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Clifford Elementary School

EnrichLA partnered with Panda PTO, Inc. to develop this garden in Winter 2015. It includes benches for reading, picnic tables, and an outdoor sink. It has seven raised beds.

Seed Anatomy at Clifford

By Cindy Soto / June 3, 2017

May 30, 2017 On Tuesday we learned a little bit of seed anatomy. To learn, we did a hands on activity, “dissecting” a bean seed. First, took the seed coat off, opened it in half and saw the cotyledons and also the embryo or as I call it with the students, the “baby plant.” There…

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Clifford Street Elementary

By enrichla / June 2, 2017
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Flowers and Summer harvest!

By Cindy Soto / May 29, 2017

May 23, 2017 Today, the students of Clifford learned about flowers, some anatomy and the reason for flowers. To learn the reason why there are flowers, I read a book called, “A Reason for a Flower”. The kids learned that the reason for a flower is, to make seeds. We went on to learn two…

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Companion planting at Clifford

By Cindy Soto / May 22, 2017

May 16, 2017 A day about plants that get along when planted together, companion planting! Companions don’t just get along but typically benefit each other in some way or another. The Three Sisters, corn, squash and beans, is a good example of companion planting. One of the many benefits we talked about was, how the…

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Seasons and new rotation at Clifford

By Cindy Soto / May 15, 2017

On Tuesday May 9th, was the first day of the last rotation of the year. These classes have been to the garden before, so they were just reminded of the rules to follow in the garden. We started off by talking about what seasons are, and how there are veggies who only like to grow…

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Sunflowers and last day at Clifford

By Cindy Soto / May 8, 2017

Last Tuesday on May 2nd, was the last day of the current 6 week rotation. Since it was the last day, we did a quick review of what they have learned in the last 6 weeks in the garden. After, it was time for a fun activity, all classes planted sunflowers to take home in…

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Direct Sowing at Clifford

By Cindy Soto / May 1, 2017

On Tuesday April 25th we learned about Direct Sowing! Direct sowing simply means, directly planting a seed into the ground vs. planting in seedling trays. We talked about why direct sowing is done, why gardeners or farmers may choose to do trays first for starting seeds, and it’s benefits. For the upper grade classes, each…

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Back from Spring Break at Clifford!

By Cindy Soto / April 26, 2017

April 18th, 2017, was the first day back at Clifford after two weeks! We came back to find that one of the beds was ready with many ripe strawberries! Since many of our cool season veggies are starting to bolt and go to seed, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about…

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Seed Anatomy!

By Cindy Soto / April 11, 2017

On Tuesday April 4th, we learned a little bit of seed anatomy! We used a bean seed as an example, and dissected the parts as we went on. First the seed coat, the cotyledons, and then the embryo or as we called it, the “baby plant.” All the students had the chance to look at…

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Flower Parts at Clifford

By Cindy Soto / April 2, 2017

For the second week at Clifford on March 28th, we talked about flowers! I started off by reading a book called, “The Reason for a Flower” by Ruth Heller, which the kids really enjoyed! After finishing the book we only talked about two parts of a lily flower; the Pistil, the female, and the Stamen…

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The 1st day at Clifford Elementary!

By Cindy Soto / March 28, 2017

March 21st was my first day at Clifford! As I will be taking over for Ranger Ashley for the rest of the year. It sure was a rainy morning, which did keep one class inside, but at least the rest of the classes got to go out to the garden. It was the start of…

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Garden helpers to the rescue!

By Ashley Banuelos / March 20, 2017

The students at Clifford each had a duty in the garden, either to get rid of aphids, lay down compost, or add plant labels to our garden. My first grade class were my garden helpers and helped lay compost to the garden, they reviewed the properties of compost and why it is important for our…

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Using our senses to explore the garden

By Ashley Banuelos / March 19, 2017

Today, the students used their senses to explore the garden. It was the first time in a few weeks that they were able to go out into the garden so we observed together what changed since the rains. My 4th grade class split into 5 groups, for each sense, and wrote a story using their…

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Wiggly Worms at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / March 2, 2017

Regardless of the rain, students at Clifford still got to play with worms! I brought the worms to their classrooms today and we learned about the creature’s anatomy, their role in the garden, and which foods they like best. Worms are also very important in composting and bringing nutrients into the soil! The students don’t…

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Worms! Worms! Worms!

By Ashley Banuelos / February 25, 2017

Following our lesson last week about composting, the students at Clifford got to play with worms today. They learned about the word “vermicomposting,” what it means, and how worms are involved. They also learned about what the worms like and don’t like. Once the students started to explore with the worms, they had to identify…

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Learning about Compost at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / February 23, 2017

Today the students at Clifford learned about compost;= — how it is good for the soil, how it is made, and what is it made of. The students added food waste to our compost bin and ripped up paper for our browns and greens! Because it was Valentines Day, I challenged the students to look…

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Busy Busy Bees

By Ashley Banuelos / February 13, 2017

A new cycle began at Clifford Elementary this week, the students learned about the different bees that live in a hive and the process of pollination. Students placed Cheetos (pollen) on top of cotton balls (nectar) and picked the nectar out, leaving traces of “pollen” and placed that on another flower. Also, the rain has…

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Exploring the Five Senses

By Ashley Banuelos / February 6, 2017

At Clifford we explored our five senses while being in the garden. Students were listening to the bugs, seeing the plants, touching the soil, smelling the flowers, and tasting lettuce! The students had a lot of fun exploring the garden and using their difference senses to experience it differently.

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Busy busy Bees!

By Ashley Banuelos / January 26, 2017

Students at Clifford learned about pollination by bees. We did an activity using Cheetos (DID NOT EAT, of course) to symbolize pollen and cotton balls to symbolize nectar. Students grabbed cotton balls under a bowl Cheetos and came out with Cheetos cheese on their hands and placed it on a flower. This was suppose to…

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Ants on a Log at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / January 18, 2017

Students at Clifford learned how to read a recipe and how to measure cups and spoons. They made Ant on a Log with celery, grapes, and peanut butter. My kindergarten class was able to count the number of grapes they put on their “log” and had to write “1/2” on their paper, for half a…

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Winter rains!

By Tahereh Sheerazie / January 17, 2017

    At Clifford elementary the year began on a welcome rainy day in January. Every child impatiently wanting to visit the garden to take in the fresh air, and soak up the rain drops, pretty much like the plants themselves! We did exactly that with the kindergarten class. Burning energy first with a rain dance,…

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Clifford Students Learned about the Food Chain

By Ashley Banuelos / December 12, 2016

Students at Clifford began a new cycle, where they learned about the food chain! They drew pictures of their own food chain and learned new words like autotroph, consumer, and producer. They were able to identify each step in the food chain and label them.

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What can we harvest in the garden?

By Ashley Banuelos / December 4, 2016

At Clifford we celebrated our last class with a harvest! The garden has a lot of vegetables ready for picking! The students picked tomatoes, carrots, romaine, and rainbow chard for our garden salad!

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Are you a good bug, or a bad bug?

By Ashley Banuelos / November 22, 2016

Clifford students learned about a few good and bad bugs in the garden. After, students identified the bugs in the garden, or drew pictures of their favorite friend or foe of the garden.

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What part of the plant is a potato?

By Ashley Banuelos / November 12, 2016

Students at Clifford had a great time drawing the parts of the plant and identifying parts of the plant that we eat. They all knew potatoes are roots and spinach is a leaf! Of course they also knew their favorite fruit! The garden here is growing big and the cooler season chard is looking beautiful!

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What to plant at Clifford!

By Ashley Banuelos / November 10, 2016

Students at Clifford learned about climate and seasons while planting the appropriate seeds. They planted cauliflower, spinach, and rosemary! Before planting, the students were able to read the back of the seed packets and identify where we are on the map and tell me which seeds can be planted during November in Los Angeles.

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Clay, Silt, and Sand at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / October 27, 2016

Students had their second garden lesson, which was on SOIL! They were able to see the amount of clay, silt, and Sand that is on our garden. Students also explored the garden and checked out the peas coming out, and can’t forget the pumpkin growing just in time for the fall season!

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New Garden Intro at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / October 23, 2016

We began a new cycle at Clifford Elementary. By returning to the garden we reviewed the garden rules and looked through the garden. The students and teachers are very excited to begin garden classes! Also, peas are coming in big and green!

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Review and Harvest at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / October 16, 2016

It was the last day of the first cycle at Clifford Elementary! The students were given the opportunity to share what they learned the last 6 weeks and review the parts of the plant, what makes soil, and talk about good and bad bugs found in the garden. In celebration, we prepared veggie tacos with…

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Searching for roots that we eat at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / October 7, 2016

This week students at Clifford Elementary learned about the parts of the plants that we eat! Students were surprised to learn that broccoli was a flower and celery was a stem! During the lesson we pulled out carrots, which are roots, and they got to enjoy them!

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Friends and Foes at Clifford

By Ashley Banuelos / September 30, 2016

The students were very engaged learning about the friends and foes within the garden. They learned about different bug types and played a game to help illustrate the good and bad bugs role in the garden.

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Soil particles at Clifford Elementary

By team / September 26, 2016

The students at Clifford Elementary learned about soil and particles sizes of the different parts of soil. When I tried to explain what a particles was, one student said “it’s like sprinkles!” I will always use that now! Students were able to see the different layers in jars and drew on the chalkboard the different…

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Clifford students loved planting!

By Ashley Banuelos / September 18, 2016

This week at Clifford Elementary students were given the opprotunity to clean the garden by removing dead steams to help the plant grow stronger, plant seeds, and the Kindergardeners loved watering the plants. The students are learning the importance of taking care of their garden and are eager to see it grow!

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New year at Clifford!

By team / September 8, 2016

The new school year has begun at Clifford Elementary School! The students are very excited and eager to learn about the plants. The first lesson of the year was The Parts of the Plant; the students drew me the parts and some were able to label them. The pumpkins are also beginning to grow and…

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Buckets of Berries

By Alexys Thomas / June 16, 2016

The strawberry harvest is bountiful at Clifford this summer! After picking buckets of berries, there are still many more to come! Corn begins to pop up and melons will be in right as school resumes, ready for students to snack on. This new garden is looking great!

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Processing the Unprocessed

By Michelle Alger-Mintie / May 31, 2016

I had such a great time subbing for Ranger Shelby at Clifford St. Elementary last week. The students sure did miss her, but we still got to have some fun. The topic of the day was processed and unprocessed food. With the younger kids, I used a pizza as an example. Pizza is the perfect…

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By Shelby Thibodeaux / May 19, 2016

This week at Clifford the students learned about seeds. How seeds can be different shapes, sizes, and colors. As well as how seeds wear coats that keep the seeds warm and protected until the weather is just right for it to grow, then the seed takes off its coat and starts to grow into a…

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A short video tour of Clifford Street Elementary school garden

By team / April 27, 2016
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Garden food chain at Clifford

By Shelby Thibodeaux / April 10, 2016

Today was the first day of the second set of lessons for my students at Cllifford Elementary! I missed those kids so much and so excited to teach them again. The first lesson back in garden class was about the garden food chain. The students learned why the sun is so important in the food…

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Seeds at Clifford

By Shelby Thibodeaux / April 10, 2016

Today’s lessons was about how every seed for every plant is different. Seeds can be all different sizes, shapes, and colors! The avacado seed is big, circular, and brown, where a jalapeño seed is tan, flat, and small. For the activity the students made paper dandelion seeds. Students worked with a partner and each group…

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New Classes – Clifford

By team / February 21, 2016

Welcome to the Garden to my second set of classes at Clifford Elementary! Our first day in the garden went really well, the students thought it was beautiful and were so excited to be in garden class. I have three classes that are 50 minutes each, which gives us lots of time to explore and…

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Harvesting Ceremony – Clifford

By team / February 21, 2016

Today was a cold day, but we made it work! This is the last lesson for these classes in the garden, so we learned about harvesting food, when food is ripe, and reviewed all of the past lessons. The kids were so excited about helping me prepare the food that we were going to eat…

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Parts of a Plant – Clifford

By team / February 1, 2016

Today’s class at Clifford was about the parts of the plants, the importance of them, and which parts of plants that we eat! The students were really surprised by some of the parts of plants that we eat. I made this diagram of a tomato plant as an example of the different parts of the…

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Climate and Seasons at Clifford

By team / February 1, 2016

In today’s class we learned about the climate that Los Angeles is in, and the different seasons and what plants grown in which season. The students had no idea that some plants can only grow in Warm Season and other can only grow in Cool Season. It was really fun teaching them about the different…

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Friends and Foes of the Garden at Clifford

By team / January 12, 2016

The students at Clifford Elementary today learned about the friends and foes of the gardens. Instead of playing tag, I decided to do something different. The age difference between my classes is large, from preK to 6th grade, so I changed the activity to work with all age groups. I passed out the different bug…

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