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Delevan Drive Elementary School

EnrichLA, with the help of Next Step Ministries and Mercer, completed this garden makeover and kitchen arbor in Winter 2012. It also features a butterfly garden.

End of the year at Delevan

By Cindy Soto / July 1, 2017

Our last garden class of the year was a couple of weeks ago at Delevan. Many Students were sad that they wouldn’t be coming to the garden until next year, but we ended with planting more seeds in the ground and with a nice yummy salad and cucumbers with tajin! I also planted another California…

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Seed Anatomy at Delevan Drive

By Cindy Soto / June 10, 2017

On June 1st we learned a little bit of seed anatomy. To learn, we did a hands on activity, “dissecting” a bean seed. First, took the seed coat off, opened it in half and saw the cotyledons and also the embryo or as I call it with the students, the “baby plant.” There are more…

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Delevan Drive Elementary

By enrichla / June 2, 2017
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Flower Parts at Delevan

By Cindy Soto / May 31, 2017

May 25, 2017 Today was all about flowers! Learning why flowers are important and their reason, and also their parts. I started off with reading the book, “The Reason for a Flower” . In which the students learned that the reason for a flower is to make seeds! Then it was about learning a few…

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Making Compost piles at Delevan Drive

By Cindy Soto / May 23, 2017

May 18, 2017 How can you return or recycle food waste back to the Earth?? By COMPOSTING! Instead of sending food waste, green waste (like freshly cut leafs for e.g.), and dead material to the landfill where it just sits, why not compost instead? Today, the students at Delevan learned about compost, the ingredients and…

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We had a busy Saturday!

By team / May 22, 2017

Last Saturday, EnrichLA organized workdays at THREE different school sites! We had a great group from Gay4Good helping us clean up the garden at Delevan Drive Elementary. Gay4Good recently reached a milestone in terms of their great community service throughout Los Angeles and it was an honor to partner with them once again for Harvey…

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Warm season veggie time at Delevan!

By Cindy Soto / May 20, 2017

May 11, 2017. Did you know tomatoes like to grow in the warm season but not the cool season? Or that Broccoli likes to only grow in the cool season? That’s what Delevan students learned this day, cool and warm season veggies. To learn different veggies, we played a card game in which each student…

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Last Rotation of the year at Delevan

By Cindy Soto / May 9, 2017

Last Thursday, May 4th, was the first day of the last rotation of the year. One of the classes was gone because of testing, so we had a class that had missed their last day last week. Teacher requested if I could talk about soil, so we had an impromptu soil lesson. We talked about…

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Last Wednesday garden class at Delevan

By Cindy Soto / May 9, 2017

Last Wednesday, May 3rd, was the last day of Wednesday garden classes at Delevan Drive. We did a quick review of what we have learned in the last 7 weeks, and then had our taste of the day, carrots and hummus, before getting our hands full of soil! We did a fun little activity with…

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Direct Sowing at Delevan Drive

By Cindy Soto / May 1, 2017

On Wednesday April 26th and Thursday April 27th we learned about Direct Sowing! Direct sowing simply means, directly planting a seed into the ground vs. planting in seedling trays. We talked about why direct sowing is done, why gardeners or farmers may choose to do trays first for starting seeds, and it’s benefits. For the…

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Warm veggies and getting natives in!

By Cindy Soto / April 28, 2017

We are back from Spring Break on April 20th, 2017! Since many of our cool season veggies, like the lettuces, are starting to bolt and go to seed, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about cool and warm season veggies, as the garden will start to go into transition of warm crops.…

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It’s time for Warm Season Veggies!

By Cindy Soto / April 27, 2017

We are back from Spring Break on April 19th, 2017! Since many of our cool season veggies, like the lettuces, are starting to bolt and go to seed, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about cool and warm season veggies, as the garden will start to go into transition of warm crops.…

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Seed parts and weeding the garden at Delevan

By Cindy Soto / April 16, 2017

On Thursday April 6th, we talked about seed anatomy! There are many parts of a seed, but we only talked about three of them. To start off, each student received a bean seed that had been soaked overnight. As we dissected the bean, we went over the parts: the seed coat, cotyledons and the embryo…

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Seed Parts!

By Cindy Soto / April 12, 2017

Last Wednesday on April 5th, we talked about seed anatomy! There are many parts of a seed but we only talked about three parts to start with. To start the lesson with, each student received a bean seed soaked overnight. As we dissected the bean, we went over the parts, the seed coat, cotyledons and…

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All About flowers!

By Cindy Soto / April 3, 2017

On Thursday March 30th, we talked about flowers by starting off with a book called “A reason for a flower.” After reading the book to the students, we went on to talk about two parts of a Lily flower with a drawing I made, the Pistil and the Stamen. The Pistil is the female part…

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Parts of Flowers

By Cindy Soto / April 3, 2017

On Wednesday March 29th, we talked about flowers by starting off with a book called “A reason for a flower.” After reading the book to the students, we went on to talk about two parts of a Lily flower, the Pistil and the Stamen. Both parts described in a drawing I brought with me and…

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Companions in the garden

By Cindy Soto / April 1, 2017

Last week on Thursday on March 23rd, students learned about companion planting. To begin with, we talked about the three sisters which are, beans, squash and corn. Why they are companions, and the benefits they provide each other when planted together. Afterwards, they played a companion planting card game. Each student received a card with…

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Are Tomatoes and Basil good companions?

By Cindy Soto / March 29, 2017

Last Wednesday on March 22nd, we learned about companion planting, which plants can be buddies in the garden and which ones wouldn’t be buddies. We started off with the three sisters, which are, corn, beans and squash. If they are all planted together, they are good companions and actually benefit each other in some way.…

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Old and new faces at the garden!

By Cindy Soto / March 27, 2017

On Thursday March 16th, a new rotation of students started, but this time we had two 6th grade classes that came for a second round of garden classes. For the new classes, we talked about the rules in the garden, and introduced each other with our names and a favorite fruit or veggie, then explored…

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1st day of Wednesday Garden classes!

By Cindy Soto / March 27, 2017

On March 15, Delevan started their make-up session of garden classes on Wednesdays. Which means one set of classes on Wednesdays, and another set of classes of our typical Thursday classes. We first talked about the rules we should always follow in the garden like, “Respect all living things” , and introduced ourselves to each…

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Weeding and Planting on the last day of class.

By Cindy Soto / March 21, 2017

March 9th marked the last day of the 6 week rotation with the students. For the last day, all the kids had the chance to just get their hands dirty and have a good time in the garden! Before we all dove into the garden, I did a quick 5 minute talk about the different…

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A day about seeds!

By Cindy Soto / March 19, 2017

The subject on March 2, 2017, was on seed anatomy and the ways seeds are dispersed in nature. With the younger grades we only went over two parts, the seed coat and cotyledon, and read the book, “FROM SEED TO PLANT”. With the 6th grade class I added a few more parts. I was able…

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A fallen tree…

By Cindy Soto / February 28, 2017

Well, Thursday February 23rd, was an interesting day. It was one of those days that things don’t go as planned. I arrive at the school, to my surprise, the plant manager tells me that a tree had fallen in the garden on Monday due to the storms. I go in and look, the bad news…

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Looking at parts of a plant!

By Cindy Soto / February 26, 2017

On Thursday February 16th, we learned about parts of the plant, which parts we typically eat from a plant, and which parts we don’t. For example, a tomato, we enjoy the fruit, but don’t eat the leaves because they could make us sick. With our returning 2nd grade class, I decided to do a quick…

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Why companion planting?

By Cindy Soto / February 19, 2017

February 9th, 2017 When its comes to companion planting, I like to remind the students about their friends and foes first. After, I bring in on how companion planting can help with fighting off those foes that eat or ruin the veggies in the garden. An example is mint, when planted along with the cabbage…

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More new faces at the garden!

By Cindy Soto / February 17, 2017

Feb 2nd, 2017, the first day of garden class for the new rotation of students! One of our classes was a returning class from two rotations ago, so we did a quick review of the rules to follow. They had the chance to go around the garden in groups and write down what they found…

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Last day of garden class

By Cindy Soto / February 1, 2017

January 26th, 2017 It was another great 6 weeks with these group of students. Many were so sad that we wouldn’t be having garden class anymore, but told them they were always welcome to come visit the garden. Because the kids hadn’t been to the garden in a month and a half (winter break and…

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Water Cycle on another rainy day!

By Cindy Soto / January 31, 2017

January 19th, 2017 Although, we may not get the chance to be in the garden because of the rain, so happy that California is getting this much-needed rain! Since it’s raining, why not talk about the water cycle? With the 5/6th graders, we started off by asking what the students already knew about the water…

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Seeds on this rainy day!

By Cindy Soto / January 24, 2017

Back to the garden after Winter break on January 12th, 2017! It’s been a whole month that I have been to the garden, or had a class with the students of Delevan because of the break. But we are back, and in the rain. Since it was a rainy day, we had our class indoor,…

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It’s the cool season!

By Cindy Soto / December 26, 2016

December 8th , the last garden class before winter break. We just learned about companion planting last week, and saw some examples of it in the garden and also, planted some cool season veggies in the garden. Therefore, we learned about warm and cool season plants today. We started off by talking about some of the…

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Companion planting

By Cindy Soto / December 8, 2016

For our second class on December 1st,I thought it would be great for the kids to learn about companion planting. We started off by seeing what the class remembers about their friends and foes. What was good or bad about them, or just simply what they remembered about it. Then, we made a connection of…

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New rotation, new faces!

By Cindy Soto / November 27, 2016

Our second round of classes started at Delevan on November 17th, which meant new faces in the garden! I introduced myself, and then we went around so everybody could introduce themselves. The 6th graders worked in pairs to write out the rules we should follow in the garden, or any other rules they thought would…

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Some fun on the last day of garden class!

By Cindy Soto / November 21, 2016

November 10th marked the last day of garden class for the first rotation of students. Many of the students were sad to know that they wouldn’t be coming to more classes, but know they are more than welcome to come visit. Since it was our last class, we did a quick review of what we…

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Flower anatomy!

By Cindy Soto / November 13, 2016

FLOWERS on Thursday November 3rd ! The week before we had a lesson about bees, pollination, and a bit about flowers. So, for today’s lesson we dug a little deeper into flowers to understand a little better and make the connection of pollination. I brought along with me a drawing of a lily, the flower we…

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Buzzing Bees

By Cindy Soto / October 31, 2016

Thursday October 27th .Today was all about Bees and Pollination! We first started off by looking at our small experiment from last week. The seeds we had put in the jar. Since it was a whole week, the corn started to germinate first, and even started to develop some roots, wow! I reminded them about…

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All about seeds!

By Cindy Soto / October 29, 2016

October 20th, 2016, our 3rd week at Delevan, it was all about SEEDS! We also had a new class join us, so we all introduced ourselves, talked about the garden rules and explored the garden. The first question of the day was, “where do plants grow from?” Some said soil, and some said “the roots!” But…

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Cool and Warm planting seasons!

By Cindy Soto / October 23, 2016

October 13th ,the 2nd week at Delevan Elementary! Foggy, cool mornings, it has been really feeling like Fall! With the weather changing, I was pretty sure the kids noticed the change in weather. And what better way to make a note of that with a connection to LA’s planting seasons. Our cool and warm planting…

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The start of another year at Delevan Drive Elementary!

By Cindy Soto / October 15, 2016

October 6th, was the very first day at the garden for the new school year. Right as I got there and opened up the garden, a student came in to the garden. He had found an injured butterfly, and wanted to bring it over to the garden, so it could have a possibility to recover.…

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Who Says Summer Is Over?

By Michelle Alger-Mintie / October 4, 2016

Delevan Drive Elementary is over following with produce!! The kids were so excited to see me carry a huge tray of veggies through the playground. They couldn’t help but run up and investigate what was in the brown paper bags. They oo-ed and aw-ed asking if all of the vegetables came from their garden. I…

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Weeding Party of 1

By Michelle Alger-Mintie / October 3, 2016

I stopped by Delevan Dr Elementary today to do some good old fashioned weeding.   This one giant bed was completely over grown with grasses. Is this a grass farm?! It wasn’t until I got in there that I saw some lovely oregano and other herbs hiding in the weeds. It took me nearly all day, but…

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A Beautiful Garden Awaits the Student’s Return @ Delevan

By team / August 12, 2016

There’s a lot growing at Delevan Drive for the kids to see next week! We spent the day cleaning out a lot of grass making the beds look pretty. Here’s a case in point: BEFORE AFTER We also took out a lot of grass from the corn bed, chopping and dropping it onto the ground.…

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Giving TLC to Delevan Drive

By Jeff Mailes / July 19, 2016

We grew from 0 to 100 in a little under 4 years…that is 100 school gardens built and then added to our weekly roster….we grew too fast and some of our earlier gardens in particular suffered from our lack of attention. Enter the “Clear, Build and Hold ” strategy of Summer 2016. The plan: Clear, Build…

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Updates for Delevan Drive Elementary

By team / June 30, 2016

The Delevan Drive Elementary school garden has new water saving drip sprinklers and has been re-planted! We have been working hard: The old sprinklers were hooked to old timers that never really worked properly! Pop ups broken! Thanks in part to generous help from the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council we were able to: Add 4 new…

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Cycle of Life at Delevan Drive

By Shylana Roman / May 22, 2016

This week’s lesson included claiming new beds in the garden to take care of and learning about the food cycle. I explained a few new terms for the cycle – Producer (uses sunlight to make its own food; is a food source for others), Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Consumers. And included decomposers and how every…

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Delevan Does the Seed Dance

By Shylana Roman / May 22, 2016

April 28th marked a fun lesson on how plants distribute their seeds. We first discussed the many different looks that seeds can have: the colors, sizes, shapes and various textures. For example, the sunflower seed is large, black and white striped with little grooves or a smooth shell. Secondly, we focused on the several methods…

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