready…

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Healthy foods

By Zuri Blandon / December 11, 2016

Class discussed physical activities and the foods to eat to provide energy for the body. Students shared what they do  and eat to have  lots of energy  and how they can improve their meals incorporating more fruits vegetables, grains and legumes. After  our class, we went straight to the garden to find friends and foes,…

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Pumpkin seeds

By Zuri Blandon / November 25, 2016

In order for seeds to grow into plants, they need soil containing nutrients, water, sunlight, the right temperature, room to grow, and time.  Our pumpkins gave us lots of seeds. Students carved them and understood the value of seeds. Some students decided to bring them home and roast them, others decided to save them for…

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The garden at night

By Zuri Blandon / November 23, 2016

November 15, 2016 Students at Kipp had a lesson about cool season vegetables  and were able to identify them in the garden. As dark made it presence, Students were curious to find snails, slugs, Aphids worms, larva and caterpillars at night. They wondered if these  foes of the garden munch at night, day or always..  With night…

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Label the plant..

By Zuri Blandon / November 6, 2016

Kipp  Students Labe the garden and sample an herb of their choice.     Kipp students labeled the plants, herbs and flowers growing in our garden. with sharpies and  plastic labels, they walked around the beds and  found the plant they had label. They also identified herbs by their smell and texture. Many of them…

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The Great Pumpkin..

By Zuri Blandon / October 30, 2016

Kipp is getting ready for  candy, Pumpkins, and costumes day!  We had a pumpkin relay  race, students learned about Day Of the Dead celebration. They now know that Day Of The Dead is a celebration of life and a way to honor ancestors and friends who have departed.  on November 1st and 2nd, festivities, colors…

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Kipp Elementary

By Zuri Blandon / October 23, 2016

Students are learning  about cool season  vegetables,  and how  to take care of the  soil. Students at Kipp enjoy the garden and they are getting more involve by planting and watering the plants. They also  drew their dream garden and what vegetables and fruits they will be growing in their  dream garden.

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Kipp- soil and seedlings

By Zuri Blandon / October 16, 2016

  Students learned about nutrients that are necessary for a healthy soil…They also  learned about seedlings, they had the opportunity to do a seedling of their favorite vegetable… This week we will continue improving the soil and start with our cool season vegetables. Ranger-Zuri

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Kipp Empower Charter- Plants & water

By Zuri Blandon / October 8, 2016

Oct 7th 2016 It is important to understand  “what to eat and not to eat” from edible plants- fruits and vegetables. Students learned the six part of the plant with examples of fruits and vegetables we eat, but are parts of the plant- roots, stems, leaves, flowers fruit and seeds to the plant. Plants provide most…

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Kipp Empower-friends and foes

By Zuri Blandon / October 2, 2016

September 30, 2016 Students at Kipp found friends and foes that keep the garden and soil busy with all kinds of visitors. They also planted coil flower seed identify herbs and plants and discussed the importance of an edible garden. Ranger Zuri

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First garden class at KIPP Empower Charter.

By Zuri Blandon / September 25, 2016

Friday was the first day  of garden class for students at Kipp. The after school program includes our garden class, students  were very excited curious and asked many questions about the edible garden at their school. Many wanted to sample the basil leaves that scented their noses.  

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Kipp’s Vivacious Garden

By Hope Cox / August 27, 2016

If you recall, Kipp is one of our new gardens, built this summer. Well, today I dropped by to see how the new plants are fairing. And to my joy, the garden is full of color and life. Check out the yarrow and tomatoes! In just another month, I reckon this garden will be bursting…

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Pumpkins, lemon verbana, eggplant, and more!

By Alexys Thomas / August 9, 2016

We have successively planted seedlings every week, and the garden is beginning to thrive! We have many florals and edibles coming in, and the full sun is helping the garden grow grow grow!

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Planting at our newest garden!

By Alexys Thomas / July 27, 2016

We planted over 100 seedlings at KIPP alongside some happy seeds. Patty, a major contributor at KIPP Empower, and Director Yelena came out with an amazing group of kids to plant. The kids were devoted, careful, and so excited to see their new garden full of plants. We planted eggplant, tomatoes, marigolds, lavender, strawberries, and…

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Garden 101 Built at Kipp Empower

By team / July 21, 2016
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Building at Kipp Empower

By team / July 21, 2016
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