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Cheremoya Elementary School

The edible garden at Cheremoya Elementary School was completed in Winter 2013. It features five raised beds, picnic tables, and an outdoor kitchen area.

Cheremoya Elementary

By enrichla / June 2, 2017
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Garden Riches at Cheremoya

By Flo Razowsky / April 17, 2017

Learning about edible this week we wrapped with garden snacks of Lettuce Roll Stuffed with Nasturtium and Borage Flowers. Learning about the different parts of edible plants, we harvested these Nasturtium seed pods. The pods will get pickled for future snacking. Everyone learns all the time! Even our garden ranger, who, along with all the…

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Lush Days and Learning with Seeds

By Flo Razowsky / January 20, 2017

During several indoor class days students at Cheremoya Avenue Elementary used a wide variety of seeds from which to learn, including – size, shape, color and texture. Built into these lessons, students have also used research to determine when, where and how to plant each seed for maximum success. After the rains, we were able…

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Harvest, New Growth and Learning through Texture

By Flo Razowsky / November 21, 2016

With new classes coming into the garden at Cheremoya Elementary, we spent some time exploring the garden. Focusing on our sense of feel, we investigated what is growing in our garden based on texture. We also observed new growth, planted from seeds of previous classes, to start our learning process about the life cycle of…

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Seed Growth and Volunteer Plants

By Flo Razowsky / October 28, 2016

It is always an exciting class when planted seeds spring to life. Using “Life Cycle of a Plant” diagrams, students are able to track the growth of their seeds week to week. This week at Cheremoya, we were able to see the growth rate one week after planting and several rain days. Students are also…

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Garden Friend Mobiles

By Flo Razowsky / October 16, 2016

We are coming to the culmination of our first six-week rotation in our Cheremoya Elementary garden so garden classes this week used many aspects we have learned thus far to draw and built mobiles of things that help our garden grow. Options included the basics such as soil, sun and water along with beneficial insects…

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Snacks, Friends and Foes

By Flo Razowsky / October 1, 2016

Snack day allowed us to taste the varieties of leafy greens we have in abundance at Cheremoya Elementary including chard, romaine lettuce and salad greens. After our tastes were satisfied we spent time investigating the different garden friends and foes, the significance or impact of each and then took an opportunity to choose an example…

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Drawing our Garden Dreams at Cheremoya

By Flo Razowsky / September 9, 2016

Our first day back in the garden at Cheremoya was a great one! We did observations that used our senses of sight, smell, and touch to discover what has happened in the garden over the summer. And, we took some time to draw our garden hopes and dreams to help guide our course for this…

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The Cheremoya wildland area is coming along!

By team / August 26, 2016

The wildland area at Cheremoya Elementary is soon to be completed!

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Cheremoya – Sharing harvest

By Jeff Mailes / June 16, 2016

Hello garden friends, Cheremoya is looking cheerful! Lots of flowers, mint is going off, and the tomatoes show promise. Today I trellised the tomatoes, watered the pots, and cut some herbs and chard for the summer staff to take home… Next visit maybe we throw in a few squash seedlings 😉   until then, Jeff

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Climate and Seasons

By Sara Haston / May 20, 2016

This weeks class we discussed climates and seasons. We went over the definition of each; weather describes the current and predicted temperature, wind/air/humidity conditions of a particular ecosystem. Where as climate is the historical weather conditions of a particular ecosystem. We discussed which season we are in currently; late Spring. The kids discovered that Los…

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Parts of the Plant

By Sara Haston / May 20, 2016

This weeks class covered the five, and sometimes six, parts of a plant and what their job is in keeping the plant alive and well. They are: Seed: Is the baby plant and is waiting for the right conditions to open up and grow roots. For older kids the seed is described as the fertilized…

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Garden Salad and Soil Sampling

By Sara Haston / May 8, 2016

This week’s weather was a bit damp, which was great for our newly transplanted tomatoes, basil, and beans! Many of the mature plants were calling us to harvest them and make a salad. As a group the kids and I harvested rainbow chard, cabbage, kale, basil, mint, nasturtium leaves and flowers, and calendula flowers. Then we…

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Maintenance and Planting

By Sara Haston / May 2, 2016

The garden needed a lot of attention this week and the kids were more than happy to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Maintaining the garden means removing dead plant matter, pruning and dead-heading plants, cleaning out leaves fallen from the trees, and mulching tomato plants. Speaking of tomato plants, we put…

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Releasing Butterflies and Transplanting Tomatoes, Basil, and Marigolds

By Sara Haston / April 25, 2016

This week in the garden students learned about how to prepare a garden bed for transplanting seedlings. They got into groups and each took turns with loosening soil, adding in compost, smoothing out soil, and digging holes. The next step was watering the seedlings before placing them in their new home. Once the seedlings were…

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Habitat and Climate

By Sara Haston / April 17, 2016

What are the differences between a desert and a Redwood forest? What animals and plants live in deserts, and which ones live in Redwood forests. In the garden today we read two books, one about Death Valley Desert, and one about a Redwood forest. The students were instructed to pay attention to animal and plant…

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Eat the Rainbow and Rainy Day Painting Party with Fruits and Veggies

By Sara Haston / April 8, 2016

Even though the drizzly rain that Spring is bringing us is much appreciated, it keeps us from working in the garden. Luckily I was able to gather supplies and teach a lesson in the classroom today. I gathered oranges, apples, and carrots for our painting party. Before beginning we talked about how important it is…

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The Food Chain and Pea Planting

By Sara Haston / March 22, 2016

Last week the kids had a creative and interactive day in the garden. We discussed the definition of a food chain and how every food chain, no matter which habitat, or where in the world the food chain exists, always begins with the sun and a plant. We then went through specific examples of food…

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Parts of the Plant

By Sara Haston / March 13, 2016

The week before last we talked about seeds. This week’s  lesson was about the parts of the plant. We went over the six main parts of the plant: Seed, Roots, Stem, Leaves, Flower, and Fruit. We then discussed what function each part serves. After reviewing the parts we played a game. We split up into…

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Garden Salad and Parts of a Seed

By Sara Haston / March 9, 2016

It’s always a good day in the garden when we can reap the fruits of our labor. Today was one of those days. We collected a variety of salad ingredients including; lettuce, chard, parsley, calendula petals, and mint. We added sunflower seeds and topped it with a simple Italian dressing. Most of the kids gobbled…

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Drinking like a butterfly

By team / February 13, 2016

Students at Cheremoya Elementary learned about butterflies and how important and essential they are as pollinators in our gardens. Students created butterfly crafts out of recycled magazine paper, learning the wonders of recycling household items that we would normally throw out to create beautiful things. Students also learned about the butterfly life cycle and the…

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Trees have fingerprints too!

By team / February 6, 2016

Last Friday at Cheremoya, we learned that we are not so different from trees! Just like human fingerprints, each tree has its own unique pattern on its bark. The tree’s bark is like its skin and no two trees are alike! With the help of some paper and crayons, we can actually take the tree’s…

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Colorful plants at Cheremoya!

By team / January 26, 2016

We tried a little science experiment on Friday using food coloring and celery to observe the way that plants absorb water and distribute nutrients to the rest of the plant. The kids “ohh-ed and ahh-ed” as the colors settled in the cups like lava lamps. We placed the celery in the cup and waited for…

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Choosemyplate at Cheremoya!

By team / January 18, 2016

So many wonderful things have been happening at Cheremoya. We had so much fun before the break making nature cookies for the bees and the butterflies. The students creativity shined as they all paired into groups to decorate their snow man, otherwise known as seed men, made out of clay, soil, water and seeds! We…

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Holiday crafts at Cheremoya!

By team / December 12, 2015

Tis the season for crafting! We made little snow men made from toilet paper rolls and egg cartons. We also decorated our own gold stars-take a look! Happy holidays!

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Nature Boards at Cheremoya

By team / November 23, 2015

The theme for this Friday was all the different ways we can experience and appreciate nature around us! We talked about how nature makes us feel and what we can do to create a stronger connection. We started off we a poem called the thanksgiving garden and the kids all had a chance to share…

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Food Chain at Cheremoya

By team / November 15, 2015

On Friday, we talked about how the food chain works and how all species are interdependent on eachother. It all starts with a plant, the producer, and the energy gets transferred from one organism to the next! The kids made their very own food chains to visualize the different levels and have something to take…

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The Six Stages of a Plant at Cheremoya

By team / November 12, 2015

Together, we went over the six stages of a plant (seed, roots, stem, leaves, flower, plant). The kids were able to get up and move around for the activity, stretching their roots and pretending to gather nutrients from the soil. We made the transformation from seed into plant a couple of times so that the…

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Installing the new drip system to get the natives up and running without wasting a drop at Cheremoya Elementary

By team / November 10, 2015

Work in progress, looks good

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Can you beet-lieve it Cheremoya?

By team / November 6, 2015

Last week marked the beginning of a new six week adventure! It was already time for a new group of students to come and explore the garden. The students were excited and happy to have their time outside connecting with nature. One class found an enormous work and named him Mr. Slimy. They were sad…

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Bountiful Harvests at Cheremoya

By team / October 25, 2015

Cheremoya’s kale plants are constantly producing strong and healthy leaves for harvesting. We took some leaves and left them in the teachers lounge for the taking! The beets are also on their way from garden to the table! The lettuce we planted a few weeks back is growing slowly but surely and will hopefully continue…

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100 years at Cheremoya!

By team / October 22, 2015

Cheremoya Elementary celebrated it’s 100th year anniversary on Friday and I was so happy I was there to see it! The school was decorated and the halls were filled with excitement as the kids took their turns presenting on stage at the school assembly. I even was able to sneak away from the garden for…

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Climate at Cheremoya

By team / October 13, 2015

No better time to talk about climate than while you’re braving the high temperatures! Luckily, there was a large section of shade where we could hide from the strong sun and play our game! We learned about the two planting seasons in Los Angeles and how our climate is ideal for growing food. The students…

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CHEREMOYA ELEMENTARY…This new porous dry creek is ready for winter rains and the Cheremoya 100 anniversary

By team / October 8, 2015
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Chasing Cheremoya

By team / October 2, 2015

The kids had a blast today playing the roles of friends, foes and plants. I asked them if they would rather sit and listen to me talk about bugs for 40 minutes or play a game about bugs and, shockingly, 100% of them chose the game. 🙂 They were able to run around and learn…

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By team / October 1, 2015
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Catching up with Cheremoya Elementary

By team / September 29, 2015

I was amazed by how flawless the garden looked when I first arrived at Cheremoya Elementary. The plants were healthy and thriving! I later learned that this was because of an amazing parent volunteer who regularly looks after the garden and maintains the space. Katherine is a superstar volunteer and I look forward to working…

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Cheremoya Elementary

By team / August 17, 2015
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Bountiful Garden at Cheremoya Elementary

By team / June 17, 2015

There is plenty of kale and lettuce at the garden in Cheremoya Elementary and the garden is looking extremely bountiful.

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Learning and Witnessing Plant Life Cycles at Cheremoya Ave. Elementary

By team / February 15, 2015

Classes began on Friday morning with an exciting discovery: our Jasmine shrubs and beloved Sunflower both blossomed over the last week! With each gust of wind we were enveloped in the fragrant smell of Jasmine. Perfect timing too, since this week’s lesson was all about the life cycle of plants! The kindergarten classes drew their interpretation of the…

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Inspired and Intrigued at Cheremoya Avenue Elementary

By team / February 3, 2015

Last Friday morning brought with it some gloomy weather at Cheremoya Avenue Elementary. To be sure our garden classes would not be rained-out, Ranger Taylor and Claire shlepped this week’s lesson to room 11. Luckily, there were some dry periods when classes could spend a few minutes in the rain-kissed garden. The lesson this week…

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Fruit Tasting and Treasure Hunting at Cheremoya Avenue Elementary

By team / January 17, 2015

Garden classes are back in session at Cheremoya Avenue Elementary. This week, Cheremoya warmly welcomed a new garden ranger, Taylor! A review of the garden rules was followed by lots of exploring the beautiful garden. The student’s enthusiasm for their school garden is truly inspiring. The students played an exciting garden scavenger hunt game. They were impressively swift…

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Cheremoya Elementary Having Tons of Fun Before Thanksgiving

By team / November 25, 2014

Ah, the wonderful Friday before vacation. This week at Cheremoya was very fun with buzzing energy in the anticipation of Thanksgiving break.  Ranger Elysa brought plates and crayons so that students could practice drawing some protein, vegetables, fruits, grains and [of course] dessert! Students were asked to think about how the foods they drew came from the garden. For instance,…

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Cheremoya Students Explore Plant Parts

By team / October 27, 2014

This week at Cheremoya, our students discuss different parts of the plant and their jobs. Then, we took it to the garden to see if we could point out the parts on different types of plants. It was more challenging than it seems! Pointing out a tomato, or the FRUIT of a plant.   Swiss Chard, or…

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Cheremoya Looking Splendid and Ready For New Students

By team / October 15, 2014

Last week, Cheremoya said good-bye to Mrs. Carlton, Ms. Gotz, Mr. Cheung, Ms. Petrou, and Ms. Iwataki’s classes as their Garden Session ended on a beautiful day. The garden is growing absolutely fabulously, take a look below! Checking out spiders under the table Our Snow-Pea TeePee! The Kale Looks Amazing!!

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