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GlenFeliz Elementary School

GlenFeliz is home to both a reading garden, completed in 2012, and a larger edible garden, completed in 2014. The larger garden thrives with a drip watering system, raised wooden beds, bridges, a dry creek, and a population of sturdy native plants.

Glenfeliz Elementary

By enrichla / June 12, 2017
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Worms at Glenfeliz

By Anne / May 12, 2017

We set up a worm bin at Glenfeliz. The students helped set up the habitat – adding soil, moss, water and veggies for the worms. We talked about how they turn rich food scraps into rich garden soil.

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Nature boards

By Anne / May 10, 2017

Students at Glenfeliz got a chance to show off some creative skills. We talked about appreciating nature through art. I read a couple lovely nature poems about bumblebees and flowers. The kids went out into the garden and observed and collected things that they wanted to represent on theit board. Each class made one! It…

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First EnrichLA field trip!! Glenfeliz Elementary to Taking the Reins!

By Alexys Thomas / April 7, 2017

The weather was perfect on Monday April 3rd for our first ever EnrichLA field trip! 5th grade students from Glenfeliz Elementary visited the urban farm and equestrian center that is Taking the Reins. Students learned about chickens, ducks, goats, and horses! It was amazing to see them arrive full of manic energy and excitement, and…

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Flowers and Bees

By Anne / March 29, 2017

Glenfeliz students learned three important parts of a flower – the petal, stamen and pistil. They learned that the stamen makes pollen and the pistil makes seeds. We also talked about how bees are attracted to flowers with bright petals and fragrant nectar, and they help to transfer pollen from the stamen to the pistil.…

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Identifying herbs

By Anne / March 15, 2017

Spring came to Glenfeliz and the students learned about the different herbs growing in their school garden. First, I asked them what an herb is. Some students knew that it was a plant that we added to food. I told them that herbs are the leaves of certain plants and that we use them for…

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Dissecting seeds at Glenfeliz

By Anne / March 1, 2017

Last week at Glenfeliz Blvd Elementary, we dissected some beans. We talked about how seeds come in all shapes and sizes, and each has a method of dispersing. We watched a pretty cool video of a seed pod exploding and flinging seeds all around. For the main event, we learned about the three main parts…

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Amending soil at Glenfeliz

By Anne / February 22, 2017

Last week at Glenfeliz Elementary, the kids helped add nutrients in the firm of compost and fresh soil to the garden beds! We have had a lot of rain lately, so our hope is that the nutrients will be carried deeper into the garden beds with the water. We also spread poppy seeds all over…

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Seed Bombs!

By Anne / February 9, 2017

Last year when I was teaching a soil lesson, I dug up a bit of earth from my yard so the kids could analyze it’s composition. It was immediately clear that the soil was pretty much just clay, because the students were rolling it into all all sorts of shapes as soon as they got…

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Harvesting at Glenfeliz

By Anne / February 1, 2017

There were some delicious veggies to sample in the garden at Glenfeliz last week! We cooked up some Chinese cabbage with just a splash of soy sauce. We sampled some raw cauliflower… …and the kids discovered a monster carrot 

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Compost at Glenfeliz

By Anne / January 25, 2017

Last week at Glenfeliz we learned about compost! The rain hit hard, so several classes had to be taught indoors, but the plants sure loved the rain.   I turned the compost so that all the lovely black compost soil was visible to the kids, and we took some time to check out what sorts…

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Food Chain at Glenfeliz

By Anne / January 18, 2017

Last week in the Gelnfeliz garden, we learned about the food chain. We talked about producers and primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. I gave the kids some real examples of plants and animals that might live in or visit our garden and they made up possible food chains. It was a rainy week, so we…

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Rainbow salad at Glenfeliz

By Anne / December 7, 2016

We have a great variety of delicious greens coming in at the Glenfeliz garden – Chinese Cabbage, Kale, Chard, MANY types of lettuces – so we put them all together and had a fresh garden snack. I brought in some colorful veggies to brighten up the greens and we talked about how to determine if…

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Numbers in nature

By Anne / October 31, 2016

For our second class of the second session at Glenfeliz Elementary, we learned about the Fibonacci spiral. Fibonacci is noted for laying out a numerical sequence commonly found in nature. This pattern is especially noticeable in objects shaped like spirals, such as snail shells or the centers of flowers. I broke down the math to…

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New group, new plants – Glenfeliz Elementary

By Anne / October 31, 2016

We started a new session of classes at Glenfeliz Elementary. Since it was our first class of the year, we got to know the garden a little bit! First, we learned some important rules for our time in the garden. The kids understand that the garden has rules to protect us, the plants and the…

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New plants!

By Alexys Thomas / October 12, 2016

We have had loads of growth, and the students have been a great help in maintaining the beds. They are kind and responsible with these baby plants!

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What is Corn???

By Alexys Thomas / October 11, 2016

We learned all about corn- the parts of corn, the origin of corn, and why we are growing so much corn in the United States. Last school year students planted Teosinte-corn’s great grandfather in it’s nearly original state. We dissected our plant, observed its pests, and planted new plants in their place. We also harvested…

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Plant anatomy at Glenfeliz Elementary

By Matt Heidrich / October 6, 2016

Today we learned about edible parts of a plant. Delicious apples growing on a branch. Native California sunflower. Today we tasted some delicious persimmon. Ranger Matt

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You make your OWN rules…

By Alexys Thomas / September 26, 2016

We decided to let the students make their own rules for the garden this year, and they proved to be mature and responsible. We also planted seeds in assigned class beds. Glenfeliz has a HUGE space, and we all work together to keep it going. The students here are really learning and growing!

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Soil refresher…

By Alexys Thomas / September 26, 2016

Last week, we learned about the soil pie chart and the loam triangle. Students did some exploring on their own of the soil, and wrote down scientific observations, as well as any memories tied to the feelings of the different soils. We shared our ideas, hypotheses, and memories with each other while we planted seeds.…

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Some sun please!

By Alexys Thomas / July 27, 2016

The garden beds at Glenfeliz are very grateful for the heat wave- they are shaded at times by multiple fruit trees and a few California Sycamore beauties. The garden took off in the heat and the plants are loving the warm moist soil!

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New Plants

By team / July 4, 2016

The new tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers are growing at Glenfeliz. We spoke with a teacher who gave us the entire scoop on the garden from years past and it was very helpful. We will be adding compost next week to add nutrients to the soil. We trimmed back the sunflowers that were shading the strawberries.

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Glenfeliz Starts a New Chapter

By Shylana Roman / May 22, 2016

The last round of classes at Glenfeliz has started with a cool new mini ranger program as an extra time for students who wish to spend more time in the garden for fun projects. We started by transplanting several squash plants and planting Mexican Oaxacan Green Corn seeds into two of the beds. These are…

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Alexys visits Glenfeliz!

By Alexys Thomas / May 5, 2016

So many baby plants at Glenfeliz! I thoroughly enjoyed visting Garden Ranger Shylana’s class. Students were excited to share what they knew about the plants in the garden, and excited to throw their food scraps in the compost. The garden here thrives, and has an AMAZING student body, parent body, and staff! We love working…

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Our Garden at Glenfeliz elementary

By team / April 28, 2016
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Watch “Glenfeliz Elementary School Garden tour” on YouTube

By team / April 27, 2016
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Know When to Grow at Glenfeliz Elementary

By Shylana Roman / April 24, 2016

Glenfeliz learned a very important lesson on growing seasons and how climate affects a plant’s growth patterns. We spent some time discussing how our favorite fruits and vegetables each have their ideal growing conditions; strawberries and tomatoes like the heat, while broccoli and grapes like cooler temperatures. February’s sporadic heat waves gave us some examples…

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GlenFeliz Elementary’s Day In The Life of Seeds

By Shylana Roman / March 20, 2016

Last Monday (03/07) was a rainy day cancelation, so we rainchecked our third lesson on how plants scatter their seeds to this week. The rain brought the pea plants some much needed cooler temperatures, and they bounced back to share an abundance of delicious snow and sugar snap peas! These served as wonderful examples of edible…

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Alexys visits GlenFeliz Elementary!

By team / March 10, 2016

It was all smiles during my visit to GlenFeliz Elementary. The students and staff here love the garden and its ranger Shylana. Honestly, what’s not to love? The garden is beautiful and colorful, full of pollinator friends and singing birds. Garden Ranger Shylana is full of fun and good energy. I has a lovely visit…

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GlenFeliz Soil Testers

By Shylana Roman / February 28, 2016

A strong garden foundation starts with good soil knowledge; a good gardener really knows their dirt! As the soil is pretty much the home space or incubator for every plant, it is extremely important that the sediment is a healthy and nurturing environment. Soil can consist of different layers of types of dirt, such as…

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Hello New GlenFeliz Flora Fans

By team / February 14, 2016

GlenFeliz marked the arrival of their new garden classes with some strong pledges to “treat all living creatures with respect and love”, even the bugs! The three new classes each claimed an empty bed and talked about what they envisioned growing in them. As always, watermelons and strawberries are highly wanted, and we quickly went…

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Welcome to Glenfeliz Veggie + Fruit Pictionary

By team / February 1, 2016

Pictionary is the name of the game at Glenfeliz – the last round of classes for this block schedule told me they really wanted to drive home their ability to recognize fruits and vegetables. To guarantee this could be done with a bit of fun, we decided to draw our favorites for others in the…

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Food Chain Fundamentals at Glenfeliz Elementary

By team / January 18, 2016

The new year brought new lessons on the food chain here at Glenfeliz Elementary! TK, Kindergarteners and Second graders got to snack on some sweet Blood Oranges, as we went over the basics of the food chain. I explained how life is a cycle, with every living organism doing its part to grow and how…

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Cool Season Seedlings for Glenfeliz

By team / November 15, 2015

This week at Glenfeliz, we learned about soil and prepared garden beds for planting! Students had a lot of fun digging with their tools and getting their hands dirty. The Glenfeliz garden received a generous donation of cool season seedlings from The Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention program. We received chard, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, and…

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New Students Meet the Garden at Glenfeliz

By team / November 2, 2015

This week at Glenfeliz, we introduced new groups of students to the garden classroom. We learned the rules that keep us and all the living things in the garden safe. Students also got a chance to meet the garden by observing, sketching, and asking questions about what they found. We checked in on our pea…

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Apple Harvest Celebration at Glenfeliz

By team / October 26, 2015

To celebrate the final class of our first group of students in garden at Glenfeliz, we harvested and tasted apples from our garden! Students enjoyed the sweetness and tartness of the Granny Smith apples that we harvested. We also enjoyed some food crafting and tasting by creating apple monster mouths for a healthy Halloween treat.…

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Worm Farming at Glenfeliz

By team / October 20, 2015

This week at Glenfeliz, students learned about composting with worms! We created our worm farm by adding red wiggler worms, vegetable scraps, water, and shredded newspaper to the worm bin. This type of composting is called vermicomposting. Check out our awesome worm bin! It will take a few months, but our worms will provide us…

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Plant Life Cycles at Glenfeliz

By team / October 13, 2015

This week at Glenfeliz, we learned about the life cycle of plants. Since we planted pea seeds last week in the garden, we used the pea plant in our life cycle discussion. Our pea plant life cycle goes from seed, sprout, seedling, adult plant, flowering plant, and finally to compost. Check out our pea sprouts…

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Glenfeliz Blvd. Elementary Blooms

By team / October 6, 2015

This week at Glenfeliz Blvd. Elementary, students learned about the four seasons and planted sugar snap pea seeds. It rained in Los Angeles over the weekend, and the Glenfeliz garden was very grateful for this much needed break from the hot and dry weather we have been experiencing. We discovered many beautiful blooms throughout the…

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Garden Scavenger Hunt at Glenfeliz

By team / September 25, 2015

On our first day of garden classes at Glenfeliz, 1st and 2nd grade students explored the garden during a super fun scavenger hunt! Garden Ranger Ashley guided students through comparing the length and mass of natural and man-made objects by using non-standard units of measurement. Here the students were asked to find a leaves that…

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Sunflowers take the show at Glenfeliz Elementary

By team / June 10, 2015

The Glenfeliz Elementary garden features long rows of abundant garden beds, filled with colorful flowers and prospering vegetables and fruits. The thriving sunflower plant that emerges from one bed elegantly towers over the garden walkway. ~Shaylyn, Intern

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Thriving Glenfeliz Farm!

By team / May 22, 2015

Since its creation last October, the Glenfeliz Farm has been thriving! It’s hard to believe that a lot of this space was once asphalt, but it is now covered by beds that are home to a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The Farm has been growing quickly and students are truly enjoying having this…

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The New Farm at Glenfeliz Elementary!

By team / October 29, 2014

A huge THANK YOU to all of those involved in making the Glenfeliz Farm happen! Last week, Tomas and crew (volunteers from Northland Village Church, Do Good Bus, and Bravo High School Kiwanis Club) worked for three days to get the garden site ready, build planter boxes, and finally plant some beautiful greenery at Glenfeliz Elementary…

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What is EnrichLA up to this week? Find us in our gardens!

By team / October 20, 2014

Monday 10/20 – Weemes Elementary School! Garden Ranger Traci is leading her team of volunteers from Turning Point to give it a good garden makeover. Not only do our garden rangers teach curriculum, they organize volunteer days to bring in community members to help improve the schools’ green space! We celebrate our Garden Rangers! Thursday…

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Asphalt has been removed at Glenfeliz Elementary!

By team / June 9, 2014

A HUGE amount of asphalt has been removed at Glenfeliz Elementary School and a new EnrichLA garden is coming soon! EnrichLA previously built a lovely reading garden at this school, complete with planters and picnic tables. See photos below of the future garden site, which will feature fruits and veggies, as well as native plants!…

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