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Eastman Elementary School

This garden was built in Spring 2016 in partnership with the UCLA Global Brigades. It features six raised beds and three picnic tables.

Eastman Avenue Elementary

By enrichla / June 2, 2017
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Summer is Starting at Eastman Avenue Elementary

By Alexandra Carbone / May 31, 2017

It’s the last week of Garden classes at Eastman Avenue Elementary and a good day to talk about summer vegetables vs winter vegetables.  We talked about the climate in Southern California and how we can grow year round, but that different things grow at different times.  We talked about how the summer has long days…

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Last Day for the Kinder Graders

By Zuri Blandon / May 29, 2017

Here they were on the last day of their garden class. Enjoying themselves finding Friends & Foes in the garden, smelling flowers and herbs. Lovely children whose imaginations helped them become more drawn to plants and nature. The school garden gives them an opportunity to learn about nature and see it as a  living environment…

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A bee is a friend

By Zuri Blandon / May 17, 2017

Honey bees live together in a colony, divided in three groups – queen bee, drones and workers. Each  group has an important role in the community. they work as team to keep the colony alive and well fed during the long winter days when they will live inside their beehive eating  honey. Students understood how…

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Bugtime at Eastman Ave Elementary

By Alexandra Carbone / May 16, 2017

We had a blast in the garden today learning about bugs! During school, the first graders learned about friends and foes in the garden; friends who help the garden out and foes who make a mess of things! Here are some of their drawings (with sound-it-out spelling).   They learned that spraying poison on the bugs…

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Learning About Seeds at Eastman Ave

By Alexandra Carbone / May 10, 2017

We had a fun day learning about seeds. The kids explored inside some soaked black eyed peas to see if they could find the baby plant inside. We talked about how Seeds need water to start growing and why we soak dry beans before we cook them — to rinse off substances that keep the…

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Harvest, First Garden Class

By Zuri Blandon / May 2, 2017

The Kinder classes made their way in for their outdoor experience, they harvested snapdragons, herbs, chives, Swiss chards, purple chards and carrots.   As the warm crops continue growing,  students helped harvest the cool season crops and  make room for the new plants.  Some of them sample and liked the taste of these veggies and…

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What part of the plant do I eat at home? | Eastman

By Zuri Blandon / April 5, 2017

Carrots, lettuce, beans, broccoli are some vegetables that are roots, leaves, seeds and flowers, respectively. Identifying the parts of the plant will help students understand what is growing in the garden and what parts of the plant they buy at home. Students drew their own plant and labeled all six parts of it. They had to think of what…

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Welcome 1st Grade

By team / March 20, 2017

New cycle is here.. In their first day in the garden, 2nd grade students were all hands on; ready to help. Along with their teachers, students transplanted roots from one bed to another. Other classes helped watering the garden. It was pretty hot day for early March, the students and plants enjoyed keeping cool with…

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By Zuri Blandon / March 7, 2017

When to start seeds? the answer depends upon your zone. The Department of agriculture separates zones according to their temperature, this  enhances germination and strong healthy plants. Some seeds are best to start in seedlings and others sow. The parents club  put to practice their gardening skills and made seedlings! Students had their last garden…

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Friends and Foes

By Zuri Blandon / February 26, 2017

The garden is like an ecosystem where insects, plants, pests  and other alike make a home benefiting from each other. Students learned that some insects are beneficial for the garden and others are not. They looked at photos of insects and understood what they pray on and what plants attract them to the garden. Beneficial…

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Cool vs warm

By Zuri Blandon / February 14, 2017

Understanding when to plant  is important for a successful garden. Students  learned that in California we have two planting season-Cool and warm.  The length of the day and how cold nights get  affect the plants growth as well. I showed pictures of cool and warm season vegetables and students reacted  when they saw their favorite…

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Welcome to the garden 2nd grade!

By Zuri Blandon / February 6, 2017

First day in the garden for second graders. We set the rules of how to behave in the garden. We discussed the things they would like to see grow beside fruit trees and tropical plants.  They sample  lettuce, learned gardening words such as beds, compost, soil, hand shovel irrigation etc. Last, students helped prune and…

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Last class

By Zuri Blandon / January 31, 2017

5TH graders finished  their garden classes with an art gallery that showed their group posters. we discussed jobs that incorporate growing foods. Students learned that there are many professions where they can make a living by learning how to take care of nature and grow healthy foods. Their group topics inspired them to think about…

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Sustainable ideas for the future at Eastman

By Zuri Blandon / January 22, 2017

After a week of working on our posters, the 5th graders presented, explained ideas to develop a project that is sustainable, due-able and will motivate the community and officials to be involved. Students had 5 topics to pick from, as a team they brainstormed ideas, found inspiration within their school grounds and communities to develop…

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Team projects and posters. (STEM)

By Zuri Blandon / January 16, 2017

A rainy day means  indoor garden projects. 5th graders worked in small groups brain storming ideas and  solutions to illustrate a poster for their assigned topic. The topics were the following: Rain Reservation, a Sustainable City, a School Garden in 2027, More Trees and a Community Garden in 2017.  As part of their  introduction to…

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Biodegradable vs non-biodegradable

By Zuri Blandon / December 22, 2016

Students learned  about compost and it’s ingredients- green, brown materials, fungus, bacteria, invertebrates, oxygen, nitrogen and moist. Our  compost  bin was the sample where they added fruit and vegetable scraps, shredded news paper  and cardboard, water and a good mix. They understood the differences  between Biodegradable and non-Biodegradable and saw examples of the materials  that…

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Welcome 5th grade

By Zuri Blandon / December 11, 2016

Welcome to the garden !! Students had their first lesson about the  six parts of the plant- roots, stem, leaves, flowers fruits and seeds. We eat them all and each provides us with vitamins essential for our growth and survival. The class also sample kale, lettuce, bell peppers, and herbs that are growing. For some…

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Welcome to the garden..

By Zuri Blandon / November 25, 2016

      The next Cycle of students  are ready to dive in the garden and find the magic within. 5th graders are making their way to explore, learn  the art of growing foods and how plants helps us stay active, energetic and healthy. Their lesson started with a quick visit to their classrooms. While…

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Sample kale and munch on lettuce

By Zuri Blandon / November 23, 2016

November 16, 2016 Last day of class for this cycle. The last lesson was Food and Jobs. the garden not only  gives our veggies, fruits , herbs and flowers  but it is also an excellent  career  for making a living. Students shared what type of jobs are connected with foods and the career they would…

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Bodies in motion

By Zuri Blandon / November 13, 2016

Wednesday  our class focused in foods, healthy vs unhealthy and how our bodies responds when we do not nourish it well. Students shared about their eating habits and what they can do to keep their bodies healthy.  they understood that a well balance meal and exercise will  benefit  and will help them concentrate and perform…

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By Zuri Blandon / November 5, 2016

Dia de los muertos.. Art with Basil, Cilantro, Lavender, Mint, Dill and Marigolds.   Students are becoming more curious about the edible garden and the benefits for the community. As they watch their seedlings grow, they understand the connection plants have with life. One student said  ” seeds represent the circle of life and now…

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Compost and art

By Zuri Blandon / October 30, 2016

Eastman had their lesson on compost, students understood that compost is decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer. Green and brown, bacteria, fungus and invertebrates are the ingredients that  turn decayed material into compost. They also planted cool season veggies- Cabbage, lettuce, broccoli and carrot seedlings. At the end of class, they rinsed their hands…

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Seedlings at Eastman Elementary

By Zuri Blandon / October 23, 2016

Students  Planted seeds by doing seedlings. We started our cool season vegetables, now we will dedicate our time to improve the soil and make our new veggies grow.    

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Parts of the Plant

By Zuri Blandon / October 7, 2016

  At Eastman Students  learned the six parts of the plant ( root. stem, leaves. flower, fruit, seed). We eat all parts of the plant from the roots to the seeds, but we are aware of parts of the plant are not healthy for us. Eastman students drew, colored and wrote about the plants, friends…

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The Seasons-Eastman Elementary

By Zuri Blandon / October 2, 2016

September 28, 2016 Los  Angeles is lucky, we can plant and grow plants almost all year around because we experience only two crop seasons- warm and cool. The weather is similar to the Mediterranean making it easy for cultivating. Eastman Elementary students learned about the seasons and what vegetables, fruits, herbs and plants  can be…

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Eastman Elementary- friends and foes

By Zuri Blandon / September 22, 2016

Students learned about the friends and bad friends  in the garden. There are beneficial insects, worms and predators in the garden, but there are other friends who take away from the garden.  Students identify good and bad  friends by exploring the garden while they find good and bad friends. Ranger -Zuri

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Lets talk dirt. Eastman Elementary

By Zuri Blandon / September 15, 2016

Yesterday students learned about dirt, soil and mulch. with three wooden blocks , students were able to find the differences among them, students were also able to analyzed and think about the nutrients dirt lacks, what healthy soil looks like and the purpose of mulch.  . Ranger zuri

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Eastman Elementary 1st Garden Class

By Zuri Blandon / September 9, 2016

Wednesday Sep 7th was the first day of garden class. Six classes full of energy, curiosity and eagerness to learn all about nature.  with their imagination and team work, the garden will  produce lots of veggies, fruits and herbs. The garden will also be a hub for their curious mind  to expand and  learn something…

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Abundance & dreams at Eastman Elementary School

By team / August 25, 2016

Today the garden gate was unlock, veggies were harvest, teachers shared ideas and projects and students are thrill to start.. Ranger Zuri

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Eastman Seedlings are Looking Great!

By Hope Cox / July 23, 2016

It’s been a few weeks now since we planted new seedlings at Eastman. Take a look at their growth! …And there is a new compost bin!

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New plants at Eastman!

By Hope Cox / July 6, 2016
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Last day at Eastman

By Janae Patino / June 12, 2016

This week at Eastman, students explored the garden, taking liberal sniffs of the existing plants and learned about the irrigation drip system. We also made preparations to say goodbye for summer. We planted watermelon, pumpkin, corn, and radishes two weeks ago and they are actually coming in very nicely. We also added some more transplants to the…

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Planting up at Eastman

By Janae Patino / May 24, 2016

Eastman elementary has decided to bring new classes to the garden every week for the rest of the school year to introduce as many students to their brand new garden as possible. We are taking this opportunity to familiarize students with gardening lingo and rules. But we are also getting students’ feet wet by letting them…

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Welcome Gardeners at Eastman Elementary

By Janae Patino / May 9, 2016

Eastman elementary students had their first week in their brand new garden this week. It was an exciting time as students explored the empty garden beds, making plans for what they would like to see grow within the coming months. We planted three tomato plants in this garden, with each class coming up with a…

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We have built another new garden at Eastman Elementary school

By team / April 27, 2016
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