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Hollenbeck Middle School

The Hollenbeck Middle School garden was completed in Fall 2013 with the help of the Hilton Double Tree. EnrichLA operates as an after-school extracurricular for students.

Hollenbeck Middle School

By enrichla / June 16, 2017
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From Cooking to Hip Hop at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / February 17, 2017

Our English learners students at Hollenbeck started writing their own garden songs this week. They will be writing for the next few weeks until we are ready to film our own music videos. In the meantime, our special education class had a chance to practice our motor skills by planting seedlings and making a salad…

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Elements and Chemical Reactions at Hollenbeck Middle

By Eleanor Goodrich / February 7, 2017

We are diving into the chemical properties of our soil at Hollenbeck. Since our science classes have been studying elements and chemical reactions, this week we hosted a little science expirament to test the pH in our own soil. First, we studied the formula for combining baking soda and vinegar (an acid and a base)…

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Tracking the Elements at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / January 26, 2017

This week at Hollembeck we are building new garden mounds to reorganize the plants and make it easier to get into the garden. All these new beds mean we need some new soil, which is a perfect introduction to our lesson on soil nutrients and compost. Since our new garden class is studying atoms and…

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Rainy Days Mean New Life at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / January 12, 2017

As students prepare for a new semester of gardening at Hollenbeck, we start by brainstorming what we would like to learn. While we will continue our regular lessons and cooking demos, this semester we will set aside a little time each week to work together finding answers to questions the students come up with. We…

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Insect Drama at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / December 8, 2016

The garden insects at Hollembeck dont always get along. In fact, some of the insects eat other garden bugs! Today students at Hollenbeck imagined what the bugs would say to each other if they could talk. They then shared their ideas with each other in letters. Their letters were so funny, and their English is…

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Exchanging Brassicas for Butternut at Hollenbeck 

By Eleanor Goodrich / November 29, 2016

As the weather gets colder, our summer crops have been turning brown and dying back. right before Thanksgiving, the butternet squash finally ripened and we were able to clean out the old leaves. After a lesson on plant varieties and seasons, our garden classes pulled out the dead plants and planted new, cold weather brassica…

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Garden Storytelling at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / November 28, 2016

Students at Hollenbeck are working on English comprehensive this month, so we took those skills into the garden. First, we read a short story about a boy how starts his own garden. We had a brief discussion about the story as we read. Then students made up their own garden stories. The students were incredibly…

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Colorful Super Powers at Hollenbeck 

By Eleanor Goodrich / November 6, 2016

All the different colors in our garden veggies correlate to specific   Health benefits. This week we studied those special plant powers and brought them all together in a tasty, super-powered smoothie. We even added green chard and kale! At first students were skeptical about how the chard would affect the flavor, but after they…

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Sprouts and Surprises at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / October 25, 2016

The garden at Hollenbeck has been busy this week! Several seeds have sprouted and we now have new beets, radishes, carrots, spinach, and lettuce.  Additionally, our compost has almost finished the transition to rich, healthy soil. We were excited to see our planting and weeding pay off, and now we will be ready to replenish…

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Cinnamon Butternut Sticks at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / October 18, 2016

The butternut squash at Hollenbeck has finally ripened!  We don’t have an oven at school, so we got a little crazy and made a raw recipe with them. I wasn’t sure at first how the students would like it, but we all agreed it tasted kind of like jicama and very tasty!  Ranger el

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First Things First at Hollenbeck Middle School

By Eleanor Goodrich / October 5, 2016

English learner students at Hollenbeck have been studying connecting words, such as “first”, “second”, “then”, “after that” and “finally”.  This week in the garden they got to put to use new words to use by making their own garden recipes! Everyone gathered into groups to invent and write down their own recipes using ingredients in the…

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Harvesting for Home at Hollenbeck Middle School

By Eleanor Goodrich / October 3, 2016

As our fall crops continue growing at Hollenbeck Middle School, several students were able to take garden vegetables home this week. The one rule: report back how you or your family cooked and ate your veggies.  A few students already knew that they wanted to use their hot peppers for salsa or homemade tacos, but…

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Sugar Cane or Caña at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / September 12, 2016

At Hollenbeck our English learners are getting a full semester in the garden and we are stoked! This week we started off with instructing each other on how to harvest, prepare and eat fresh sugar cane. We learned that while detailed instructions can be difficult to master, the sweet, juicy reward is worth the effort.…

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Hollenbeck Middle School garden and wildlands. An oasis in its prime.

By team / August 28, 2016
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Out with the old, & in with the new!

By team / August 6, 2016

Today at Hollenbeck Elementary School we focused on getting the garden in tip-top shape as summer comes to a close and our wonderful children start coming in! We harvested, deadheaded, weeded, and took out a lot of overgrown winter crops such as kohlrabi and cabbage. We tended to our ever expanding strawberry patch that has…

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Teamwork making the Dream Work

By Alexys Thomas / July 20, 2016

Students came out to help harvest, spread mulch, and pull weeds from garden beds. Their participation was crucial in finishing the garden clean-up. Ranger Jeff and Interns Olivia and Raquel paved the way, but the students showed their expertise and did an AMAZING job. The garden has never looked better.

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Strawberry Mania at Hollenbeck Middle School

By Eleanor Goodrich / April 21, 2016

The strawberries are coming in like crazy at Hollenbeck! As summer gets closer we are able to grow more and more things in the cool shade of our garden getaway.  Soon all of the garden will be overflowing with summer veggies! -ranger eleanor

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Protecting the soil at Hollenbeck Middle School

By Eleanor Goodrich / April 19, 2016

Although it was a rainy day last week, students at Hollenbeck were anxious to work in the garden! So, in between the downpours, we planted a mossy ground cover in pathways between our vegetable crops.  The moss will keep our garden green and allow us to walk a next to the plants while harvesting without…

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From seed to sprout at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich / March 31, 2016

Earlier this season, students at Hollenbeck started lots of different seeds. Some students planted sunflowers in small containers and even earlier classes planted carrots outside.  Since then, the baby plants have gotten big enough to plant – and some even big enough to eat!  Today everyone enjoyed fresh carrots and planted sunflowers along the garden…

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Starting Seeds at Hollenbeck Middle School

By Eleanor Goodrich / March 29, 2016

With a new set of classes, we were ready to start at the very beginning again at Hollenbeck. Since we are all new, we thought it’d be fun to start some brand new seedlings too, so the students worked together to mix fresh soil and plant sunflower seeds in individual cells. Over the following  weeks,…

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From Concrete to Sancuary at Hollenbeck Middle School

By gardener / March 17, 2016

Living in the hot tight tar, blacktop, and freeway city of Los Angeles, it struck me how easy it is to shift your sense of peace just by stepping into the garden at Hollenbeck Middle School. If I were the principal there, I would order every child to spend time there! This beauty showed up…

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A final planting amd farewell to Ms Rosser’s Class at Hollenbeck Middle School

By Eleanor Goodrich / February 27, 2016

Ms Rosser’s classes have 40 students in every period so at first they were afraid they were just too big for the garden. But Enrich LA really prioritize s getting every stident putsode and learning, so we all put our heads together ans devised a way for half the students to come for one section…

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Preparing for a mural at Hollenbeck Middle School

By team / February 21, 2016

Every Thursday the art club at Hollenbeck Middle School meets at the garden and we take some time to explore the garden and brainstorm ways to beautify and educate. The past few weeks we have been focused on painting our new compost bins (made from broken planter generously donated from the maintenance team at Hollenbeck).…

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Starting with a Seed at Hollenbeck

By team / September 29, 2015

After reading a quick short story about planting, we discussed the differences between seeds and seedlings. Aside from the physical differences, students discussed practical reasons for choosing a seed or a seedling in their own garden. While most students preferred seedlings, we were able to plant both and we will be watching the progress of…

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Hollenbeck garden and dry creek after two years is a much needed pastoral addition to this middle school

By enrichla / September 22, 2015
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Learning By Tasting at Hollenbeck Middle School

By team / September 22, 2015

One of our favorite ways to encourage health and gardening is by providing enticing snacks made from fresh garden veggies. At Hollenbeck Middle School, garden recipes are working overtime by introducing new words and conjugations to students whose first language is not english. This week as we prepared ranch with cucumbers we learned words such…

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Hollenbeck Clean Up with Next Step!

By team / July 22, 2015

Today we had a wonderful and rewarding time at Hollenbeck Middle School with volunteers from Next Step (thanks folks!). This garden really needed some TLC, and we spent a few hours this morning working with it. We pulled up dead plants, propped up tomatoes, harvested delicious produce (pictured below) and weeded.  

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Rainy day at Hollenbeck

By team / May 16, 2015

It was a great day for most of us (and by most of us, I mean the plants) today at Hollenbeck – the skies opened up and rain came falling down in intermittent cycles of calm and fury. Regardless, the students had a lot of fun. When it started to rain a lot, we moved…

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Hollenbeck Yields Great Strawberries

By team / April 17, 2015

The first week back at Hollenbeck and the strawberry plants are producing fruit like there’s no tomorrow. An integral part of every garden lesson is to try your own fruits and veggies, so what greater way than to learn about the different vegetable families that exist and eat strawberries while doing so!

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Chickens at Hollenbeck – Madness Ensues

By team / February 8, 2015

As a special treat this week, Sal Castillo brought three of his six chickens to Hollenbeck Middle School. The chickens are of two varieties: Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red. Besides students erupting over the excitement of seeing chickens being carried into the garden during recess, three garden classes got to be up close and…

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Peas and spinach at Hollenbeck Middle School

By team / January 30, 2015

With the help of a few rainstorms, peas and spinach have begun sprouting out of the soil this week at Hollenbeck Middle School. Inspired by the recent changes in weather patterns, the students learned about the seasons and the weather. Seasons are influenced by long-term climatic conditions, whereas weather changes day to day. To help…

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Systems thinking at Hollenbeck

By team / December 17, 2014

At Hollenbeck Middle School, we have been hard at work approaching a concept known as “systems thinking”. Thinking about the environments that we are a part of, we have spent a few weeks thinking about ecosystem interactions.   As a part of this week’s activity, cards were printed out to represented different biotic (ie. animals,…

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Systems thinking at Hollenbeck

By team / November 21, 2014

The past few weeks at Hollenbeck, we tried a variety of different exercises which was essentially the start of our approach to systems thinking. For those unfamiliar, systems thinking can be understood as the process of understanding the relationship between interacting components. For a middle school level, this is conceptually very challenging, but it was…

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Testing the soil at Hollenbeck

By team / October 22, 2014

For the past few weeks at Hollenbeck, we have turned our attention to the soil that surrounds us. Soil, as some say, is the skin of the earth. Without it, none of the vegetation on land (and hence none of the animals) would exist. Sometimes, we take soil for granted. After all, we are on…

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Caine’s Arcade at Hollenbeck Middle School

By team / October 13, 2014

This past weekend, a few hundred people showed up at Hollenbeck Middle School for their second annual Cardboard Challenge! In celebration of Caine’s Arcade (watch this short film), all sorts of cardboard activities were deployed, ranging from mazes, arcade-style games, and pinata building.       I was lucky enough to be a part of…

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Re-welcoming Hollenbeck Middle School

By team / September 15, 2014

We are so lucky this year to be teaching again at Hollenbeck Middle School. After a big work day a few months ago, the gardens at Hollenbeck Middle School were cleaned, and now weekly gardening sessions have started at Hollenbeck. The first few weeks at the school, the students learned about the history of gardening and…

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Hollenbeck Middle School gets an angelic touch by Next Step Ministries

By team / July 27, 2014

Another week, another garden. Next Step Ministries is another provider of wonderful and hard-working individuals to help us take care of gardens this summer. EnrichLA thrives by the power and energy of community gathering. We really are so blessed and thrilled by these wonderful people. So glad they get to be a part of our gardens!

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New fruit trees are thriving at Hollenbeck MS

By team / May 29, 2014

The fruit trees that were planted just a few months ago at Hollenbeck MS have made themselves right at home. Most of them have already begun to yield fruit this season. Take a look: Dorsett apples </ Peaches Figs And mulberries!!

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Compost to Hollenbeck!

By team / May 6, 2014

Thanks to the hard working students at Hollenbeck Middle School, we were able to move about 8,000 lbs of brand new compost into the garden in just a couple short hours. Although it was hard work, our plants will thank us later for the new batch of nutrients we are providing them! And a special…

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Recruiting for after school club at Hollenbeck MS

By team / April 11, 2014

A couple weeks ago, I set up a table at the parent/teacher conferences at Hollenbeck MS. The original purpose was to talk to the parents about what goes on out in the garden, our curriculum, and our garden activities.  What it turned out to be was a great way to recruit kids for the after…

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Updates from Hollenbeck MS

By team / April 3, 2014

Lots has been happening at Hollenbeck MS over the past few months! Our broccoli and cauliflowers have been booming as well as asian greens, favas, sweet peas, and more! Students have been enjoying the bounty either taking it home to cook with their parents, or in salads, pastas, and other delicious concotions. The group of…

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A plentiful day at Hollenbeck Middle School

By team / March 6, 2014

The garden at Hollenbeck Middle School is always bursting with life. It gets a good amount of shade which is perfect for a winter garden! Our sets of cauliflower has been loving the bursts of rain. Here is a hearty, mature cauliflower. I love the asymmetry of the florets.   With a new sixth grade…

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Rainy day activities at Hollenbeck MS

By team / February 10, 2014

The rain put our lessons undercover at Hollenbeck MS this past week. We played games, learned about how food is marketed to us on a daily basis, and got some seeds in 6-packs for our next planting. Students planted kale, broccoli, cilantro, napa cabbage, onion and other cool weather crops to plant in our beds…

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First Week as a Garden Intern at Hollenbeck!

By team / February 2, 2014

Hi everyone! My name is Megan Lim. I’m proud to be an EnrichLA Spring 2014 Garden Intern! I’m interested in gardening, especially in schools, because I am pursuing a career in food justice. To me food justice is the intersection between health and social justice. I think everyone has the right to affordable healthy foods.…

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