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Dominguez High School

This garden was upgraded in Spring 2014 in partnership with the Kitchen Community. It features two raised horseshoe-shaped beds and one raised circular bed.

Last Day at Dominguez high – Dominguez high

By Yancy Comins / June 7, 2017

Last days….. We set it up in the former week to know what we will be executing. . So the seniors were gone and that was sad. I didn’t get to say my good-byes and good-lucks.. But the show must go on… Today we are ripping out the old to get ready for summer plants.…

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Garden Love – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / June 7, 2017

So, Dominguez high school’s seniors are feeling the senioritis, I hurt my leg and the weather, well, Im not going to blame anything on the weather haha. But, on this gloomy day, we visited the garden to assess what was needed to be done on our next and last visit (sad face)..  We took our…

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Dominguez High School

By enrichla / June 2, 2017
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Started From The Garden Now We’re Here- Dominguez high

By Yancy Comins / May 23, 2017

Special treats cooked up by the students of Mr. Perez’ nutrition class today and I just HAD to step into the kitchen with them.. Well, technically the whole class is pretty much a kitchen, so that was easy… Today was a super cool day as we had our EnrichLA family school (Whaley Middle School’s) eighth…

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Green Garden – Dominguez high

By Yancy Comins / May 17, 2017

Such a vibracious seen in the Dominguez High school garden, as the green leaves and flowers near their life cycle and develop seeds for the next generation of plants. Salad lettuce is to be picked, Russian kale is to be cooked herbs are to be dried and seeds are to be collected.  Oh and the…

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What’s on the Label? at Dominguez

By Lindsay De May / May 10, 2017

For my last week at Dominguez, we explored what to find on a food label. A food label is any information found on the back of food packages. This includes the name of the product, it’s net weight, the manufacturers address, a nutrition label and a list of ingredients. I had 20 different products with…

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From Farm to Landfill

By Lindsay De May / May 5, 2017

We all know food starts at a farm, but do we know where it ends up? 40% of the food made in the US is thrown out in landfills, whereas only 60% is actually being eaten. How could this be? At Dominguez, we discussed many reasons why food gets wasted. Many students shared that they…

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Global omelettes at Dominguez

By Lindsay De May / April 14, 2017

Today was an exciting cooking educational class for everyone at Dominguez. Following off of last week’s lesson about where food comes from, the first two classes made omelettes in the styled after different cultures/ regions. Students made French, Greek, Spanish, Southwest, and Hawaiian style omelettes. Because the room is equipped with stoves and cutlery, students…

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How far did it travel? at Dominguez

By Lindsay De May / April 11, 2017

This week was my first week subbing for Yancy at Dominguez and I decided to follow his conversation around food justice. I started the class with introductions and then had all students do a 5 minute meditation. I was blown away by how well the 9th grade biology class did. Right when meditation was over,…

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Greens and Things – Dominguez high

By Yancy Comins / March 23, 2017

Harvesting our greens mix which consists of mustard greens mix, arugala mix, red leaf lettuce and even some spinach.   The garden is booming this time of year, still a bit cold but the plants are already coming out of their hiding spots to show the beauty of their unique flowers. Here we have nasturtiums…

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Spring is Among us – Dominguez high

By Yancy Comins / March 23, 2017

sSpring is on the horizon and the plants oblige! The students didn’t mind the rain but they love the sunny vibes. The bees are on the broccoli. Except the one that stalked me. Spring is well on the way. Shew fly. Don’t bother me. I’m waiting patient for the buzz of my friend the Bee.…

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I’m Hungry – Dominguez high

By Yancy Comins / February 28, 2017

Out in the garden there is lots to eat, And a lot more growing. Inside the classroom, we are learning the how culture family and society affects are perspective on food. This is going beyond food for calories. This is speaking to growing habits of appreciation of our natural foods and all the splendor food…

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Over at Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / February 18, 2017

Cabbage Cerebellums Sunny Sunflowers Boastful Broccoli Bumping Brussels Sprouts Mucho Mixed Greens

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Tender Love and Carrots- Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / February 3, 2017

  Should the pictures do the talking, they would say “Today was a Good day”. And they’d be spot on!

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Good Good Growth – Dominguez

By Yancy Comins / January 28, 2017

Big things going on at Dominguez High School… We are talking HUGE Noire Cabbages, fava beans vines, a carrot and red radish forest and a wonderful herb garden, just to name a few. Our fruit trees are slowly being healed and our sunflowers are popping up everywhere. In just a few weeks this garden will…

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Where’s Bugs when you need them – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / January 21, 2017

…Bugs Bunny that is…. Soo, we have been waiting on our radish and carrots to show that they are ready to pick and today was the day! Our White carrots, obviously are not as “normal” as your orange varieties, grew from seed and were a hit once I got them to get over the color…

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Rainy Days – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / January 20, 2017

Some of us don’t like getting out in the rain and getting rained on, but our plant friends love it! Coming back from winter break to wonderful maturing crops! Our broccoli had already bloomed and started to seed, plenty of new nasturtium flowers and our cabbages are almost ready to be popped off~ Here is…

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Holiday Love – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / December 29, 2016

As the last week in the school year at Dominguez High, I decided to put a hold on the lessons outside in the garden and focus on something just as important within the walls of the classroom.. We spent our time watching this Great video by the folks over at Appetite For Change. A cool…

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Sharing is Caring -Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / December 8, 2016

Last week at Dominguez High was all about sharing! As the veggies all share homes together in the soil, us humans shared our first limes off our lime tree, which tasted more like orange than lime (best lime I ever had). We shared nasturtiums.  We also shared freshly picked radish. And we even found out…

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#GivingTuesday- Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / November 30, 2016

Fibonacci sequences as brain food and Nasturtiums for a snack.. On this Giving Tuesday We gave the gift of nasturtiums to our taste buds. As we did our weekly observations in the garden, I decided to spice things up by letting students try our nasturtium plant, growing in the garden (Thanks to Hope). We went…

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Fer-Til-Ize – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / November 29, 2016

So a couple of teachers near the garden had to close their doors on this day.. WHY? Because we had the whole place smelling like a hundred pounds of rotten fish (Or some of my students would say, a bit like chocolate milk)! But believe me, that was a great thing! We fertilized with fish…

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Vote!! – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / November 10, 2016

That’s right! We took a break from garden talk/work and honed in on these kids futures. With some of my students already being 18 years of age, Iallowed this class to be all about a mock vote on 10 California propositions. This was eye-opening and the dialogue created when discussing diffferent Points of View wa…

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Herbalicious – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins / October 30, 2016

So if you’ve been following Dominguez for the past 2 weeks, you know that we’ve been working on our herb poster project and now its so close to completion for presenting! We’ve got Nutritional facts, biochemical makeups, medicinal properties, flavor profiles, history and origin and even a recipie or two! All this comes with taking…

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Hope visits Dominguez

By Hope Cox / October 30, 2016

Today, I took some time to visit Yancy at Dominguez High. When I arrived, he was teaching Mr. H’s class; they were working on creating posters that illustrated and described different kinds of herbs that later they would plant in their garden. Aside from the splendid artwork, the kids wrote out a recipe and the…

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Project Herb at Dominguez

By Yancy Comins / October 22, 2016

Do you know what plants can bring you flavor, food, aromatics and healing? Here’s a quick look at our group projects where we are learning about the herb before we plant it in our garden. Herbs have been used worldwide for thousands of years for medicinal and culinary reasons… …Stay tuned for more from the…

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Today Was a Good Day

By Yancy Comins / October 13, 2016

Compton, California. A lot of things may come to my before you may think of “Engineers and Horticulture”. Well, Dominguez High School and EnrichLA are encouraging new thoughts. Today we planted veggies, seed spaced and sewed, discovered hidden carrots and my favorite part, built some awesome looking and effective trellis’s. (Is that the proper plural…

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Seed Saving turned to Seed Eating

By Yancy Comins / October 7, 2016

When life gives you sunflowers you make sunflowerade. But we decided to make roasted chilé and lime sunflower seeds instead. This pic is completely filled with awesomeness. One old sunflower, a student’s hardworking hand and sunflower seeds! Sorry, the roasted sunflower seeds were gone before I could snap a pic. They were taaaasty! -YC

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Save the Trees

By Yancy Comins / October 2, 2016

From citrus to exotic fruits, Dominguez high has a mini orchard on the rise. With a little help from us humans, these trees will thrive and bring in a whole new ecosystem! We spent a period just working on stripping away pesky grass, creating berms and fertilizing our trees so that they may be given…

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DeCOMPOSTing is an Art

By Yancy Comins / September 24, 2016

One mans trash is another mans…. Compost.  On this day we covered the full compost process and then went to the garden and put what we learned to great use!  Nitrogen – Carbon – Air – Water – FBI  -YC

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Let’s get Growing!

By Yancy Comins / September 7, 2016

The first day at a new school means new faces, new garden friends, and new energy! Today was GREAT! Stepping into Mr. Perez classroom was like stepping into a kitchen, in fact, several kitchens! Being it the first class and having the honor of teaching kids in nutrional I & II as well as Restaurant…

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Rainbow tomatoes at Dominguez!

By Hope Cox / July 26, 2016

What fun! I found a rainbow in the tomato bed at Dominguez today. Fruits from red, orange, yellow, green, purple and combinations of these colors glistened under the emerald leaves. 🙂

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Last Day of School and Values on the Line

By Sara Haston / June 2, 2016

Today, the students had a chance to share and discuss their ideas on environmental issues facing current and future generations. I read statements and they responded with how much they agreed or disagreed with the statement on a scale of 1-10. After the lesson we had snacks that consisted of  popcorn and kumquats. The students shared…

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Sensory Scavenger Hunt

By Sara Haston / May 20, 2016

In the garden this week the students explored the five senses as they relate to different plants in the garden. They got into groups of 2-4 and wrote out descriptions of how a plant feels with touch, how a plant looks using vision, how a plant smells, what is heard when we close our eyes…

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DIY Tea Blend

By Sara Haston / April 28, 2016

This week we harvested fresh herbs from the garden and combined them with dried herbs. We then mashed them up together to release their flavors in a mortar and pestle. Then we combined them in a tea bag and poured boiling water of them, eventually sipping on them. It was the perfect day to sip…

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Harvesting, Prepping Beds, and Transplanting

By Sara Haston / April 25, 2016

Students this week prepared the garden beds for planting and placed seedlings in their new home. They learned about how each plant requires different nutrients- peas fix nitrogen, tomatoes are heavy feeders, and cabbages like cooler weather. We prepared the beds by pulling out older plants that had gone to seed- like lettuce and mustard…

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Hooray for New Irrigation and a Tool Shed!

By Sara Haston / April 17, 2016

Up until now the garden beds have been manually watered, which is not very efficient. So, Tomas O’Grady himself drove out to Compton with a trailer full of tools and supplies to install irrigation, install a timer for the water system, and assemble a tool shed with a platform. The students came out and I…

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Kale Pesto

By Sara Haston / March 22, 2016

This week the students had the chance to harvest ingredients from the garden and create a dish. The menu was kale pesto with vegetable pasta. We harvested two types of kale, Red Russian and Curly, and herbs to garnish; oregano, thyme, and chives. We then washed the produce and came back to the class to…

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Farm and Food Careers, and Guerilla Gardening

By Sara Haston / March 9, 2016

This week we discussed the many career paths possible in the food and farm world. Some examples include a farmer, a chef, a caterer, a farmers’ market seller, a farmers’ market manager, and a director of sustainability. I passed out vegetable seed packets to half the class and designated them farmers. The other half of…

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What Are The Differences Between Whole and Processed Foods?

By Sara Haston / March 9, 2016

Last week we discussed the difference between whole and processed foods. We watched two videos by reputable sources that shared the difference between a whole fruit, a partially-processed fruit, and a totally processed fruit, and compared the sugar content of each. So for example: an apple, applesauce, and apple juice. The students were able to see…

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Diets Around the World

By team / February 17, 2016

February 16, 2016 This week we discussed the five major food groups, went over examples of each one, and discussed what they do in our body and how much to eat of each. Next we looked at a photo essay called, Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. Each photograph depicted a family from a different…

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Our beautiful Compton gardens

By team / February 5, 2016

While traveling south, I was able to visit 5 of our beautiful Compton gardens- Foster ES, Whaley MS, Dominguez HS, Sullivan Pre-K, and Bryson ES. Our rangers and students are doing a wonderful job maintaining these spaces. I loved visiting Sullivan Pre-K, which is maintained by Garden Ranger Hope and Garden Volunteer Extraordinaire Dee, and…

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Dominguez High is overflowing with fresh fruits and veggies

By team / August 20, 2015

Along with an incredible array of the classic herbs, tomatoes, and squash that can be found at the Dominguez High School garden, I have been delighted every week by the surprises that this site has to offer. My last visit I harvested a beautiful purple eggplant hiding beneath a towering tomato plant. I also found a couple of…

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The Dominguez High bounty attracts beautiful insects

By team / July 29, 2015

Every time I return to Dominguez High School, the garden looks fuller and greener, a perfect habitat that a number of graceful butterflies have chosen to spend their days. Today I cut back a lot of the plants that have grown out of their beds and pulled some weeds growing around the fruit trees on the lawn.…

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A beautiful summer day at Dominguez High School

By team / July 22, 2015

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to work with another one of EnrichLA’s interns from the South Bay, Dee. Dominguez High School is looking great, so there wasn’t much to do. We watered each of the beds and fruit trees to the side of the garden, as well as pulled weeds and pruned away a…

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New summer seedlings are planted at Dominguez High

By team / July 1, 2015

Today, I planted a few new seedlings at Dominguez High School, including basil, thyme, and some red and orange flowers perfect for the summer. I also took the time to prune some dry leaves and pull older, out of season plants out of the beds to make room for the new seedlings. One of the…

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